Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Player 10K Review with Mike Glowacki and his Burning Abyss

20081122034848!VanitysFiend-CP07-EN-R-UEHello everyone, and thanks for checking in again this week. I attended the TCG Player 10k in Indianapolis over the past weekend, and managed to make it to the Top 32 before being eliminated. I piloted Burning Abyss, and we will go over the deck list later. The week leading up to the event I had been debating whether to play Burning Abyss or Shaddoll. Scott Sheehan and I had practiced for the event during the week and spent multiple hours a day practicing. Scott had decided to switch it up and play 1 Raiza the Storm Monarch, 1 Caius the Shadow Monarch, and 1 Vanity’s Fiend instead of the Raiza he was playing previously. We would test with me going first, and me going second. After a while, I came to the conclusion I wanted to go second against Burning Abyss. The reason I wanted to go second was to let my opponent set up, and try to break it with Shaddoll Dragon.  Once Thursday came, I had no actual idea how I was getting to the event or where I was going to stay. I called up RJ Scarpelli and he said he would pick me up from my house. He also talked to Parker Roberson, and it was cool for me to stay. With all my ducks in line, the weekend was starting to look promising.

RJ left Chicago around 1 in the afternoon on Friday, and made it to Charleston by 4. I had packed my bags already, and we chilled for a minute before deciding to leave. When I locked the door and left, I realized I never took my cell phone. So, RJ and I drove to get my house keys from my girlfriend at work, and come back to grab my phone. I grabbed my phone, checked to make sure there was nothing else I needed and left.

While I was driving, RJ convinced me that I should be playing Burning Abyss. I gave some consideration, and gave in. Along the way we discussed the build, and why it was a better pick. At the end of the day, it comes down to consistency. I decided I felt more comfortable playing Burning Abyss because I would draw the hands I desired more consistently through 11 rounds. Supply Squad was another reason I wanted to play the deck, because it can almost single handedly decide a mirror match.

We arrived at Parker’s and I began to build my deck. The List I played was as follows

Main Deck

Extra Deck

Side Deck

After building the deck, I watched RJ and Dirk play several games against Jordan Bermudez. After several games, RJ and myself decided to get dinner. We took a ride to Wendy’s, and when we got home my order was slightly messed up making me disappointed. We sat in the living room and watched James Frazier and Dirk play the mirror match, and afterwards we decided to hit the hay.

The next morning we woke up and left for the event around 8:30 since the tournament started at 11:00. Along the way we took our friend Pierce to his car, and grabbed some Starbucks coffee. When we arrived to Indianapolis there were large portions of the city blocked off. We couldn’t get within 4 blocks of the convention center, so we decided to park a while away. We made a mental note of remembering where the parking garage was. (This can be a good idea because after 10 hours of playing, you may not remember where you parked along with people becoming agitated.) We walked along the way and made our way to the event. I was still short a couple cards along with Rj, and I saw my friend James who lent me the cards I needed. I gave him some points to get a bye for the tournament, so everything worked out well. After sleeving up our decks and registering, Round 1 began around 11:00 O’clock. Due to the fact I won a previous TCG Player tournament, I was able to enter with 2 byes which definitely helped. I walked around Round 1 to see what everyone else was playing, and after watching everyone play I went outside to relax. Round 2 started and I watched some of the matches. Parker had to play RJ, and their match was very good. RJ managed to pull out the win. When Round 3 went up, RJ noticed that he didn’t have the right amount of points. After talking to the scorekeeper, the slipped was marked with Parker winning the match and they refused to change it. This was the only thing I was disappointed about with the tournament, because it would have only taken 30 seconds to repair and solve the situation. If that would have happened to me, I would have been very upset.  Nonetheless, I sat down for Round 3 and began.

KarmaCut-DT05-EN-DNPR-DTRound 3:

Dice Roll: I won 10 to 7

Game 1: I set Scarm, and pass. He activates Foolish Burial for Glow-up Bulb. After that he ended his turn. I special Scarm, and overlay for Dante. I followed up with Tour Guide and managed to put out 2 Dante and Acid Golem and swing for game.

I have no idea what he is playing, so I side out 2 Mystical Space Typhoon for 2 D.D. Crow.

Game 2: I opened with Cir, 2 D.D. Crow, Vanity’s Fiend, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and Karma Cut.  He opens with Pot of Duality and adds Battle Fader. He sets a backrow and ends his turn. I special Cir and tribute for Fiend. The Fiend was on board for several turns until I put Downered out with Vanity’s Emptiness and win in a couple turns.

Round 4:

I played Patrick Hoban, the match is here. http://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/article.asp?ID=3840

Round 5:

Die Roll: I lost 9 to 3

Game 1: I play against the mirror match and can never take control. He has multiple traps in the open and I can never establish a Dante/Cir loop. I attempt to take control with Vanity’s Fiend but he has Karma Cut.

Game 2: I open with Trap Stun, Supply Squad, and Mathematician. I search Tour Guide turn 1 and proceed to win by my third turn.

Game 3: He has Trap Stun in his open, and locks me out with Emptiness by turn 4. My heavy monster hand didn’t help my cause.

20081122034848!VanitysFiend-CP07-EN-R-UERound 6:

Die Roll: I lose 5 to 7

Game 1: I don’t know what my opponent is playing, but I felt like it was Shaddolls. I play Vanity’s Fiend by my second turn, and turns out he was playing Shaddolls. He cannot get rid of it off the board, and I win very quickly.

Game 2:  He doesn’t open very strong at all, and I manage to put a Vanity’s Fiend on board again very early. He can’t get rid of it again, because I kept putting his monster on top of his deck with Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. I win without a lot of problems.

Round 7: Desmond Johnson

Die Roll: I lose 5 to 8.

Game 1: My hand consists of a lot of monsters, while he is able to resolve Shaddoll Beast’s flip effect. After gaining so much advantage I cannot come back.

Game 2: I manage to start chipping at his life very early, putting him under a short clock. He manages to bring out a Shaddoll Winda and I get it off the board with Wing Blast.

Game 3: I don’t have an answer to him special summoning. He resolves Shaddoll Beast’s flip effect again, and I have no answer.

Record 4-3

TrapStun-RGBT-EN-C-UERound 8:

Die Roll: 8 to 4 I win

Game 1: I don’t draw a great hand, my only monster is Cir, and I try to control the game with Vanity’s Fiend. He has Compulsory and I can never get the Fiend on the board again. He has Deneb and Altair to beat me rather quickly.

Game 2:  I open with 2 Dante, and Karma Cut his Deneb. I win the game by my third turn because of his lack of monsters along with Trap Stun.

Game 3: I open with a large amount of monsters, as well as him having 2 copies of Satellarnova Alpha. I can never touch his life points, and lose the game after I try to fail to draw cards to put me in a situation to make a comeback.

Record 4-4

It’s safe to say I wasn’t pleased with my record. I show up to my last round and my opponent doesn’t show up putting my at a finishing record of 5 wins and 4 loses. I look at the standings, and make the Top 32 playoff for the next day. However, because of my terrible record Day 1, I couldn’t lose any matches Day 2 if I wanted to make the Top 16. We leave the event, and Parker and myself order Buffalo Wild Wings for RJ to pick up and we meet at his house. Everyone is there waiting for Parker to let them in, and we go inside and eat. I sit and think about my results and how I had to play perfect the next day to make it to Top 16. I watched Pat and RJ played Goat Control, and Rj took the match from him in Game 3. I stayed up until about 3 A.M. with Pierce and Brandon.

RJ woke me up around 8 and we left for the convention. I arrived late, and received a Game Loss because I showed up late. I lose game 2 because he was playing Shaddolls and I was unable to stop him from special summoning. I officially am unable to top so I drop.

After the match, RJ and I grab some Noodles and Company and hang out with Deon and Pat while at Chipotle. After we have a few laughs, we drop them off at the convention and head on our way back to my house. I drove the last hour and RJ relaxed for a little while before he left.

The weekend was good all and all, and I would like to give fellow writer Scott Sheehan a shout out for making the Top 8 this past weekend. Let me know what you think in the comments, and as always thanks for checking in this week!

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