Yu-Gi-Oh Pro Player Profile: Sean Coovert

FeatureMatchRound6-CoovertHello duelists! Negative Ned is back once again! I am back this week with a “Pro-Player-Profile” with Sean Coovert. For those of you who do not know Sean is the winner of YCS Charlotte in 2011 with Six Samurais and has a few other credentials under his belt. Nizar Sarhan and Sean are both really close friends and worked on that deck together and Nizar was able to place in the top 8 with the same exact deck. Not only does Sean have credentials, but he is no stranger to the YCS scene since he has been traveling to most of the YCS events over the past few years. So without further to do, lets dive right into the interview:

Me: How old are you and where are you living right now?
Sean: I am from North Rockland, New York and I am 25.

Me: So what got you into playing Yu-gi-oh?
Sean: I started to get into Yu-gi-oh at my local Toywiz. I used to play War Hammer years ago, and for some random reason the Yu-gi-oh players and War Hammer players had issues with each other. One day two Yu-g-oh players, Eric and Bailey invited me to try to play the game. I thought that they were chill people and I liked the game. So I started playing and became competitive.

Me: Do you still play Yu-gi-oh at Toywiz?
Sean: Yes I occasionally play. I also work at the store now, so I cannot play that often.

Me: What would you say you are most famous for?
Sean: Winning Charlotte most likely.

Me: What other accomplishments do you have outside of winning Charlotte?
Sean: I topped Toronto this year, last year, and I have a few regional tops. I also have eight bubble loses at YCS.

Me: Why do you have so many bubble loses? And what happened during those loses.
Sean: Two of my bubble loses were due to my own misplays that cost me the matches. The other six really unfortunate circumstances occurred which caused me to lose.

Me: Did you feel like your bubble loses help you as a player?
Sean: Yes they helped me a lot. The bubble is a really high pressure situation and it helps your decision making a lot. Each bubble loss I learned something new and learned from my previous mistakes. Losing in the bubble stinks; but, it is a good learning experience going back.

Me: Since you have been on the YCS scene for a while, do you think the changes in Yu-gi-oh over the past few years, and the new mechanic of “Pendulum Summoning” is improving or making worse?
Sean: I would have to say that Yu-gi-oh is getting better over the years. When I won Charlotte, I had so many powerful banned cards in my deck like Royal Oppression and Giant Trunade. Right now there are so many song cards out and it makes the game more interesting. The Burning Abyss monsters are really powerful, Soul Charge was crazy last format and Shaddolls have so many powerful cards. Having all of these power cards makes the game a lot more interesting.

“The more familiar you are with the format you are playing in the more likely that you will be successful in it.”

Me: Speaking of getting better, a frequently asked question in the community is how can people get better? A lot of us dream of doing better in this game and getting to the point of winning a YCS. So how can this be accomplished?
Sean: So one major thing that helped me improve was having someone monitor me while I played and analyzed the plays I made, and me watching someone else played and watch their plays. Having someone better watching is obviously better because they can see plays that you normally would not see. Also playing a lot on your own helps too since you get familiar with how decks work and the plays they make. The more familiar you are with the format you are playing in the more likely that you will be successful in it.

Me: So what deck are you playing right now and why?
Sean: Right now I am playing Burning-Abyss. In my opinion it is probably the best deck right now since it plays really strong traps and controls the game really well. I also think that the other decks are way weaker then this deck. At Toronto I felt confident with the deck and it led me to my third Ycs top.

Me: Going into YCS Anaheim in just a few weeks, what would you say is the best deck and why?
Sean: I would have to say Shaddolls are going to be the best. With El Shaddoll Fusion coming out it fills in the gap that Super Polymerization filled last format. It has the most power plays and most amount of power cards. The deck can very easily OTK your opponet and just get a lot of free wins. Not only can it have those kind of hands but it is able to control the game really well with Rank 5 monsters and through just generating advantage

Me: Did you think the banlist help the format or make it worse?
Sean: The banlist made this format a lot better. My only problems with the list are that I wish Glow-Up Bulb didn’t come back, Soul Charge should have either went to zero or stay at three. I don’t think any other cards needed to come off the list. Overall the list seems solid.

Me: Cool cool, so what are your favorite monster, magic and trap cards?
Sean: I would say that my favorite monster would be Grandmaster of The Six Samurai because Samurais are really broken. Pot of Avarice is my favorite spell because it recycles monsters and gives instant plus. Finally Crush Card Virus is my favorite trap because it’s Crush Card.

Me: So to wrap up this interview, some fun facts about your past history. What would you say your favorite format was and why?
Sean: I would have to say that Rabbit was my favorite format. I loved playing the deck and that deck got me 4 of my bubble loses.

Me: Okay cool, thanks Sean appreciate the interview.
Sean: No problem man.

Hope you guys enjoyed the interview with Sean. Next time I’ll be interviewing two time YCS champion Nizar Sarhan. Till next time,

Negative Ned.

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