Yu-Gi-Oh! North American WCQ: What’s The Meta?

Hi, my name is Chris LeBlanc and today I will be going in depth about the different decks people will be playing at the World Championship Qualifier this year and what cards make them have a shot at winning the even this year. Before I get into my article I’d like to introduce myself, I’m 17 years of age and have been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for around 11 years now and have recently had success at major events including winning two YCS championships and five major event tops altogether. I live in Waltham Massachusetts and have been travelling the country since I was 14. Now to hop into my article about the meta for the WCQ this year!

There are many decks people will use this weekend but there are some decks that stand out to me the most. The past few years the WCQ has had many dominant decks including Dragon Rulers, Wind-Ups, and Tengu-Plants. This year I believe that there aren’t any dominant decks that will take the majority spot of the Top 64, instead there will be many different decks people will have to watch out for including these.

  • Lightsworn-Dragons
  • Mythic-Dragons
  • Geargia
  • Sylvans
  • Evilswarm
  • Bujin
  • Artifacts


I know these aren’t all the decks people will be playing this weekend but these are the decks that will make the biggest appearance. Next I’m going to get into why these decks have a chance at winning the event.

300px-RaidenHandoftheLightsworn-SDLI-EN-SR-1EFirst I’ll start with Lightsworn-Dragons. This deck has recently made an appearance at ARG Philadelphia when multiple people were playing it that had made top 16. This deck has recently gotten a lot of support in the new structure deck which gives it a bunch of new cards that the deck can work with. The big card that has really made Lightsworn a big competitor this format is Raiden, Hand of Lightsworn. Lightsworn has always been a deck about milling but the restriction to the deck is that you can only mill during the end phase. Raiden gives you the ability to mill cards during your main phase which helps getting the cards you need into the grave faster. Cards that mill right on the spot are always better to play in a deck that relies on its graveyard to win. Another reason why Raiden is a good addition to the Lightsworn deck is that it’s a tuner which gives you the ability to make Synchros like Scrap Dragon or Michael the Arch-Lightsworn.

The next card I would like to talk about that makes Lightsworn a tough deck to beat this weekend is Needlebug Nest. Now, this card has been around the game for the longest time but has just recently seen usage in the new version of Lightsworn. The goal of the new Lightsworn deck is to mill all of your “combo” pieces as some people would say. Being able to mill five cards from your deck and getting to the four Lightsworn names you need to summon Judgment Dragon is very important but can also be accomplished very easily, as the deck works very well as a whole in milling and spamming a lot of monsters with soul charge. Milling cards like the Dragon Rulers or Eclipse Wyvern can give you a huge advantage in the early game as the deck can put 8000 damage on the board pretty quickly. In my opinion, the deck has many ways of winning because of all the power cards it has. But with multiple power cards in a deck, it may tend to draw inconsistent hands more than other decks.


The next deck I’m going to get into is Mythic-Dragons! The Dragon Rulers have been around for some time now, starting off unlimited and recently being limited to one but they always seem to be used in a deck! I’ve seen multiple decks that can use Dragon Rulers in them most decks that can utilize them will play them. When people use the Dragon Rulers together they have a lot more synergy than just running one or two in a deck.

The first card I would like to get into is Trade-in. This is easily the most used draw card in the deck because of its requirements of only having to discard a level 8 monster. All of the level 8 monsters in the deck are searchable like Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Mythic Water Dragon. Having Trade-in in your opening hand can give you an amazing start not only does it cycle through your deck and get you to the combo cards like Soul Charge, but it also put another Dragon in your graveyard for any of the four Dragon Rulers to be summoned. Trade-in is one of those draw cards that I would definitely recommend running three of. There are rarely any situations that it is dead In your hand and even when you have nothing to discard to draw with you can use it for Phoenix Wing Wind Blast or Raigeki Break. Trade-in is another one of those old cards that has recently come back into play that gives Dragon Rulers an extra boost of draw power to get the decks combos going.


300px-SoulCharge-DRLG-EN-SR-1EThe next card I would like to talk about is Soul Charge. This card is the only reason why Mythic-rulers have a chance in the current meta. Soul Charge opens up unlimited plays when there are Dragons in your graveyard, many situations can break any field your opponent has or setup a field of your own. Even though soul charge can be used in almost every deck, it seems to have the biggest effect in Dragon decks. Dragons have the ability to make multiple Synchros per turn and make Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand which is an amazing first turn play. Felgrand is one of the cards that can work very well alone because of its power to protect itself or it can negate other monsters. All around the card is one of the best first turn monsters to have on the field! What make Mythic-Dragons such a skillful deck is knowing what the right play is while conserving all your resources so you can spam multiple Dragon Rulers per turn, Soul Charge lets this happen for life points in increments of 1000, but in the long run when you are ahead in the game life points don’t tend to matter unless you are either really low or in time.

There are many first turn plays you can make by having different combinations of cards including some of these examples by just using Dragon Shrine and Soul Charge:

  • Sending Flamvell Guard and any of the four Dragon Rulers can make any level 8 Synchro using Soul Charge.
  • Sending Blue-Eyes White Dragon and a White stone of Legend to add another Blue-Eyes and you can make an Azure-eyes another very powerful first turn play that can keep resurrecting Blue-eyes or Flamvell Guard.
  • Sending Either 2 Blue-Eyes Or any Combination of Blue-eyes and Mythic Water Dragon you can make A Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand.

As you can see, you don’t need a full graveyard of Dragons to have Soul Charge be effective, even having one problem monster on your field can be hard for your opponent to deal with.


The next deck I’d like to get into is Geargia. The two cards that stick out to me the most in Geargia are Geargiagear and Gear Gigant X.

300px-Geargiagear-LTGY-EN-SR-1EFirst off I’d like to make a comparison with Geargiagear and Rescue Rabbit as both Allow you to special summon two level 4 monsters from your deck. Now in today’s day and age Xyz summons happen a lot more than they used to basically every deck uses them. Being able to make an Xyz with one card is not only very powerful but can lead to more pluses depending on what you decide to summon. I believe this is a definite three-of in every Geargia deck. I had made the mistake of only playing two of this card at YCS Toronto last September thinking that I didn’t want to have dead cards in my hand at any time, but what I didn’t realize is that having that card in your opening hand no matter what, even if another one is dead will give you the best chance of winning.

GearGigantX-CT10-EN-SR-LEThe next card I’m going to get into is Gear Gigant X. This card is easily the best Xyz in the Geargia deck allowing you to search for any level 4 or lower Machine-type monster. At the start when Geargias were big, they had used Karakuris to create a Synchro version of the deck, allowing them to spam two or three Synchros per turn with just one tuner to start the combo. The new version has a tendency to summon multiple Gear Gigant Xs per turn to put pressure on your opponent. As you all may know floaters are very good in this game and Gear Gigant X is one giant floater! His effect has multiple uses. For example, when he gets removed from the field you get one of the Geargianos back from your graveyard either brought out from Geargiarsenal or Geargiagear. This puts a lot of pressure on your opponent because not only do they have to deal with the Gigant but they also have to deal with the monster it bring out. Gear Gigant also combos well with Geargiano which can summon any level 4 Machine-type monster from your graveyard, including Geargiaccelerator. Having a bunch of floaters in your deck can be a huge advantage, it can put your opponent in situations where they don’t want to use their removal or can because of the cards you will get in return.

Here’s a situation where having a Gear Gigant X can be a problem for your opponent:

Player A has Gear Gigant X and has just searched Geargiaccelerator, player A makes an attack and Player B uses Dimensional prison. Player A then gets Geargiano back from their graveyard and attacks for 500. Main Phase 2, Player A summons a level 4 Machine from his or her Graveyard and Special summons their Accellerator from hand to make another Gear Gigant and search out another Accellerator. Player B just went -1 only to keep 1800 life points. Being able to summon multiple Gigants per turn with its effect to add Accelerator back to the hand again and again can put you in a very good position when it comes to card advantage.


MiracleFertilizer-AP03-EN-SR-UEAlthough Sylvans haven’t made many appearances in major events lately I think it’s a deck to look out for. Sylvans have a variety of different combos they can use in order to make a huge field and push for game or rather just set up a big field with a huge Soul Charge. Now that Sylvan Charity has recently come out it adds extra draw power to the deck to make it not only consistent but it allows you to get rid of the cards you don’t want in your hand. Cards like Lonefire Blossom and Spore have been used in Plant decks ever since plants were a deck, but now they can be used to their full potential in a deck that can utilize them to the max! There are a few problems sylvan have at the moment with everyone expecting to play against Lightsworn and heavy special summoning decks people will start to main Maxx “C”. This will hurt Sylvan a lot in the long run because making your playing usually special summons at least 2-3 times and giving your opponent a plus 1 or plus 2 is not ideal in any matchup. Cards like Soul Charge and Miracle Fertilizer give your opponent an automatic 1 for 1 when they drop Maxx “C” and it’s hard for you to not continue your plays. Your field will either be broken by their plays or you give your opponent multiple cards off Maxx “C” which is never a good idea.


300px-EvilswarmOphion-HA07-EN-ScR-1EEvilswarm has always been one of those deck that everyone kind of just hates on. But I think it’s a deck to watch out for while playing decks that summon level 5 or higher monsters a lot. In matchups like Lightsworn and Mermail and many other deck running around. Although the deck has a strongpoint against the boss monsters in the deck it has a problem with the smaller monsters too. Evilswarm Ophion is one of the most annoying monsters to deal with because of its effect to instantly add an Infestation Pandemic basically a Forbidden Lance for all Evilswarm monsters. This makes it hard to be dealt with especially when you have cards like Phoenix Wing Wind Blast or Raigeki Break as your removal cards. The deck itself has many ways of making Ophion including Evilswarm Castor which lets you normal summoned another Evilswarm monster the turn it was normal summoned. Another way to summon Ophion immediately is with Rescue Rabbit, this card is an instant +1 if u can successfully get it off during your first turn. It gets you an Ophion and a Pandemic! An amazing late game card that Evilswarm has is Evilswarm Kerykeion this card can be used while you have 2 Evilswarm monsters in your grave. So when your first Ophion fails you can make another or any other rank 4 Xyz you choose. Evilswarm is a very under the radar deck at the moment but I think it will make a big appearance this year at the WCQ.


A lot like Evilswarm, Bujin has gotten a lot of hate as a deck this format. In my opinion Bujin is a simple deck that doesn’t have a lot of plays but when it has the graveyard setup it is almost impossible to beat. Cards like Bujinji Hare and Bujingi Turtle can be very tough to play around because if you want to get rid of a monster in most situations you have to either destroy or target the monster. Bujin Yamato being the main monster in the deck is protected by all of the graveyard Bujins and by Bujingi Crane. Bujingi Crane is basically another version of honest in the deck but It could be argued as better given the ability to search for it and combo well with Bujin Mikazuchi, Which allows you to add a Bujin spell or trap from your deck to your hand if you had sent a Bujin monster from your hand to the graveyard this turn. The deck altogether has a lot of synergy but at the same time revolves around Bujin Yamato staying on the field to keep getting his effect off.

KaiserColosseumDR1-EN-C-UEBujins tend to only have one monster on the field at a time, this gives them the ability to run Kaiser Coliseum which is a top notch card against most combo based decks. Kaiser Coliseum is a really big part in the Bujin deck as it gives Bujin the time they need to setup their graveyard. I would recommend playing at least two copies of this card if not three in Bujins to give your deck the best chances of opening with it. At the moment most of the meta is based around having one or more monsters on the field and people aren’t main decking Mystical Space Typhoon. This makes it much harder for them to deal with Kaiser Coliseum.


20130827150909!TraptrixTrapHoleNightmare-JOTL-EN-SR-1EThe final deck I’m going to be talking to you about is Artifacts. Although Artifacts aren’t really a deck on their own, they do work well with many different archtypes including Traptrix and Fire Fist. The two most common Artifact cards run at the moment are Artifact Sanctum and Artifact Moralltach because of the instant plus one you get from using Sanctum to special summon a Moralltach and destroy a face-up card your opponent controls. I believe the Traptrix work the best with the Artifacts because they have a nice structure of traps, including Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. In a format where people have very few traps in their deck they will tend to play a lot of monsters and most decks only have one  combo play per turn based off their normal summon.

Given that Artifact Sanctum is an immediate Raigeki Break for free and you get a 2100 beatstick, It can stop almost any play your opponent has. In situations when you draw Moralltach you may think it’s a bad thing but it can be useful sometimes dealing with an opponent that is scared of backrows and tries to get rid of them. This can turn your dead Moralltach into an instant +1 if they destroy it. If you ask me id saying getting free plusses is very good in this game!

Alright that’s all I have to say about the Meta heading into the WCQ this year! Let me know what you guys think about the Meta and how it has changed throughout the format. Thanks for reading everyone hope you enjoyed my Article.

-Chris LeBlanc                 

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