Worlds 2014 Part 1: Pre-Tournament Decisions

The biggest tournament in Yu-Gi-Oh is roughly a week away and  I am here today to talk about my pre-tournament decisions. Fire Fist Traptrix Hands, The deck I thought was the best choice for Worlds is not the deck I think is the best for worlds after seeing Infernity’s performance at the Alter Reality Games 20k event.

Fire Fist Traptrix Hands is still a good choice for Worlds since it is still very consistent and can side deck many floodgates such as Dimensional Fissure, Soul Drain, and Macro Cosmos. However, Fire Fist Traptrix Hands are slow and lose to decks that are way too fast for it like Infernity. If Infernity goes first, sometimes it is just a free win since they can explode and set five devastating Trap Cards

The Madolche match is a very easy match for Inferity. Infernity can just wait til they make an XYZ and then activate Infernity Break to just destroy the monster they just Summoned. However if I have no response when Madolches make Madolche Tiaramisu it could be very hard for me to recover from such a bad minus. But I have Full House to Side Deck in vs Madolches so it shouldn’t be too hard of a match-up.

The Geargia match is usually pretty easy as long as you go first since you can just make a big field and activate Infernity Break when they set Geargiarmor. Without Geargiarmor, Geargia can’t do too much. With siding you have Malevolent CatastropheIf your opponent plays into Malevolent Catastrophe they can lose all of their Spells and Traps unless they have Wiretap for Malevolent Catastrophe and even then hopefully I have Infernity Barrier. 

Just in case, Infernity also has a good match-up vs ExodiaChain Burn, and Nurse Burn since all those decks need to be able to resolve Trap Cards and I main deck three Trap Stuns. And all of those decks run Pot Of Duality so I can Side Deck in Mind Crush. Another reason I shouldn’t lose to Exodia, Chain Burn, or Nurse Burn is because I can End Phase Infernity Break or Mystical Space Typhoon and hit one of their set Spells or Traps. I also have Infernity Barrier to negate almost any card in the game so that will help too.

Now time to talk about the Infernity mirror match. In the mirror it is usually who goes first or draws better wins. Now sometimes that is not the case, sometimes it is who plays better. Spiritualism is probably the best side deck card in the Infernity mirror match, in my opinion. Being able to put a Spell or Trap back in your opponent’s hand so they can’t activate Infernity Break or Infernity Barrier is one of the best things you could do to help you win. If you resolve Spiritualism and then resolve Trap Stun while you have combo pieces in your hand you will probably end up winning since you can make a big play without worrying about your opponent responding with Traps. The Infernity mirror match is a scary match since either player can just top deck one card and win the game with that one card.

Since the two new game mechanic rules are in effect for Worlds, many decks will not be able to go first since they can’t afford to -1 for no reason. However, in Infernity, it doesn’t matter  if you go first or second since having one less card in Infernity doesn’t make too much of a difference. No matter what deck you are  playing, not being able to draw if you go first forces you to play a lot safer so you don’t lose all of your resources to one card. With Infernity being one of the fastest, most consistent decks in the game is one thing, but it’s also unable to lose to cards like Torrential Tribute since Infernity plays Trap Stun, Soul Charge, Infernity Launcher, and Infernity Necromancer.

One of the biggest reasons most players don’t play Infernity is because it is the one of the most skillfull/hardest decks currently in the game to play. If you go into a Tier 2 or higher event without already playing Infernity a lot, you will most likely not do well at all. You have to know when to make a big push or just make Lavalval Chain and activate it’s effect to topdeck Infernity Archfiend for next turn. It is pretty amazing how topdecking one card (Infernity Archfiend) can change an entire game around, especially when it can get you a field of five monsters and sometimes five traps too. With the ability of just being able to top deck one card and get you right back in the game Infernity is a very good choice for Worlds.

Now after talking about Infernity’s match-ups and their ability to explode first turn for a free win, now it is time for the deck list I have been messing around with.




Extra Deck:

Side Deck:

Now that I am done showing you my deck list as of now for Worlds, it’s time to explain my card choices. One unusual thing about my deck compared to past Infernity decks is I only play two Infernity Necromancer. The main reason I only play two Infernity Necromancers is because it is bad to open multiple copies of it in your opening hand since Infernity Necromancer can’t Special Summon another copy of itself from your grave. You don’t really need more than two Infernity Necromancers to do any combos in Infernitys anyways, so what is the point of running more Infernity Necromancers than needed?

Another card ratio that is different compared to most Infernity decks is I run three Stygian Street Patrols instead of only two. The reason I run three Stygian Street Patrols and not only two is because Street Patrol is needed in just about every Infernity combo. If I draw too many Stygian Street Patrols I can always just set them and wait for my opponent to attack them or discard them with Dark Grepher.

Dark Grepher is one of the best cards in the deck and some people only run 1 of it. Dark Grepher is so good since you can discard a monster out of your hand, letting you send Stygian Street Patrol to grave and get another monster out of your hand with that. So including Dark Grepher that is three monsters out of your hand. Dark Grepher is also a target for Reinforcement Of The Army. Being able to search Dark Grepher with Reinforcement Of The Army is just way too good.

The reason I main Mystical Space Typhoon instead of siding it is because it removes game 1 floodgates and annoying backrow like Infernity Barrier. It also is a Spell to discard for Summoner Monk’s effect, also giving it dual utility.

The next card I want to talk about is Allure Of Darkness. This card is not run by many Infernity players, but in my opinion it is a very good card. When you draw too many Monsters you can activate Allure Of Darkness, draw 2 cards and banish a Monster from your hand so you don’t have unplayable cards for that turn, while hopefully allowing for a big play. Worst come to worst you can discard Allure of Darkness for Summoner Monk’s effect.

Trap Stun is a very powerful car, since it enables you to go off without your opponent being able to respond with Traps. When you or your opponent has Vanity’s Emptiness on the field, you can activate Trap Stun and make a huge play while not being able to be stopped by traps. You can also just use Trap Stun to stop your opponent’s traps that help them way too much.

The next card I think you need to play is actually in the Extra Deck. This card’s name is Kamionwizard. The only real reason to play Kamionwizard over any other Fusion like Darkfire Dragon is Kamionwizard gets around Bottomless Trap Hole since Kamionwizard only has 1300 attack unlike Darkfire Dragon who has 1500 attack. Since you’re forced to play targets for Instant Fusion, you’d ideally want to play ones that can’t easily be destroyed.

A lot of people only play one Leviair The Sea Dragon, but I play two since if the first one is destroyed, you always have the second Leviair The Sea Dragon. Bringing back Stygian The Street Patrol and overlaying with it to put it back in grave eventually is really good. This card is just about as essential as Lavalval Chain, so why not play multiples of it?

Now time to explain some Side Deck cards. The first one I want to talk about is Dark Hole. If you are not running this card in the Main Deck you need to be running it in the Side Deck. Dark Hole is one of the most powerful cards in the game, since being able to wipe fields clean with just one card is way too good. It can also bait out cards like Infernity Barrier and Forbidden Lance if you need to. Although there was a period of time where this card didn’t see much play, I would argue that most decks should play the one copy that we’re allowed to.

Since decks like Spellbooks and Bujins both rely on having a certain type of Monster on the field, it’s very possible that DNA Surgery will make an appearance at Worlds. Cards like this completely lock out some decks out of the game but shutting all their cards down, which enables you to win very easily. 

Mind Control is the next card I think needs to be in every Infernity players Side deck. Being able to take opponent’s Level 4 monsters or Lavalval Chain and either overlay with them or use their effect is just amazing. This card can change games most of the time, since it just puts you so far ahead of your opponent that they can’t keep up.

Spiritualism is another interesting card that could potentially have an impact at Worlds. No matter what deck you are playing, this card better be in your Side Deck. When you’re facing Infernity and they go off with way too big of a board, this card will ruin all of their protection and possibly disrupt their plays for next turn. If they use Lavalval Chain to top deck Infernity Archfiend and on your turn you activate Spiritualism when they draw Infernity Archfiend it is just a dead Monster in their hand instead of a game-changing play maker. It will also help vs decks that play Royal Decree since you can activate Spiritualism and return Royal Decree to your opponent’s hand.

Now time to talk about Full House. Full House will be a blowout card against many decks since it can make them minus so hard that they just lose the match because they can’t recover. Since there will most likely be no Artifact decks, you won’t have to worry about destroying Artifacts and summoning them to the field. This card vs Bujins, Madolches, Spellbooks, or Fire Fist is also way too good when you resolve it. Potentially being able to make your opponent -5 is one of the hardest things for your opponent to come back from. If they activate Royal Decree, you can chain Full House and destroy Royal Decree and any other face-up and face down cards that may be on the field at the time.

Light-Imprisoning Mirror will also be important for Worlds. Opening this card vs Bujins might just give you a free win if they cannot destroy this card. It will also help if anyone is still trying to play Artifacts in a deck. In addition, it can disrupt some potential Lightsworn plays. Basically, any deck that relies primarily on Light monsters will get crushed by the Light Mirror.

I’m sure we’ll also see Malevolent Catastrophe for all the backrow-heavy decks that you will face at the event. Sometimes this card is just too hard to play around because if your opponent doesn’t attack you they can’t win. The reason I side Malevolent Catastrophe is pretty obvious. Having this card set scares your oppenent to either not attack or risk losing all of their Spells and Traps on the field.

The next card I want to talk about is Mind Crush. Every deck that will be at Worlds adds cards from their deck to their hand one way or another. With this being said Mind Crush will be good to stop your opponent from being able to use the card they added to their hand. Having multiple Mind Crushes set will let you see your opponent’s hand so then you can choose what else you want to discard from their hand. If you face a deck like Bujins or Spellbooks since they rely on searching, you can just use Mind Crush to discard the cards they search and send them to the graveyard.

Vanity’s Emptiness will also be great for Worlds. opening this card with your combo pieces will allow you to have a lot of Monsters and Traps so then your opponent just can’t play. After you have an established board, Vanity’s Emptiness will stop your opponent from summoning any big Monsters while you just keep attacking and eventually you win if they can’t remove Vanity’s Emptiness from the field. However, if you use this card recklessly you will lose to yourself since you will not be able to Special Summon but your opponent will already have a big field so they don’t even need to Special Summon and they will just keep attacking until you run out of Life Points.

That concludes my deck choices and my Pre-Tournament decisions. Hope to see you next week for Part 2 of my Experience before and after of Yu-Gi-Oh 2014 Worlds in Rimini, Italy!

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