Why You Should be Playing Traps

Rahul Pandya here, back this week to discuss what I feel are the best trap cards in the game, and why playing them can give you a competitive advantage over your opponent. In the last few formats, the amount and types of traps being played in the best decks have changed, from removal traps to traps that disrupt or limit what your opponent can do on their turn. Trap cards are often times the most important part of controlling the game-state, and is also what helps the under-powered or non-meta keep up with the meta decks. In a format where decks do not need to play many traps in order to succeed, its important to know which traps can help you further your deck’s goal, and which traps will be commonly used to attempt to slow your deck down in game one of your match. This article will help you make the decision of what trap cards you should play, and how they can help your deck advance your goal and ultimately win the game. in this article I hope to help you make a decision on what traps you want to play so that you can be sure of it going forward.

20140614144832!ArtifactSanctum-PRIO-EN-UR-1EThe first trap that I feel is very good to talk about is Artifact Sanctum and its utility as a part of the Artifact engine. Sanctum, has been very strong since its release, as it is one of the most disruptive cards in Yu-Gi-Oh. The ability to special summon an Artifact monster from your deck, more often than not summoning Artifact Moralltach, to disrupt your opponents play has been devastating. Sanctum is a very strong card because it does so much, as it has two effects. The first effect is when you activate it, which allows you to summon an Artifact monster from your deck. The other happens when it is destroyed by an opponents card effect, it then allows you to destroy a card on your opponent’s cards, which can lead to even more disruption. Sanctum and the rest of the Artifact engine is a good engine to run if you want to limit what your opponent can do while maintaining a board presence. In Shaddolls, the Artifact monsters are also light and can help your ability to fuse into El-Shaddoll Construct. This engine is a definite positive for most decks as this engine can help make up for a deck’s weak parts in the game, either early, middle or late game.

The next two traps I think are very relevant in the game today, and are very good because of their utility are Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and Karma Cut. These cards are played in the Burning Abyss deck, as their form of spot removal. However, besides being played in that deck, I feel that these cards should be played in any deck that has the ability to keep cards in hand in order to discard for the cost of these cards. The format has changed so much that destruction cards are no longer played, and cards like Torrential Tribute have fallen out of favor, Wing Blast and Karma Cut get rid of problem cards without destroying them. The utility of Wing Blast, is that it does not have to target a monster, and it can also get rid of problem back-row cards for your deck. These cards can be used to get rid of problem cards, for instance, if you are playing Burning Abyss, Wing Blast can take care of floodgates, like Soul Drain, or problem monsters like El-Shaddoll Winda and ensure that your plays can go through, rather than having them interrupted. Going forward I feel these cards will be good as destruction cards will continue to see less play as they are becoming less and less efficient and cards like these are quickly becoming the more efficient options.

VanitysEmptinessSTBL-EN-C-1EThe next card that is very good right now is Vanity’s Emptiness because it can stop your opponent’s plays and in the current Meta disruption is as good as destruction. Emptiness prevents your opponent from special summoning and can be chained to cards that special summon monsters. This can be devastating if used at the correct time, and can often times break your opponents combination plays and their pushes. I personally think this card is very good because of the restriction it puts on your opponent’s game-state and plays, and it is very easy to shut off for your turn so it does not limit your plays at all. Emptiness is the card of formats, and will come and go as formats change and evolve. Currently though, if you want to be an ultra competitive player you need to play this card right now because it can disrupt the best decks of the format, and can help you beat the decks that are currently the best. It is important to identify the best time to activate this card however, because often times if you choose the wrong time, your opponent can just stop their play until they can deal with the emptiness.

Effect negation is another important part of the game, and there are certain traps that are better at negating effects, the best of these being Breakthrough Skill. Breakthrough Skill is very strong because of its multiple applications and the fact that the same card can be used twice, once one the field and once from the graveyard. Breakthrough negates effects on the field, so it can be used to disrupt your opponents plays, and the fact that it is not continuous allows you to make sure that your back row is clear, so it does not become clogged. The graveyard effect is the best part of the card in my opinion because it allows you to negate a problem monster’s effect, like Vanity’s Fiend‘s effect, on your turn allowing your plays to go through. This can be very helpful for more combination based or one turn kill based decks as they do not get shut down by monsters that put restrictions on the field. Recently, with Shaddolls being one of the top decks, people have been summoning Vanity’s Fiend to stop Shaddolls attempts to special summon, Breakthrough makes it so Shaddolls do not auto-lose to the card, and allows them to continue their plays without much problem.

Royal_Decree (1)The ability to stop your opponents traps from disrupting your plays is also very good, therefore, the three main traps that negate other traps have to be mentioned, those being Royal Decree, Wiretap, and Trap Stun. Often times when your opponent activates a trap card it makes it difficult for your play to continue, and often times can spell the difference between a victory or a defeat. These three cards negate traps, so therefore they can help make sure that your plays go through and to make sure that you do nt lose to traps of any sort. These cards can even be used offensively and preemptively to shut off traps for the turn to make sure that either your traps do not get destroyed or that your opponent does not have the ability to respond to your plays. Trap Stun has been so widely used in one turn killed deck that the phrase “Trap Stun – game” has become a popular saying when playing against rouge decks. In a game where sometimes your play can be what determines the game, its good to run some sort of guarantee that your play will go through.

As Monster Reborn is banned and Soul Charge is currently limited, Call of the Haunted is the most efficient way of bring your monsters back from the graveyard. Call is one of the best cards in the game because it has amazing utility. The first way this card can be used it to continue play s and help you commit monsters to your field. It can help you get passed established board by granting you access to XYZ plays or it could help you push for game by bringing back a monster with enough attack to reduce your opponent’s life points to zero. This card can be a difference maker offensively as it can help you ensure that your p;ays go through. This card can also be used defensively to bring back monsters that limit and put restrictions on what your opponent can do. Bringing back a monster like Archlord Kristya, at the right time can be devastating to your opponent and can help you ensure that you can win the game. Call of the Haunted is one of the best traps right now because most of the monsters in the meta work well with the card itself.

These cards are some of the best cards in the game, and in a format where what traps you play is more important than ever these cards are some of the best options that you have. When deciding what to play you need to make sure that every facet of your deck will help to advance your win condition and your plays, and these cards can help you do that. Just remember that you do not want to overload with traps, and make sure that the ones you choose interact well with the cards in your deck. Good luck moving forward!!

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