Topping YCS Lima with Satellarknights

Hello Duelists!

I’m back this week bringing my YCS Lima (Peru) tournament report. This event ended up being one of my favorites because of all the love I received throughout it. It was nice to go back to South America for a weekend and see old faces. After topping Toronto with Shaddolls, I wanted to top with a different deck because I noticed all my premier tops had been with different decks:

Event Deck Final Standing
WCQ Brazil 2011 Tengu Plant Top 16
YCS Ecuador 2011 T.G. Agent 1st place
YCS Dallas 2013 Mermail Top 16
YCS Meadowlands 2013 Fire Fist 4th place
YCS Toronto 2013 Dragon Ruler Top 16
YCS Sao Paulo, Brazil 2014 Bujin 2nd place
WCQ Chile 2014 Geargia Top 32
YCS Toronto 2014 Shaddoll Top 32

Since this event was the week after YCS Toronto, I was planning to play Satellarknight since it has a more straightforward play style than that of Burning Abyss. Due to my limited amount of time before the event, I asked Aaron Furman and Joe Bogli for advice and details about the Satellarknight deck. I had little time to actually play to figure out the in-depth plays, the cards to side in and out, and the proper Xyz Monsters to go into for each situation. Therefore, I relied on the knowledge gained by talking to them.

On Friday, I woke up to my roommate making me French toast for a second week in a row. My flight was at around 1 pm and I maded to the airport with ample time. On my way there, I messaged Sean McCabe to get some last minute tips. I ended up just playing his build with a minor change in the side (switched 2x Maxx “C” for 2x Chain Disappearance). I liked his build best because of the Forbidden Chalice techs and the way he sided was efficient. He also told me I should almost always go second, because that extra card really helps in the grind and the best setups going first aren’t as strong as they may seem so the risk is worth the reward.

This is the deck list I ended up using:

Monsters: 12

Spells: 12

Traps: 16

Extra Deck: 15

Side Deck: 15

My connection was in Atlanta, where I had some lunch and went on to board the plane that would take me to Lima, Peru. I was ready to play some Yu-Gi-Oh! but I used my down time to write my deck list and previous tournament report. Sadly, I wouldn’t be able to pre-reg since I was landing a little before midnight. Once I got there, I got my checked luggage and found my way to the airport exit where a taxi driver acquired by Alex Medina (brother of the TO assigned for the event and old time friend) would take me to his place. Once I got there, we talked for a bit and then went to sleep shortly after because we had to be at the site before everyone else because he was part of the organization.

ChainDisappearanceTU06-EN-SR-UEDay 1

We got to Casino Atlantic City about an hour before registration started so I got talk to some judge friends I hadn’t seen since June. I got to talk with Patito Castro (Head Judge for the event) and asked him if Chain Disappearance would remove copies from the Extra Deck and at the time he said they wouldn’t but he ended up reviewing it. Then I sat down, swapped some cards, and waited for my friends to start showing up. My teammates from back home walked in shortly after, including: Guido Cuñarro (Argentina), Sebastián Salvatierra (Chile) and Julian Riveros (Colombia). Then, I registered for the event so I could get a couple games in before Round 1. While I was playing a mirror against Sebastián, Barrett Keys, Robert Boyajian, and Sam Pedigo came over to say hello! It was different seeing them in the South American tournament atmosphere. After the practice match, I felt more comfortable with the deck, so I got to catch up to a lot more people including Alexander Reynolds and other friends from Ecuador/Peru. Round 1 was announced shortly afterwards and after a quick player meeting we were ready to get started.


Round 1: Vs. Shaddoll

Game 1 & 2: Won by making smart plays and not letting him get extra value off Shaddoll Fusion.



20140614095138!CairngorgonAntiluminescentKnight-PRIO-EN-SR-1ERound 2: Vs. Burning Abyss (Walter Duartes)
I met Walter in Chile at the WCQ this year, he’s a great duelist from Argentina, ironically I also played him in Round 2 of the WCQ.

Game 1: Cairngorgon + 2x Vanity’s Emptiness

Game 2: Cairngorgon + 2x Stygian Dirge



Round 3: Vs. Satellarknight (Gerardo Delgado)
Gerardo is also part of my team in South America and a very good Peruvian duelist.

Game 1: I get to make Giant Hand and win from there.

Game 2: He makes Giant Hand and I can’t deal with it.

Game 3: I make Giant Hand and win because he misses a 50-50 Mystical Space Typhoon.



300px-Wiretap-DRLG-EN-SR-1ERound 4: Vs. Shaddoll

Game 1: I lose too much card advantage in a Super Poly play and OTKs next turn.

Game 2: Got a Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror to stick the whole game.

Game 3: He fused into El Shaddoll Construct sending Dragon targets my Compulse and I chain it, instead of changing the target with Cairngorgon he later uses his Wiretap on it so Construct sticks but he runs out of time and I win at the end of turns because I’m up in Life Points.



Round 5: Vs. Shaddoll

Game 1: He was able to outsource me and Breakthrough Skills kill me.

Game 2: I Diamond Dire Wolf his set Super Polymerization so I don’t leave an Extra Deck monster so that his Shaddoll Fusion doesn’t get full value.

Game 3: Time is running out and he top decks a BLS to go with his El Shaddoll Winda, I Compulsory the later but take too much damage to come back. I had like a plus 5 on him and he was down to top decking by the end of my turn, it happens.



Round 6: Vs. Shaddoll (German Ramirez)

Game 1: I drew unplayable and he just kept applying pressure.

Game 2: Same thing as last game but this time with Super Polymerization.

He actually went on to win the YCS. Congrats!



CompulsoryEvacuationDevice-SDBE-EN-C-1ERound 7: Vs. Madolche

Game 1: He opens Mewfeuille + Angelly, I have a slow start but I stop his Tiaramisu with Breakthrough Skill. Later I Pot of Duality into a Compulsory. I’m able to get the tempo going in my favor and I take it from there.

Game 2: I have to Exciton the board couple turns later after he made an Angelly play but I think one of his two backrows is Breakthrough Skill so I Altair, Special Deneb, get Altair, make Cairngorgon and Soul Charge for two into Exciton. He has Breakthrough Skill but I redirected it and pass. I win from there.



Round 8: Vs. Madolche

Game 1: He also opens Mewfeuille + Angelly but I eventually blow up the board, make Giant Hand and win from there.

Game 2: Again, he opens Mewfeuille + Angelly, I have answers for everything except for his Chateau that triggered Ticket for the second Messengelato, and he attacks with everything and makes Gagaga Cowboy for game.

Game 3: There’s a point in this game where I Soul Charge for 3 (including Altair) make Rhapsody in Berserk remove his Breakthrough Skill and Angelly. Then I make Giant Hand in attack mode, attach the Rhapsody, and set Chain Disappearance. He makes Leviair and brings back Angelly to which I remove all of them with Chain Disappearance!



I was in table 19 and wasn’t putting too much hope to making it into Top 16, but I was called for 12th place and I would have to play against my teammate, Julian Riveros, in the draft portion of the tournament. For top cut of the event, we would be drafting Battle Pack 3, so I would have to review the set and get an idea of what I needed to draft. Guido got 16th place but after a result was corrected from Round 5, where German Ramirez should have been report as the winner for the match, Guido got pulled down to 17th place. It’s pretty suspicious that a player wouldn’t notice their result was wrong until the end of the Swiss when they didn’t make it to Day 2. Every round, a player should be able to tell if their points add up to their record.

I ended up leaving to get dinner with Andres Runseria and Patito Castro after they finished their judge duties. We went to Bembos, a Peruvian fast food joint. From there we went to a mall and bought some snacks. Then I got picked up by Alex Medina and headed back to his house. I reviewed Battle Pack 3, got some tips from Sean McCabe and Patrick Hoban, and tried to get some rest for Day 2.

Day 2

We got to the casino pretty early and once the draft was about to start, I was in the same pod with Sebastián Salvatierra, Robert Boyajian, Ismael Cusme and Miguel Vargas (the last two are Ecuadorian duelists). To be honest, I don’t think I made the best decisions when it came to my picks but here’s what I used:

Monsters: 22

  • 1 Aztekipede, the Worm Warrior
  • 1 Blizzard Dragon
  • 1 Chiron the Mage
  • 1 Chow Len the Prophet
  • 1 Diskblade Rider
  • 1 Freya, Spirit of Victory
  • 1 Ghostrick Jackfrost
  • 1 Herald of Purple Light
  • 2 Jurrac Protops
  • 1 Koa’ki Meiru Beetle
  • 1 Koa’ki Meiru Drago
  • 1 Koa’ki Meiru Sandman
  • 1 Mist Valley Falcon
  • 1 Mudora
  • 1 Rhinotaurus
  • 2 Spined Gillman
  • 1 Sunlight Unicorn
  • 1 Telekinetic Shocker
  • 1 Uminotaurus
  • 1 Victory Viper XX03

Spells: 6

  • 1 Book of Life
  • 2 Earthquake
  • 1 Murmur of the Forest
  • 1 Swords of Concealing Light
  • 1 Unstable Evolution

Traps: 12

  • 1 Blast with Chain
  • 1 Burst Breath
  • 2 Butterspy Protection
  • 1 Kunai with Chain
  • 1 Magical Arm Shield
  • 3 Miracle’s Wake
  • 1 Pinpoint Guard
  • 1 Skill Successor
  • 1 Unbreakable Spirit

TutanMask-LCJW-EN-C-1ETop 16: Vs. Julian Riveros

Game 1: He decided to go 2nd and I drew my not so great monsters to start off but it wasn’t bad enough to re-draw. I got out paced and he had a Silent Psychic Wizard that was really hard to deal with. He seemed to have gone with a deck with a lot of Equip Spells which I thought wasn’t the best but it worked for him. Congrats for getting 3rd place man!

Game 2: He opened Koa’ki Meiru Beetle and three backrows. It all comes down to my Unbreakable Spirit being negated with Tutan Mask and the next turn he drew a monster to OTK me.


My monster ratio was definitely too high due to the way I made my picks and I do have some regrets. I’ll draft a little more with this set to prepare for YCS Dallas. We’ll see, live and learn. I signed up for the Giant Card and got 2-0’d by Jose Castillo in a mirror. Then, I won a Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown side event and got the Yugi/Kaiba mat, which I ended up giving away to Sebastián. After we were told to leave the venue, I got to say goodbye to a lot of awesome people. We ended up going to McDonald’s to get some food, trade, and swap some cards. Sebastián and Andres Torres played with the draft decks, we signed each other’s cards, and then went bar hoping for a bit.

Final moments in Lima

Around 10 pm, I got a cab to get to the airport. I saw Alexander Reynolds checking in for his flight and told him I’d see him in Dallas. Once I was in line to check my bag, Andres Runseria walked by and waved. I was able to talk to him for a couple minutes. Hopefully I get to see him in future events. I really enjoy becoming acquainted with the judges, since I have an idea of what they go through being a fellow judge. I got on my plane and slept most of the way back.

This ended up being one of my most enjoyable events I’ve been to in a while, mostly because of the people I was able to share it with. The combination of friends from North and South America plus the fellow judges made it amazing.

I would like to also thank a lot of people starting with Alex Medina (Battle City) for helping me with my accomodations, all the judges for their hard work (I’ve been there), and all my friends (old and new). Again, I really felt the love of the community at this event and it reminded me why I have to try to keep going to these events.

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