Top 32 Nationals Deck Anaylsis

Hello everyone! This past weekend, I was able to finish in the Top 32 for the NAWCQ in Detroit! I finished 45th after swiss with an X-2-1 record, so I was one of the highest X-2-1s in the tournament. For the event, I decided to pilot Geargia due to the fact that I thought that every deck this format had major flaws, and Geargia had the least amount of them. Geargias had autowins, the ability to do unfair things, and were able to play lots of trap cards all at the same time (Reminds me of Dragon Ravine Dragon Ruler format). I didn’t want to play a combo deck for the event like Sylvan or Water because I did not want to get floodgated and just not be able to play Yugioh. Also, in my testing, the combo decks bricked a lot harder, and were a lot easier to stop when they went second, so Geargia just seemed like the safest choice. My friend Dirk Wagner also decided to play the exact list card for card but unfortunately wasn’t able to make the top cut due to Trap Stun. Let’s hop right into the decklist Dirk Wagner and I finalized for the NAWCQ this year!


RJ and Dirk Geargia (40)

Monsters: (16)

Spells: (11)

Traps: (13)

Extra Deck: (15)

Side Deck: (15)

Now, the Main Deck is actually pretty standard aside from maining the third Maxx “C”, the third Soul Charge and the three Mystical Space Typhoon, but the side deck is where the fun comes in. Let me explain mine and Dirk Wagner’s logic behind our card choices.


MaxxC-CT09-EN-SR-LE3 Maxx “C”

This card was actually the absolute stones the entire weekend. The card was the nuts against pretty much everything but Bujins and HAT. Every time I saw this card in my opening five going first or second, I felt extremely safe. Another thing is how this card performed in the Geargia mirror match. To put it simply, Maxx “C” is just insane in the Geargia mirror. Against Geargiano Mk-II, it’s pretty much a +1 if your opponent chooses not to get their Geargiarmor. It also punishes people for being greedy with Geargiarsenal into Geargiano turn 1. The real reason Maxx “C” is dumb in the mirror is the fact that if you Maxx “C” your opponent while you have a somewhat threatening board, they are forced to play into Maxx “C” otherwise they just lose next turn. Maxx “C” in the Geargia mirror really reminded me of it in the Dragon Ruler mirror match. One funny part about my weekend was when my Geargia opponents sided out their copies of Maxx “C” and looked at me funny when I played it on them Game 2.


3 Upstart Goblin

This card is actually a no-brainer if you’re playing Geargia without the Hands main decked. You cannot play Yugioh if you don’t resolve Geargiarmor. Even if you resolve Geargiagear and your opponent stops your Gear Gigant X, sure you get your Geargiano back from the graveyard, but what good is it doing you if you have no Level 4s to follow up? So let’s increase our chances of opening Geargiarmor/Geargiarsenal so we can actually play the game. Also, everyone likes those auto-win hands of Geargiarmor, Geargiagear and a trap, so let’s play 37 cards to increase our chances of seeing our auto-win hands!


MysticalSpaceTyphoonSDMA-EN-C-1E3 Mystical Space Typhoon

Maining Mystical Space Typhoon during Nationals format was absolutely fantastic. Players usually dismissed people maining Mystical Space Typhoon at all because they were under the opinion that Wiretap was better. This Nationals format, Mystical Space Typhoon was better in my opinion for many reasons; you can draw it and play it on the same turn, Mystical Space Typhoon hits problem cards such as Field Spells, Skill Drain, Abyss-Sphere, Fire Formation – Tenki, Royal Decree, and it makes it very easy to make the Hands miss timing. Also, if you are an extremely good player with the ability to read backrows well, you don’t need Wiretap to hit your opponent’s problem Black Horn of Heaven, or Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare, you can just Mystical Space Typhoon it before you give them a chance to activate it. To start, drawing into Mystical Space Typhoon and having the ability to play it right then and there is gigantic. Imagine if that Mystical Space Typhoon you drew was a Wiretap instead. I know, right? Terrible. That Wiretap you just drew is sitting in your hand as a -1 for the rest of your turn, so the +1 that you automatically receive just for starting your turn goes away.

Another reason why having the ability to play Mystical Space Typhoon the turn you draw it is when you get into the later game, your opponent can only draw one card per turn, so once you clear their initial wall of backrows, they shouldn’t be setting more than one backrow per turn. If they do set multiple backrows after you’ve cleared their initial ones, they’re probably bluffing and one or even all of the backrows your opponent just set are not real. So, say you grind through your opponents backrows early, they’re going to be setting their defensive cards from the top of their deck so when you draw Mystical Space Typhoon, you can just take away their defense without using and resources and shift the game in your favor.Secondly, there were a lot of combo decks represented at the NAWCQ where Wiretap is next to useless for obvious reasons. Most combo decks played cards like Field Spells or the cards I listed earlier to advance their game state because they are not afraid of Mystical Space Typhoon. For example, round 3 I played against a Dragon Ruler player who flipped a Skill Drain on me. Fortunately for him, I was unable to draw one of my three copies of Mystical Space Typhoon, but he was most likely under the impression for Game 2 that I a) either did not main Mystical Space Typhoon, or b) did not play the card at all. Then Game 2 and 3 rolled around and I had Mystical Space Typhoon for his Skill Drain both times.


300px-SoulCharge-DRLG-EN-SR-1E3 Soul Charge

Seeing Soul Charge being played in Geargia decks isn’t odd at all, but seeing three of them is a bit out of the ordinary. Everyone was under the impression that opening Soul Charge in Geargia wasn’t good because it does nothing on your first turn, and that it was bad to draw multiples. Well, I think those statements contradict each other. If you drew multiple Soul Charges, it would be wise to use one of them early in the game so that you can use your second copy later, when it matters. For example, say you opened Geargiarsenal and double Soul Charge. Most players would just Geargiarsenal into Geargiarmor, set their traps and pass, but I think you should Geargiarsenal into Geargiano if you want to make a Gear Gigant X play, or into Geargiarmor and then Soul Charge back your Geargiarsenal into another Geargiamor. Now, let’s say you didn’t open Geargiarsenal, but you drew either Geargiarmor or Geargiagear. The Soul Charges in your hand will be keeping you in the game to give you time to draw into the cards you need. If your opponent stops your Geargiarmor play, you can just Soul Charge it right back and force them to deal with it again. Moving forward, Soul Charge just defines every matchup. You always want the card to either make an unbreakable board, or to answer their threatening board due to their own copy of Soul Charge. Also, let’s say you didn’t open any of your Soul Charges. There is a lot higher chance of you drawing into one of them if you play three copies rather than two. All in all, I am extremely happy with my decision to play three copies of Soul Charge and I would not look back.


DarkHoleSYE-NA-C-1E1 Dark Hole

There’s really not much to say on Dark Hole. I felt you were forced to play it because Geargia has a hard time dealing with established fields without Geagiaccelerator. It’s also a solid out to Geargiarmor and Fire Hand. Also, with Soul Charge being super relevant, Dark Holing and then just attacking for game is not uncommon at all.


yugioh-ice-hand-drlg-en047-fire-hand-drlg-en046-secret-1st-15498-MLM20103285353_052014-F2 Fire Hand and 2 Ice Hand

These cards were actually just the MVP of my Side Deck throughout the tournament. They went in against pretty much every deck that wasn’t a combo deck besides Madolche. The Hands give you time to stall out and draw into the card you need while forcing your opponent to make bad monsters against Geargia like Abyss Dweller, or Blackship of Corn. The main reason we decided to include the Hands in our Side Deck was because of their interaction in the Geargia mirror match. One night, Dirk and I were testing Geargia mirrors on DuelingNetwork and we found whoever went first literally won almost 80% of the time. Then, Dirk tried siding in the Hands against me for the Geargia mirror. The first game that we played, I popped his face down Fire Hand with Ghostrick Alucard and just outright lost because of it. We realized that no matter how good the Geargia player is, they won’t play around the Hands, and if they do, they’re making terrible XYZ monsters versus us so we would be winning anyway. Not to mention the interaction the Hands have with Maxx “C” is pretty unreal.

300px-AllyofJusticeCycleReader-HA03-EN-SR-1E1 Ally of Justice Cycle Reader

You can discard this card to the Graveyard to select up to 2 Light monsters in your opponent’s Graveyard, and remove them from play. This effect can be activated during either player’s turn.

Broken right? This card was a searchable and recurrable double D.D. Crow that dismantled the new Lightsworn Ruler deck and Bujins. The card is actually extremely self explanatory. You search for it with Gear Gigant X, use it, then you can add it back from the grave with Gear Gigant X. Who doesn’t like searchable outs to Soul Charge and Bujincarnation?


300px-DeepDarkTrapHole-PHSW-EN-R-1E3 Deep Dark Trap Hole

When you get to play against Mythic Rulers, Hieratics, or Sylvans, playing three copies of Deep Dark Trap Hole essentially means you are playing four copies of Bottomless Trap Hole. The card explains itself against Dragon Ruler variants, but it also is extremely good versus Sylvans. I like this card better than Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare against them because the Sylvan player has the ability to play around Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare, they cannot play around Deep Dark Trap Hole. Also, Deep Dark Trap Hole gets rid of most of their monsters off of their Soul Charge play and destroys Miracle Fertilizer. One cute thing that I saw many players doing this weekend was also siding a copy of Traptrix Myrmeleo to search their Bottomless Trap Hole, Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare, or Deep Dark Trap Hole for free. Personally, I opted not to go that route because of Traptrix Myrmeleo being another monster. I didn’t want to have to use my normal summon for the turn to get a trap card, I’d rather just have the trap card and still have my normal summon to work with. The normal summon is extremely important in Geargia, is it really worth giving up for that +1? I don’t think so.


That’s about all I have for this weeks article folks. I hope you all liked my list! Unfortunately, you will be unable to play it at full power due to Geargiagear being limited to one for the new format. However, Geargia may still be a strong contender next format. Maybe the deck can transition into maining four copies of the Hands AND Upstart Goblin? Or maybe by putting a small Traptrix engine into your deck. Or even maybe playing cards like Cardcar D or Dekoichi, the Battle Locomotive to get your engine running faster. Who knows? Until next time guys!

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