Top 16 ARGCS Indianapolis with Burning Abyss

Hello everyone! This week, I’m going to give you a brief report of how my weekend at ARGCS Indianapolis went. I decided to play Burning Abyss for the event and managed to make Top 16.  I chose to play Burning Abyss because the deck was able to bring out Vanity’s Fiend the easiest, and had many outs to opposing Vanity’s Fiend like Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and Karma Cut. Oddly, I went against my rule of always playing the strongest deck of the format at tevents. The most powerful deck for the event was obviously Shaddoll. However, I began noticing the same trend Patrick Hoban did with every format. The trend is at the very beginning of a format, everything is chaos, then a deck is presented as the best, then an anti-meta strategy combats the best deck (usually with floodgates), and finally the best deck finds a way to counter the anti-meta strategy. Shaddolls were perceived as the best deck so Dirk, Dalton, and I decided it was time for the anti-meta floodgate strategy. The most flexible floodgate that completely shuts off Shaddolls was Vanity’s Fiend. Shaddoll’s only outs are to set Shaddoll Dragon or Shaddoll Squamata and those are the cards most Shaddoll players send to their grave first. So the plan was to slam Vanity’s Fiend while our opponent had little resources and ride the fiend to victory. That is exactly what we did, Dalton finished fourth and I finished in the Top 16. Sadly, Dirk was not lucky enough to make the top cut at X-2, when he deserved it the most. Here is the list our group did so well with:

Burning Abyss

Monsters: 18

Spells: 12

Traps: 10

Total: 40

Extra Deck: 15

Side Deck: 15

I’m only going to explain the odd card choices because Burning Abyss decks all look fairly similar and are easy to comprehend.

VanitysFiend-CP07-EN-R-UE3 Vanity’s Fiend

I already went over this card a bit but Vanity’s Fiend is just extremely ignorant and turns off all of the cards you are afraid of against Shaddols; Shaddoll Fusion, Super Polymerization, and Soul Charge. While Vanity’s Fiend doesn’t get immediate value when he is summoned like Raiza, the Storm Monarch, Vanity’s Fiend will outright win you the game if you drop him at the right moment.

300px-supplysquad-ys14-en-c-1e (1)3 Supply Squad

The reason we played this card at three was because it is insane in the mirror match, and it is very good against Satellarknights. Against Shaddoll, however, this card was mediocre. Supply Squad is good against the mirror and Satellarknights because you’re constantly XYZing against them, so your Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss and Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss that you detached turn into more free cards. Against Shaddoll, this card isn’t very good because it gives them free cards to destroy with Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress and Shaddoll Dragon. Also, since we don’t XYZ against Shaddoll, the only way for our Supply Squad to trigger is by our opponent killing our monster. At that point, Supply Squad is just replacing a monster at a rate that is much too slow in this current format. Another reason we decided to play three Supply Squads was to increase our autowin hands of Mathematician and Supply Squad. Having auto win potential is extremely important in a tournament, and we wanted to have access to it.

I didn’t really draw Supply Squad much during the tournament. It did however, give me two or three autowins, which is impossible to complain about. Other than that though, I could see myself cutting this card. It’s extremely slow and clogs up your Spell/Trap zone so you can’t special summon your Burning Abyss monsters. If you can’t use your free Burning Abyss monsters, then they are of no value to you.

RankUpMagicAstralForce-LVAL-EN-UR-1E1 Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force

We played the single copy of thiscard because Constellar Pleiades is insane in the mirror and against Satellarknights, but yet again, terrible against Shaddoll. Honestly, I would cut this card if I were to do the entire tournament over again. It really is just win more, and that’s not what we wanted in a card.

AllureofDarknessSDGU-EN-C-1E1 Allure of Darkness

I see some people cutting this card because tey say there is nothing they want to banish from their hand. What they don’t understand is by seeing more cards and having more options, you will be able to deal with more different types of fields. Also, this card is the perfect remedy to those monster clogged hands you can get. Overall, I loved this card and would play three if I could.

That’s really about it for the weird stuff in the deck. New, let’s get onto my trip!


Dalton gets to my house around 3:00 because he’s a speed demon. I am obviously not ready because I was up until 4:00 A.M. the night prior with fellow duelists Dirk Wagner and Brandon Wigley. I also had to go to my friend Frosty’s house earlier to pick up some blingy cards for my deck and to chill for a bit before I left. So Dalton gets to my house and asks if I’m packed, and I told him obviously not and he was like its ok im not either. I was like damn ok I got some time. I packed all my stuff and too many cards and we were off. We were hit with the standard Chicagoland traffic to start the trip, but after that it was a smooth ride.

The plan was to meet up at Parker Roberson’s house with Dirk Wagner, Brandon Wigley, James Frazier, and Jordan Winters. Dalton and I arrived at Parker’s around 8:00 P.M. and immediately started testing because we had 0 clue what we were doing. About an hour in, Dirk tells us we are cutting Dimensional Prison for Karma Cut which I was completely in favor of because I hate battle traps. Everyone knocks out around 1:00 A.M., but I was like nah and went outside to chill some more. What do you know, it became 3:00 A.M. so I decided to finally crawl into bed.


Shower up, drive to the center with free Starbucks because Parker’s mom is a g. Get to the center, sign up, chill, and pairings go up.

Round 1: Satellarknight (2-0)

Round 2: Bujin (2-1)

Round 3: Lightsworn Shaddoll (Patrick Hoban) (1-2)

Round 4: Lightsworn Shaddoll (Brandon Wigley) (Intentional Draw)

Round 5: Lightsworn Shaddoll (2-0)

Round 6: Machina Geargia Floodgate.dek (2-0)

Round 7: Lightsworn Shaddoll (2-0)

Round 8: Lightsworn Shaddoll (2-0)

After they announce Top 16, I am extremely happy because most of my other friends topped as well. We all go out to Bdubs as a tradition, go back to Parker’s and every one goes to bed early yet again. I’m sitting outside in my car again until about 3:00 A.M. on the phone with my g Frosty.


Get up, shower, and head over to the convention center to get started. We get there and it takes a little while to take pictures, resleeve, look at our opponents decks, etc, but everything is really laid back and relaxed which is always a plus.

Top 16: Burning Abyss (Jeff Jones) (0-2)

Sadly, Jeff scraped me in our feature but it’s ok. I didn’t know what I was doing with Burning Abyss mirror because I just picked it up the night before. It felt a little bit better after he won, but at the same time it also sucked because to get there he had to beat me, my friend Russ, Dalton, and Jordan Winters. Still though, congrats to Jeff!

After the tournament is over we all head over to Steak and Shake for one last meal together. After that we had to say our goodbyes (which is always the worst part of the trip).

Thats about it for this weeks article! I believe I am going to be at YCS Dallas so feel free to come up and say hi! Thank you for reading!

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