Tech Choices: The End of Anubis

Going through older cards this weekend and looking at the current format, a lot of decks are using a copy or two of Majesty’s Fiend , and I thought to myself that there had to be a card with just as much potential, but perhaps more trick plays to utilize. The End of Anubis shuts down all monster card effects by not allowing them to activate as long as he is on the field, but there’s an older card though that hulks over him with just one hundred more important attack points, and the ability to stop some additional spell and trap card effects too.

300px-TheEndofAnubis-TU04-EN-R-UEThe End of Anubis

“While this card is face-up on the field, all effects of Spell, Trap, and Monster Cards that target a card(s) in the Graveyard or that activate in the Graveyard are negated.”

The End of Anubis loses Soul Drain‘s ability to also negate banished monsters effects, but earns a “No one can target cards in the graveyard” effect, along with that big body makes him pretty beastly!

Why is this mere one hundred extra attack so important in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! right now, one might ask? When looking to counter the metagame, you have to consider your cards slowly and wisely, and either decide if they’re going to be tech in your deck, or something to build a deck around. Forbidden Lance would be a “tech” card too that you see less that works in combo with Anubis, and will allow your other monsters to get through pesky cards like Fiendish Chain, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, and Bottomless Trap Hole. Anubis, however, when Lanced, can barrel over Fire and Ice Hand thanks to his bulky size of 2500 ATK, only going down to 1700. Also, Anubis doesn’t need to fear milled cards from Lightsworn such as Soul Charge and Breakthrough Skill. Granted, good old Majesty’s isn’t worried about that either, but he has to worry about Breakthrough Skill being in the grave where as Anubis does not. Lance also has an advantage that you can play it from your hand, making it an unexpected hero to your gameplay. Like a well-timed Maxx “C”, Lance just might do the same for you, but from a more aggro standpoint.

Unlike Majesty’s Fiend, The End of Anubis has the ability to stop spell and trap cards that target cards in the graveyard, not just monsters.

Who here can mention the number one complained about, not hit on the ban list card? All together now, 1… 2… 3… Soul Charge!

Guess what can’t be played while Anubis is out? You guessed right! Soul Charge.

So the question you have to ask yourself when it comes to teching a card such as Anubis:

  • A: Can my deck defend him?
  • B: Does my deck support him coming out cleanly?
  • C: What does he do to my own deck that I don’t like?
  • D: What matchups does this counter that makes this worthwhile?

The only matchup he doesn’t effect too badly are Gears and Evilswarm. He stops both monsters brought out from Geargiagear as well as Gear Gigant X‘s death effects, but that’s about it.

Now for his strengths:

His weaknesses:

  • Running defense to keep him out
  • Making sure he hits the field

300px-SoulCharge-DRLG-EN-SR-1EYou can basically utilize him in your meta decks by Soul Charging first in most any deck besides (Except Lightsworn, where your graveyard is key, which even then, you might consider siding him into the mirror as a push for game), and putting him out as a tribute onto something to prevent your opponent from Soul Charging back if you plan to just tech him in, or if you have a lot of back row cards to support him.

Now building a deck around him might work even better, but you have to make sure to counter and prepare for the format as well as know all of your decks plays to utilize its counters. Soul Exchange, Call of the Haunted (while he negates Call of the Haunted if already on the field, he gains plays such as being Called from grave to fizzle Soul Charge), Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, and One for One all do well with him. You can also play cards that pitch him like Phoenix Wing Wind Blast or One for One (which also helps special something for a tribute summon).

He could fit in pretty well to be set up to help counter the metagame, but it’s your job as the player to figure out how he suits you best! Tech or build, he’s a good card to consider heading into Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship Qualifier!

-Jonathan Moore


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    Randy Chesley

    End of Anubis is a card that I have been main or side decking since its arrival. Great Card. Love it when I play Mermail players and they look at it like what is that? I tell them read it then I finally explain It is your demise. Soul Drain with a Body. Good Game sir!

    • 3
      Randy Chesley

      A friend of mine plays anti-meta all the time trying to break cards like End of Anubis, Majesty’s Fiend, and Vanity’s Fiend. He hates all meta decks. I will get with him and we will work out a way to help you out and break End of Anubis for you. If we do you need to give a shout out or something for the help.

  2. 4
    Jonathan Moore

    I think Majesty’s Fiend and Vanity’s have broken themselves. It’s about getting a good build, consistency, and using the counter to the format. Majesty’s problem is that decks can just say, miracle fertilizer a hermitree and attack over, or soul charge and set up for next turn. I need a deck capable of abusing both End of Anubis, monarchs, and majesty’s or vanity’s. Thank you though, and I’m never short on shout outs where deserved :)

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