Skill Drain HERO in the Post-DUEA Meta

300px-ReinforcementoftheArmy-PGLD-EN-GUR-1ERahul Pandya here, with a new series of articles. These articles will focus on and discuss playing non-meta competitive decks to succeed, for those who want to do well, without having to invest too much to get the best deck. These decks will give you good results, while being cheap and often fun to play. The deck I have chosen to go over is Hero Drain, and I will be covering the deck, and how to side for certain matchups. With Reinforcement of the Army being semi-limited on the most recent forbidden and limited list, I made the call to play this deck. Let’s get into the decklist!

Main Deck Total: 40
Monsters: 10

Spells: 18

300px-HeroBlast-RYMP-EN-SR-1ETraps: 12

Extra Deck:

Side Deck:

  • 2x Nobleman of Crossout
  • 2x Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 2x Forbidden Chalice
  • 1x Dimensional Fissure
  • 2x Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell
  • 2x Shadow – Imprisoning Mirror
  • 2x Light – Imprisoning Mirror
  • 2x Face-Off

Now that you can see the deck, it is time to break down the main deck card choices. I elected to run this variant of the Hero Beat deck, because Skill Drain helps shut down a lot of the Meta. The hardest matchup when I began testing Heroes against the new Meta, is Satellaknights. They just maintain so much advantage. So I decided to main deck outs to that deck, and it has been testing well. Cards like Super Polymerization and Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare, allow you to impede Satellaknights progress, which slows their advantage. Since I made these changes, I have seen a large difference in the Satellaknight matchup, and I no longer feel like it is my worst matchup.

MirrorGateLCGX-EN-UR-1EI also opted to run 2 Mirror Gates as my battle trap because of its utility in this deck specifically. Mirror Gate reads:

“When an opponent’s monster declares an attack targeting a face-up “Elemental HERO” monster you control: Switch control of the opponent’s attacking monster with the targeted monster you control, then calculate damage. Control of both monsters switches back during the End Phase.”

This card is powerful because it can switch control of your Heroes with a potential problem cards, such as El Shaddoll Winda. This card is especially good because it does not cause a replay to occur. So say you switch control of your Elemental HERO Neos Alius with a Sylvan Hermitree, the attack switches to the Neos Alius attacking the Hermitree, and then being destroyed, and as a result, as your opponent no longer has a monster to return to you, you get to keep their monster. It can quickly turn the tide of a game and leave your opponent with nothing.

CrusaderofEndymionSOVR-EN-UR-UEThe other question I have been asked is why I elected to run Crusader of Endymion and Noble Knight Gawayn over the third Elemental HERO Bubbleman and Evocator Chevalier. I made this decision because I felt that Endymion and Gawayn had more synergy with Neos Alius than Bubbleman and Chevalier. Endymion is a light gemini, which helps make Elemental Hero The Shining, and also makes it another target for Gemini Spark. I found that you need to run 4 targets for Gemini Spark, otherwise it could be hard to have both a gemini and a Gemini Spark at the same time. Because I chose to play Endymion, I decided to play 1 Gawayn instead of the third Bubbleman. Gawayn has more synergy with the deck than Bubbleman because it can special summon itself when you control a normal light monster, which both Neos Alius and Endymion count as before they are gemini summoned. This can help increase your decks potential for explosive plays. Gawayn also has 1900 attack, so it is good if it is the only monster you draw.

SkillDrain-TU08-EN-UR-UEThe last two major things about the main deck was I only play 2 skill drain and I do not play Honest. Skill Drain can clog early game if you run more than 2, and you search through your deck so much that you can draw it more easily. Honest, in my opinion, even though I run a lot of lights, is not worth playing because there are times where you will not have a monster, and Gemini Spark is good at clearing problem cards.

Siding with Heroes against the Meta:


Shaddolls are one of the few decks in Yu-gi-oh that does not just lose to Skill Drain. The Shaddoll monsters get their effects when they are sent to grave by card effect, so cards like Gemini Spark and Hero Blast are subpar as they help them get their effects and help the deck maintain advantage.
Comes out:

  • 2 Skill Drain
  • 1 Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare
  • 1 Gemini Spark
  • 1 Hero Blast
  • 1 Solemn Warning
  • 1 Dark Hole
  • 1 Torrential Tribute
  • 1 Reinforcement of the Army
  • 1 Book of Moon

Goes in:

  • 2 Nobleman of Crossout
  • 2 Forbidden Chalice
  • 2 Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell
  • 2 Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
  • 2 Face-off

DarkHoleSYE-NA-C-1EIn this matchup you side out most of your destruction cards and side in effect negation as Shaddolls have both flip effects and effects that activate in grave. Therefore cards like Dark Hole and Torrential Tribute instantly become less good, as they would put the Shaddoll monsters in the graveyard. As the Shaddolls are dark monsters Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror is a good card against this decks. Nobleman of Crossout hurts the deck because it banishes set monsters which they need to do early game. Forbidden Chalice and Face-Off also hurt their monsters, because they negate their effects when they flip up in the damage step after you attack them. Lastly Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell can be used to hit Shaddoll Fusion or Soul Charge and take away an aspect of their game.


This matchup is easier to side for, as you main many cards that hurt them already. However, they can outpace you if you don’t open the cards you need. So to side with against this deck is simpler than it is against than a majority of the Meta.
Comes out:

  • 1 Time-Space Trap Hole
  • 1 Reinforcement of the Army
  • 1 Bottomless Trap Hole
  • 2 Mirror Gate

Goes In:

  • 2 Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 2 Light-Imprisoning Mirror
  • 1 Dimensional Fissure

DimensionalFissure-EOJ-EN-C-1EAs I said this matchup is easier to side for. You side out cards that are subpar cards that are subpar at slowing the deck down. Satellaknights play a lot like Plus One Fire Fist, in the fact that they play to advantage, so you have to slow them down. As they are all light, Light-Imprisoning Mirror slows them down, as they cannot activate their effects. Mystical Space Typhoon is good against most of the decks in the Meta as it just destroys their defensive traps. Dimensional Fissure is the last card I decided to side in against this deck, because if I stop their effects, the only way they can beat me is by playing Call of the Haunted or Soul Charge, and if I banish their monsters they cannot bring them back. This matchup is pretty easy once you have sided.


This deck is hard to beat if they go first, as their turn one potential is very strong. The ability to search up to 4 very strong traps is rough for any deck to get passed. Therefore you have to be able to interrupt their plays or be able to push through their traps.
Comes Out:

  • 1 Reinforcement of the Army
  • 1 Time Space Trap Hole
  • 2 Hero Blast
  • 2 Mirror Gate

Goes In:

  • 2 Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
  • 2 Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 2 Forbidden Chalice

500px-ShadowImprisoningMirror-DT07-EN-DNPR-DTAgainst a strong turn one from Infernity, there is not much that a Hero deck can do. This matchup is easily the hardest because of the sheer negation, and disruption the deck runs. Siding in Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror and Forbidden Chalice, is an attempt to negate their effects so they cannot create an unbeatable advantage. You side in your Mystical Space Typhoons in an attempt to destroy their Infernity Barrier or Infernity Break before they can disrupt your plays. Siding for this matchup helps you disrupt for their plays, and Super Polymerization is very good in the matchup as you can get rid of their attack position Infernity making their Infernity Barrier dead.
is a competitive deck going into the new Meta, as it can main disruption cards. When you play this deck you have to be careful to conserve your resources, and be prepared to win in the side deck often. Thanks for reading and I will see you guys next week with another article!

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