Since I was a young lad… My Yu-gi-oh! Career.

Hey, guys today I am going to be talking about my Yu-Gi-Oh career from the beginning to where it is now. Well I started off just like most people, watching the anime with my brother, Joel. When I was around 3 years old I started watching the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime because my brother always had it on the Tv. I loved watching it because there was these cool monsters and I had the some monsters on my cards that they had on the Tv. So at first my parents weren’t really interested in the show because they were monsters and me and my brother were little so who really would be interested in the game if they hadn’t really watched it? My brother begged them to let him watch it because me and him really enjoyed it and it brought us closer together. So my parents gave it a try and actually realized it wasn’t so bad. So they went out and bought us some packs. I remember my first pack ever was a Legend of Blue-Eyes pack with Reaper of the Cards as the rare. Well out of those cards me, Joel, and my dad all had enough cards eventually to make a deck so that’s what we did. I didn’t know how to actually play the game at the time and neither did Joel or my dad so we just went by the show. I remember I would go to my friend’s house and play with him and since we neither knew how to read I just told him it destroyed his entire field but sometimes I would say I didn’t know how to read it so we would go ask his mom. Let’s just say I rarely lost (I might not have won fairly but I didn’t lose). My brother also had a friend named Nathan that collected the cards and dueled.

177228-1A few years later we actually learned how to play by reading the rulebook. We had no idea what tribute summons were so we always just Normal Summoned over leveled monster without tributing until we read the rulebook. By this time we also had a few Yu-Gi-Oh games like Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist of the Roses and the Blue Yu-Gi-Oh! Gameboy game that I still don’t know the name of because mine was in Japanese. I barely could even play those games but I had a Red-Eyes Black Dragon so that’s all that mattered. After playing a little bit with Red-Eyes and Dark Magician we took a break from the game to play Legos.

The first day Yu-Gi-Oh! GX was out we watched the first episode and were hooked on it again. Yugi showing up in that episode was really cool and made us really excited to see the rest of the season. By this time we had a lot of cards and our decks consisted of a lot of 1900 attack point monsters with a few 1-2 tribute big beaters which was pretty good back then. Joel had this dark deck that relied on banishing his monsters with Dimensional Fissure and using D.D. Survivor to keep special summoning himself back. Joel’s dark deck went undefeated until one day when we were driving up to my grandparent’s house I beat him in the car. While we were up there he pulled a ghost rare Rainbow Dragon from Tactical Evolution which was the coolest thing ever since we had never seen that rarity (because it was the first set with Ghost Rares). So he decided to build a Crystal Beast deck with his new shiny Rainbow Dragon he just got. That deck didn’t work too well so he built an Elemental Hero deck once we got back home which he always beat me and Nathan with. We would always be watching Tv while we were dueling and years later come to find out he always cheated with that deck by putting Polymerization and whatever he wanted to Fusion Summon with on the top of his deck. I thought he just believed in Heart of the Cards or drew just as well as Jaden. We quit for awhile because we had got bored with the game.

Soon enough there was this crazy concept with playing Yu-Gi-Oh on a motorcycle with the release of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5d’s. Yet again we came back at the perfect time being able to watch the first episode of the new season. In this season they also released Synchro monsters and Tuners! It took us a little bit to figure out how to use them but after a little watching the anime we figured it out. One Christmas me and Joel both got tins and I got an Ancient Fairy Dragon Tin and he got a Powertool Dragon tin which was just really cool having more Synchro monsters and getting to open some packs. In each tin included was a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5d’s sleeves that I am pretty sure came with 50 sleeves. My favorite character in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5d’s was Crow so I had made a partial Blackwing deck with none of the actual good cards just stuff I had pulled from packs. The last thing I can really remember from 5d’s was waiting for the final Dragon out of the 5 to finally be announced. I really thought they were going to say it was Iron Chain Dragon, but it ended up being Black Winged Dragon so that made me really happy since I had a special spot in my heart for Blackwings. Later just like every other series we quit and didn’t come back for awhile.

MontageDragon-BPW2-EN-C-1EOne day my brother picked up his deck and begged me to start playing again and being that football player that I was I declined thinking the game was childish and only for nerds. Well he ended up getting me to play so one day we invited his friend Nathan over to play some Yu-Gi-Oh. Well he had a deck with a lot of dragons, Cyber Dragonand Montage Dragon. When he summoned Montage Dragon it was practically over because it was almost impossible for us to destroy with all of those attack points. One of us suggested we should start going to tournaments but we hadn’t already because we thought that we would lose or best card if we lost because that is how it worked on the show. So we looked up the tournament locations and called them for the details.

One friday night we went to our first locals at HobbyTown USA in Charlotte, North Carolina. We had gotten some Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo Tins so we had Rescue Rabbit, Maxx “C”, and more so everybody wanted them. The first person to ever ask us that word almost all of you have heard “Trades?” was Raymond Graham a good friend from locals. At that locals I ran a Warrior deck and went 2-3 which I don’t think is too bad considering it was the first time I had ever entered a tournament. After the locals we discussed all of the terms we had heard people say. When we started hearing the term “Value” we didn’t even know how to respond but we just asked “What cards do you have?” People said “Rescue Rabbit summons the Vanillas out of your deck” so we knew that meant a Normal Monster. The one that really got me was the term “Broken”. Someone said Monster Reborn is so broken and I just asked “Why do you think it is bad?” and they told me broken actually meant the card was really good so I was really confused at first but then it made more sense. My first actual Archetype deck while playing in tournaments was Evoltiles. I played that deck for months going 2-3 almost every tournament or going 3-3. During Baby Dragon Ruler format I ended up switching my deck to Battlin’ Boxers which I got one win away from topping with but I lost to Watt Burn. Later in the format I made Mermails which I ended up topping my first locals with and I remember going outside screaming in excitment to Joel and Nathan that I had topped my first locals and I definitely didn’t stop there. After topping with Mermails I kept losing so I switched to Infernity’s after losing to Casey Barbee against his Infernity’s with my Mermails. After a few weeks of losing at locals with Infernity’s I traded them off to Tyler Poe for Plant Dragon Rulers. With having Plant Dragons for less than a week I sold them to Nathan and went and bought a Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls tin and pulled a Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack back when they were like $90. So I sold the Dracossack with the rest of my collection and thought I was going to quit for good so bought 2 pairs of shoes and in less than a week was playing again and was trying to make Lavals.

Well I finished Lavals eventually and topped my second locals with them. It was my first deck that I thought I was really good with and was really good.I went to a regionals and got my first of many invites to Nationals through Dragon Duels. I ended up topping locals again later with the deck and traded it in for Inzektors. With Inzektors I did really bad and ended up giving up on them to play a deck I have loved ever since know as Geargia. I played Karakuri Geargia at my first premier event (ARG Charlotte). I didn’t do too good at that event but I still enjoyed it and got ready for the regionals the upcoming weekend. I traded my Geargia deck for Hieratic Rulers and was ready to play in the regionals but got there a little late and still had to trade the decks, get a few more cards, and fill out my decklist so by the time I was done if I entered I would have a round 1 match lose so I decided not to enter. I only played one side event that day and got knocked out round 1 by Mystic Piper Exodia. So that day was not the best but it didn’t stop me from wanting to win.

Later on in my Yu-Gi-Oh career I went to ARG Richmond and played this exact decklist.

Deck: Geargia




Side Deck:

Extra Deck:

  • 3 Gear Gigant X
  • 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight
  • 1 Number 101: Silent Honor Ark
  • 1 Daigusto Emeral
  • 1 Diamond Dire Wolf
  • 1 Gagaga Cowboy
  • 1 Abyss Dweller
  • 1 Number 85: Crazy Box
  • 1 Soul of Silvermountain
  • 1 Wind-Up Zenmaines
  • 1 Ghostrick Alucard
  • 1 Number 20: Giga-Brilliant
  • 1 Temtempo the Percussion Djinn

I got 3rd place at this event losing to Patrick Hoban in top 4. ARG Richmond was the first big event I ever topped and I topped it with someone who road in the car with us, Casey Barbee. He is the one who created my entire decklist for this event.

20131011144540!Geargiarmor-REDU-EN-SR-1E (1)Soon after that with Geargia again I got 7th at the first regionals I ever actually entered the main event which was pretty cool getting the Bujin mat. I kinda stopped topping for awhile until Nationals. At nationals I played Hands, Traptrixand Artifactgetting me all the way to second place losing to Clayton Hill in the finals. In August I got to go to Rimini, Italy for worlds and to represent North America in the Dragon Duels World Championship. I got 6th day 1 with Clayton getting 1st. Day two me and Clayton both won our top 8 matches then both lost our top 4 matches. So we had to play eachother to see who got 4th and who got 3rd. I ended up winning after a really good match and getting 3rd and having a really good time in Rimini, Italy. Sehabi ended up winning the main event at worlds so congratulations to him!

I have a few shoutouts to give regarding my Yu-Gi-Oh career. First goes to my parents, thank you such much for supporting my hobby and driving me everywhere I could never repay you for all you have done. Shoutout to my brother for getting me back into the game because without him I would have never went to Italy and never have made some of the amazing friends I have made through this game. Shoutout to Nathan for also driving me to tournaments and helping me test for worlds and improving me in general. Shoutout to everyone who has ever helped me test because without you let’s be honest I would still be horrible. And for the last shoutout I want to give, shoutout to Casey Barbee. Casey you are the main reason I have suceeded at in this game. You helped me with rulings and helped me become a better player. You literally gave me my decklist for ARG Richmond.

I hope you guys enjoyed my article and be ready because next week I will have another article for you guys. Please leave comment in the comment section on how you felt about this article and how I could improve my articles. Thank you!

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