The Pros Know: Fili Luna – Outphase Superstar and Four-Time YCS Champ

10682121_2556749608225_393010119_nJonathan Moore here, and I’d love to introduce to you my friend, mentor, former teammate, and perhaps most credited player in the game in terms of results. The one and only FOUR TIME YCS/SJCS champion, Fili Luna! Among the two most credited teams in YGO (Overdose and Outphase), Fili Luna stands as a titan among the game’s history. Despite not having played competitively for some time, Fili Luna is the only one who has managed to accomplish this insane credential. Among his credentials are littered with SJCS/YCS tops, lord knows HOW many regional tops, and an ARG top at the very first ARG circuit event! While he’s not a man of many words, when he speaks, he speaks from the heart and with meaning, making each piece of advice you might get from this all the more important, so pay attention! The champ… is… HERE!!!

Jon: How old are you and where are you from?
Fili: I am 27 and I’m from Arlington, Texas.

Jon: What is your current occupation?
Fili: I am a real estate consultant for Keller Williams.

Jon: What are your previous YGO Achievements (regional top 8’s too if you can remember) ?
Fili: Honestly I’ve lost count, my main achievement would be my 4 championship wins.
Jon: According to TCG player, you have a total of 13 tops that include your wins. I don’t know if they include your nationals day 2’s, and you also have your ARG circuit top!

Jon: Are there any similarities between your career and Yu-Gi-Oh?
Fili: Yes, thanks to YGO, I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life. Real estate is like being a vendor, just on a bigger scale.

Jon: So where did it all begin? What got you interested in playing Yu-Gi-Oh?
Fili: My mom bought my little brother both Yugi and Kaiba starter decks (The original ones) . We played and I fell in love with the game.

Jon: What got you from playing with your friends to playing competitively?
Fili: Beating everyone, I saw what I was capable of and decided it was worth the investment to travel.

Jon: How does it feel to be the only one after all these years to still have 4 YCS titles under your belt?
Fili: Feels great, even if people start to catch up to me I am already a legend.

Jon: What underdog deck do you like, and why should I play it?
Fili: I don’t know, the new stuff that just came out blows everything out the water. So up to preference on that one, out of Shaddolls, Tellarkinghts, and Burning Abyss.

Jon: What is your biggest pet peeve as a player?
Fili: Rule sharks. Can’t stand them.

Jon: Who is your favorite YGO player to watch?
Fili: Haven’t really watched too much ygo lately but I would say Billy Brake, just an awesome guy.

Jon: What’s your favorite format and why?
Fili: I’ve enjoyed almost all formats, that’s the beauty of the game you must evolve and change with it if you want to be great. I can beat you in any format.

Jon: What do you know about YGO that the average player doesn’t?
Fili: The only edge I ever had was instinct. At least for anyone who practiced plays and tested with friends, a lot of time and effort went into accomplishing my goals in the game. I was lucky enough to have a great group of guys around me that helped me tremendously. Nowadays Dueling Network and YGO Pro should be able to teach everyone how to play correctly.

Jon: What is your greatest strength, and on the flip side, weakness as a YGO player?
Fili: My strength is the same as my weakness, what I call the kill factor. If I see an opportunity to end the game more than likely I will go for it, sometimes it doesn’t work out. That is, of course, depending on the scenario.

Jon: How would you like to think that you have affected the game of YGO?
Fili: Positively, I’ve never been banned and I have a great relationship with many people inside the Ygo community.

Jon: Reversely, how has YGO affected you in your life?
Fili: It has taught me that hard work pays off. If you want it, go get it.

Jon: Who would you say are some integral people to helping you get to the skill level you achieved?
Fili: The entire Team Outphase helped me grow in some way or another but the two that influenced me most were Chris Bowling and Jason Halloway.

Jon: Did you play the game online? If so, how long have you played YGO Online and did it help you become a better player? (Dueling Network, Devpro, YVD, etc.)
Fili: I actually started playing online after I retired a few years ago. I think its a tool that everyone aspiring to become a great player needs to use.

Jon: Who or what is your nemesis within the game?
Fili: I don’t have one, always been leaps and bounds better than everyone during my career. That is, until now, but I don’t take the game nowhere near as serious.

Jon: If you were to get a YGO tattoo (or already have one) what would it be?
Fili: Don’t plan on getting one but I would say Des Volstgalph looks pretty sick.

Jon: If you could play YGO against anyone today, who would it be and why?
Fili: Patrick Hoban, he’s the closest one to me when it comes to credentials who currently plays. He has dominated the game for a while, props to him. Also a good guy from what I’ve seen and heard.

Jon: As a seasoned veteran, have you got any tips for other Duelists competing in Premiere events?
Fili: Eat a big breakfast and make sure you test play.

Jon: How do you prepare for your events; is there a lot of research, practice, Deck building and so-on?
Fili: Absolutely, if you’re not preparing to win you are preparing to lose.

Jon: The right Deck is often as important as the Duelist’s skill Level when aiming to do well at an event; is there anything in particular you focus on when constructing your Decks?
Fili: What is winning and why? Decipher the format code and run tech to beat it.

Jon: Your Matches have often seen some impressive plays or combos; is there one that stands out?
Fili: Troop Dupe, Mali eff set CCV or Cyber, Zaborg, Last will, Stein. I have many favorites among the years I played, but these are the first two that popped into my head.

Jon: You’ve traveled around a lot to go to premiere events, what are some experiences that most stood out?
Fili: The cities. I love seeing and visiting new cities. I mean, who doesn’t like to travel?

Jon: What kind of decks do you generally like to build? When you see a new card, is there a specific characteristic that makes you think you want to build a deck with that card?
Fili: How fast and efficiently can it win or help win. This would be my main focus.

Jon: What can players do who want to get a better understanding of what makes YGO tick?
Fili: Watch the pros and make sure to study their moves.

Jon: If you could change one thing about the current state of YGO, what would it be?
Fili: Going back to there being no draft after the top cut.

Jon: What are your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! sets and why?
Fili: All of them are pretty cool. I have no particular favorite.

Jon: What do you think about Sealed Pack Play in general?
Fili: Sounds like fun and I would think I would enjoy playing in it.

Jon: What does YGO have left to do?
Fili: Nothing. It’s the biggest card game in the world.

Jon: How would you recommend new players learn the value of their cards?
Fili: Just look the cards up on Ebay.

Jon: Any last words before I let you go?
Fili: I just want to say thanks to all of the ygo community who has supported me through the years. Much love, peace.

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