Brandon Bird’s 3rd Place Infernity Tournament Report from the 2014 World’s Dragon Duel!

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Hey guys, this week I am going to continue on Part 2 on my Worlds tournament.

World Yugioh BusAfter testing for many days, it was finally Thursday; it was time to leave for the biggest tournament in Yu-Gi-Oh! My mom and I flew out to Munich, Germany and then onto Bologna, Italy. From there it was an hour and thirty minute car ride from Bologna to Rimini where our hotels were. When we got to Rimini, we stopped by our hotel to drop our luggage off and then we went to take a walk on the beach. We went all the way down the beach to a Ferris wheel, and then we go back towards the hotel to get food. After we get food we went to the hotel and slept after being up for over 24 hours. Friday morning we woke up early, showered and ate, then down to the hotel lobby. From the lobby, we got picked up by a shuttle just for Worlds participants.

The first stop was the card shop. We arrived at the card shop and we swap cards a lot to finish our decks. After the card shop we went to the mall to get food. There was a little misunderstanding and so all we did at the mall was get some food, we didn’t actually have time to walk around and enjoy ourselves. After the mall we went to the hotel for a few minutes and then back to the card shop to swap some more.

Blow-up yumaAround 4:15 we took the World Championship shuttle bus back to the Hotel and we walked to the Holiday Inn to go to the Judge Question and Answer. A few really good question were asked. For example, someone posed the situation that if Infernity Break is chained to the activation of the effect of Number 101: Silent Honor ARK what happens to the card Silent Honor ARK targeted? The head judge ruled that the card Silent Honor ARK would just stay on the field and nothing would happen to it. The question about the Atlantean cards being banished/removed from the grave was asked.The head judge ruled that Atlantean cards would get their effect was if they were banished, but if they were shuffled into the deck they wouldn’t, since if they are banished you can still read their effect but if they are in the deck you can’t read them so they will not activate.

Another question was asked about Call of the Haunted being chained after being targeted by Mystical Space Typhoon and if Call of the Haunted targeted a monster that gets its effect when it is special summoned would the monster get it’s effect? The head judge ruled mandatory effects would get their effect but optional effects would not get their effects. These rulings are only in affect for the 2014 World Championship so if you have any questions about how a ruling would work at an event you attend, make sure to ask the head judge of the event. After the Judge Question and Answer, we headed back to our hotel and freshened up for the Welcome Dinner that Konami provided us with. We walked to the Welcome Dinner, got our goodie bags and made some tokens.

After that me and Clayton Hill got some last minute cards that we originally didn’t have in our deck and then we tested. Later on it got too late so we went to our hotel rooms and went to bed. The next morning we did everything we needed to do, got breakfast, went to the hotel lobby then were off to the event. After getting there and looking around the convention center, we re-sleeved our decks and headed to the room where all the dueling was taking place.

Before getting into what I faced I’m going to talk about my deck list.



Side Deck:

Extra Deck:

  • 1 Fusionist
  • 1 Kamionwizard
  • 2 Leviair the Sea Dragon
  • 1 Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk
  • 1 Gagaga Cowboy
  • 1 Abyss Dweller
  • 2 Lavalval Chain
  • 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight
  • 2 Diamond Dire Wolf
  • 1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn
  • 1 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK
  • 1 Number 66: Master Key Beetle

The only card I would change in my deck would be Darkfall. I never sided this card in, but I realized after I turned in my decklist that I really didn’t like it. I would probably replace both of them with Forbidden Chalices if I had the opportunity to do it again.

PhotonThrasher-SP14-EN-C-1EI felt really confident with my build of Infernity. My build was different from a lot of the other player’s builds because I didn’t run Dynatherium because I didn’t want to run a lot of monsters that are bad by themselves, I would rather just run Forbidden Lance to protect my monsters from being destroyed in general. Some other people played Photon Thrasher in their Infernity build. My thought of this card is if you draw this card with as little as one monster on your side of the field it is useless. As an Infernity player, you cannot always afford to have a monster in your hand.

A lot of people also side decked hand traps like Maxx “C” and Flying “C” in their Infernity decks. My thought on those cards are they are only good going second and that’s only if your opponent actually does something. Maxx “C” could make you draw too many monsters that your not able to actually make a play for a few turns and your opponent can just keep going off. Flying “C” can at least stop them for quite awhile but yet again it is only good going second and Needle Ceiling does about the same thing but is good going first and second. Spiritualism is only good going second too but it completely stops your opponent from being able to respond to your plays. Shield Crush is probably on of the best cards in my side deck. Shield Crush kills Geargiarmor, Fire Hand and Ice Hand when you have no field, and most importantly it destroys Flying “C” so Flying “C” can’t destroy you. Next card I want to talk about is Vanity’s Emptiness going first vs Infernitys and making a huge field with a lot of backrow then when your opponent want’s to special summon flipping Vanity’s Emptiness wins you the game and maybe even the match.

Round 1:

I faced Bujin. His name was Joaquin Fernando Leites from Argentina.

TrapStun-RGBT-EN-C-UEGame 1: He went first and just set a couple of back row and set a monster. I opened Summoner Monk, Trap Stun, Infernity Break, Solemn Warning, Mystical Space Typhoon, and for turn I drew another Trap Stun. I summoned Summoner Monk, discarded Mystical Space Typhoon to summon Armageddon Knight. I used Armageddon Knight’s effect to send Stygian Street Patrol to my graveyard. I overlayed Armageddon Knight and Summoner Monk to XYZ summon Lavalval Chain. Then I activated Lavalval Chain’s effect to put Infernity Archfiend on the top of my deck. I then set all my Trap cards and ended my turn. My opponent Normal summoned Bujingi Hare and Flip Summoned Bujingi Quilin. He then attempted to overlay for Bujintei Susanowo but I activated Solemn Warning. A judge at the event had ruled that I was able to activate Trap Stun before I drew my card for turn, so I activated it and continued my Draw Phase. I ended up summoning Infernity Archfiend and winning the game. He drew bad so I just did common Infernity plays and the game was over from there.

Game 2: The first part of the duel just kept going back and forth but during the end of the duel I activated Infernity Launcher and he tries to activate Solemn Warning on it so we call a judge over and the judge rules that he cannot activate Solemn Warning since the activation of Infernity Launcher does not summon a monster. Now knowing that he has Solemn Warning set I just make Diamond Dire Wolf to destroy his set Solemn Warning and then I make Number 101: Silent Honor ARK to take his face-up Bujintei Kagutsuchi and then I attack with my Number 101: Silent Honor ARK for game.


Round 2:

I faced the Infernity Mirror Match. He was the other American duelist for Dragon Duels, Clayton Hill, so we both knew each other’s deck lists.

Game 1: He went first and summoned Summoner Monk, discarded a spell to summon Dark Grepher. He activated Dark Grepher’s effect to discard Infernity Archfiend and send Stygian Street Patrol to grave. Then he went off and made a huge field. I opened 2 Stygian Street Patrol, Mystical Space Typhoon, Infernity Break, Trap Stun, and Book of Moon. So it was pretty much over. He had too good of a field for me to make a play.

Game 2: I was on the play and I opened Summoner Monk, 2 Trap cards, and 2 Spell cards. I Normal Summoned Summoner Monk and activated his effect ditching a Spell card to Special Summon another Summoner Monk. I activated the second Summoner Monk’s effect to summon Armageddon Knight and he scoops since he opened bad and I opened great.

Game 3: He opened really well and so did I, but he went first so he got to set all of his Trap cards and those are what stopped me from being able to make a play, so he won that match.


Round 3:

I faced Geargia. His name was Kaun-Lin Yu from Taiwan.

Game 1: He went first and all he did was set a monster and some back row. I made Lavalval Chain to put Infernity Archfiend on top of my deck. Set all of my cards in hand and a few turns later I won the game.

Game 2: He decided to go first. He opened really good, I opened really bad; it was over from the start.

Game 3: I was on the play and I summoned Lavalval Chain to top deck Infernity Archfiend. I set a lot of backrow like usual and ended my turn. He set Geargiarmor and set 4 Spell and Trap cards and ended his turn. I drew Infernity Archfiend for turn and flipped Trap Stun he chained Wiretap. I Special Summoned Infernity Archfiend and attempted to use Infernity Archfiend’s effect. He chained Breakthrough Skill to Infernity Archfiend’s effect and I chained Forbidden Lance to Breakthrough Skill targeting Infernity Archfiend with my Forbidden Lance. I went off and he lost quickly.


Round 4:

I faced Bujin. His name was Kim Chan-ho from South Korea.

All that really happened was the match grinded out ’til we were almost in time and he topdecked Soul Charge and won because of it. I was making him run out of resources and he had 2 Bujincarnations in his hand and a Bujin Yamato and I had Infernity Break set so I could destroy one of the monsters he summoned if he had only drew one monster but he drew Soul Charge so there was no way for me to stop him so he won.


That’s the end of Day 1 and I come in 6th place after Swiss for Dragon Duels. Clayton Hill comes in 1st after Swiss for Dragon Duels and Oliver Tomajko comes in 2nd after Swiss for the regular event.

3972292-tumblr_m0rgmuby731r2vugdo1_400[1]After the tournament me, my mom, Clayton Hill, Clayton’s dad, Oliver Tomajko, Oliver’s Family, Jarel, Julia, and Franklin all went out to eat at this Brazilian Grill. They served us a lot of meat and since it was right next to the beach me, Clayton, Jarel, Oliver, and Oliver’s little brother went to go find a ball to play volleyball with. After asking some random Italian people where we could find a ball, they asked why we were in Italy. We told them we were in Italy for the Yu-Gi-Oh! 2014 World Championshp. One of the Italian people asked if the blue dragon (Blue-Eyes White Dragon) was still the best monster. We said yes because he has the most attack he must still be the best! After that Oliver and his little brother came running back saying they found a ball to play with so we used that. After getting it stuck on the roof a couple of times and Oliver and Clayton climbing on the roof to get it, it was time to head back to the hotel. On our way back to the hotel, we went to a gelato place near the hotel to get a cup of gelato. Since we are still really sandy from playing volleyball we go back to the hotel and shower. After we all shower we meet up in the lobby to talk for a little bit and then head to bed to get some sleep for the big event the next morning.

We woke up early and did what we needed to do, ate some breakfast and got on the shuttle bus to go to the convention center. We got to the convention center and I really wanting to buy some of the worlds sleeves, but they are sold out so we just went to the player’s area and waited for Top 8 rounds to be up.

Day 2:

We now have to have a judge shuffle after every time you are done searching for the turn.

Top 8:

I faced Geargia. His name was Edison Pan from France.

Game 1: He went first and opened Arsenal and a few backrows. I opened something like 2 Stygian Street Patrols, 1 Archfiend Heiress, 1 Armageddon Knight, and 2 Spells/Traps.

Game 2: This time I went first and opened a very good hand allowing me to make a huge field with a lot of protection while he drew very bad allowing him to do a bunch of nothing.

Game 3: The beginning of the game was really grindy but towards the end of the game I was at 3700 life points and he was at 3100 life points in time on my second to last turn. He had Number 50: Blackship of Corn on the field that he used to destroy my Number 101: Silent Honor ARK the previous turn. I make my own Blackship of Corn to destroy his Blackship of Corn. He draws Geargiarsenal on his last turn. He Normal Summons it and tributes it to Special Summon Geargiarmor. He activates Geargiarmor’s effect to set itself and passes his turn. I ask the judge if that was his last turn just to make sure, and the judge says yes. So I just end my turn and the match is over.


Top 4:

I faced Madolche. His name was Ivan Alvarez from The Dominican Republic.
Game 1: I lost the die roll but I drew really well and made a huge field with a lot of destruction traps. He opened Madolche Magileine so he was able to search his deck for Madolche Anjelly and set some backrow but I won the next turn by flipping Trap Stun and attacking him for game.

Game 2: He went first and we both drew bad, but I only drew 2 monsters all game. It was a long game with a bunch of little monsters attacking but he had more monsters to attack me with and he ended up summoning Madolche Tiaramisu and shuffling my Stygian Street Patrol and my Trap Stun into my deck so I had like no cards to work with and wasn’t drawing any anytime soon.

Game 3: I was on the play and I opened Infernity Archfiend, Instant Fusion, and 4 other Spell or Trap cards. I Normal summoned Infernity Archfiend and activated Instant Fusion to Special Summon Kamionwizard. I made Lavalval Chain and detached Infernity Archfiend to use it’s effect to try and put Infernity Archfiend on the top of my deck but he had Effect Veiler. I set my Spell and Trap cards and ended my turn. He Normal Summoned Madolche Anjelly and tributed it to Special Summon Madolche Hootcake in Attack Position. He used Madolche Hootcake’s effect to Special Summon Madolche Messengalto. He used Madolche Messengalto’s effect to search out Madolche Chateau. He activated Madolche Chateau shuffling his in grave Madolche Anjelly into his deck and attacked over my Lavalval Chain. The only other monster I drew the entire game was Dark Grepher and that was when I had nothing else useful.


3/4th Place Playoff Match.

I faced Infernity. It was again the other American Duelist for Dragon Duels, Clayton Hill, so I knew his entire deck list. This match was actually streamed as a feature match, which you can watch by clicking this link.

Worlds yugioh me vs clayton hillGame 1: I lost the die roll so I have lost every single die roll the entire weekend. He went first and made a huge field with Infernity Barrier, Forbidden Lance, and Bottomless Trap Hole set. I had a Summoner Monk, Armageddon Knight, Mystical Space Typhoon, Another Spell, and 2 other cards in my starting hand. I activated Mystical Space Typhoon hitting Infernity Barrier because I knew where it was due to him searching it. I summoned Summoner Monk and activated his effect discarding the Spell card from my hand. I knew his deck list and knew he didn’t play Fiendish Chain or Breakthrough Skill but he played Bottomless Trap Hole. If his back rows were real other than Bottomless Trap Hole he would have activated them. So I decided to summon another Summoner Monk since it was the only monster in my deck that had under 1500 attack so I could safely make Evilswarm Exciton Knight and blow-up his entire field. I overlayed both the Summoner Monks to XYZ summon Evilswarm Exciton Knight. For some reason he did not activate Bottomless Trap Hole on my Evilswarm Exciton Knight but I blew up the entire field and the game was over since he was down to top decking.

Game 2: He went first and drew a lot better than me so he made a good field and I just sat there with a bad hand vs his good filed. At this point the match could go either way so I side out my cards for going second vs Infernity and put in my cards for going first vs Infernity then game 3 begins.

Game 3: I go first and do a couple of things with Reinforcement of the Army and Vanity’s Emptiness set. He summons Armageddon Knight to send Stygian Street Patrol to the grave. He then Activates Instant Fusion, pays 1000 life points, and I chain Vanity’s Emptiness. He ends his turn so I draw for turn and draw Infernity Launcher. I set Infernity Launcher and activate Reinforcement of the Army to search Armageddon Knight from my deck. Vanity’s Emptiness then goes away so now I can explode and attack for game, so that’s exactly what I do.


World yugioh championsLater on after the tournament me, my mom, Oliver, Oliver’s Family, Jarel, Jimmy, and his guardian all went out to eat at this place with huge burgers and ate some really good pizza. Then after eating dinner we went out to the gelato place again and back to the hotel to get some sleep before we had to go home on our long flights.

At the end of the tournament I came in 3rd place. It was great having people come up and asking me to sign their stuff. I had a good time in Italy and I hope I can go back eventually. See you guys next week with another article!

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