Mike Glow’s YCS Dallas Burning Abyss Round-Up!

The past weekend I attended the YCS in Dallas. My results weren’t exactly what I had hoped for after dropping at 4-3. However, it was a good time all and all. I played Burning Abyss for the event and will provide a list later in the article.

Jarvis and Derek left Wednesday to come down to Charleston to spend the night before we left. I went to class starting at 9 A.M. and finished at 2 P.M. We left around 3:30 for Dallas and stopped for a dinner at Maggiano’s in St Louis. Our friend’s girlfriend Ashley met up with us for dinner, and after a very satisfying meal we left. We departed from St. Louis and drove through the night. We arrived at the Sheraton around 8:30 Thursday morning.

After Jarvis and Sam went inside the Sheraton to get a room for us, we decided to unload everything and go into the room. I jumped in the shower immediately, and we then we went to have lunch. After eating, I played a couple games with Derek to decide what I wanted to main. After playing several games against Satellar’s and Fire-Fist, I made some final changes to my deck. We went to the convention for the pre-registration after running into many people we know. I went and bought sleeves, made a couple of trades, and grabbed some decklists to write later that night. I also managed to notice a large portion of people were playing Burning Abyss. This made me less inclined to play Mobius in the main deck because it was to be expected.  We left the convention center that night and ate at Whataburger.

We went back to the hotel I relaxed in the hot tub for a little bit. I contemplated a couple of things I should side deck along with enjoying my self on a cool Arlington night. After the relaxation, I committed to my deck and wrote my list. I played the following:




MaxxC-CT09-EN-SR-LE (1)Maxx “C” was one of the best cards for me this weekend, and I honestly wished I had drawn it more. Mind Crush was very good as well, and the advantage it gave me from seeing their hand had helped me all weekend. Shaddoll Dragon was maybe the only card I would change from the weekend just because I didn’t like drawing it often. Maybe for 2 Mystical Space Typhoon.  I finished my list prepared my bag for Saturday, and went to sleep.

I woke up next morning and showered. Afterwards I got dressed, and went to the convention center. I registered for the tournament, and got breakfast at Einstein  Bros. I ate my breakfast in the hotel lobby, and went on a walk around the pond that was next to the convention. Afterwards, I went inside and parings for round 1 went up around 10:45.

DanteTraveleroftheBurningAbyss-DUEA-EN-ScR-1ERound 1 Lightsworn Rulers (Won Die Roll 2 to 4)

Game one I stopped his Lyla mill Turn 1 with Breakthrough. I special summoned two Burning Abyss monsters one being Cir, which made me feel comfortable going into a Dante. I applied small pressure with Dante and Cir until a Veiler on Lumina left him open for game.

Game two he milled out of his deck by Turn 3, couldn’t get through Dante/Cir.


300px-BlackLusterSoldierEnvoyoftheBeginning-PGLD-EN-GUR-1ERound 2 Shaddolls (Lost Die Roll 6-10)

Game one He doesn’t have a strong open, and I open Cir, and two copies of Vanity’s Emptiness. It holds him back a majority of the game until I drop Black Luster Solider late game.

Game two he has a solid opening, and controls the tempo of the game for the beginning. I make a play that puts him in the position of using his Shaddoll Fusion to make Winda to shut down a Tour Guide play for Number 47. He draws a Black Luster Soldier for exact game when my hand is Cir and Vanity’s Fiend.

Game three I open 5 monsters 3 of them being Burning Abyss monsters. He has 2 copies of Effect Veiler to ensure my Tour Guide wouldn’t make a big play for me.


300px-PhoenixWingWindBlast-PGLD-EN-GUR-1ERound 3 Satellarknights (Lost Die Roll 2-10)

Game one it starts as an early grind game, neither one of us can really take control. The game comes down to a point where he has one Altair in his hand that I know of, and I draw Mind Crush and discard his last two copies to ensure my victory.

Game two He opens Shadow Mirror in combination with Deneb. I don’t have an answer to his Shadow Mirror. I lose by Turn 3.

Game three I open Phoneix Wing Wind Blast, Scarm, and Mind Crush. He opens with Deneb and I activate Mind Crush to get knowledge before he sets. I control the tempo of the game as we both start to get low on cards. I take control of the game when I play Effect Veiler on his Altair, and the following turn tribute Scarm for Mobius to clear away his Shadow Mirror.


300px-MadolcheAnjelly-PRIO-EN-UR-1ERound 4 Madolche (Won Die Roll 10 to 5)

Game one I open 4 monsters, with none of them being Hand Traps. He opens with Anjelly, along with Trap Stun the following turn. I lose in three turns.

Game two I open with 5 monsters and he opens with Anjelly again. I can’t stop him from using Tiaramisu to return my cards.


Round 5 Burning Abyss (Lost Die Roll 8 to 4)

Game one he opens very poorly, I have a very strong opener with Phoenix Wing Blast and Tour Guide. I win by my third turn.

Game two he opens with Tour Guide and I have no Effect Veiler or Maxx “C” to stop him. My opening hand wasn’t very strong either, and in combination of him having Wing Blast the game was short. He also had Luster Soldier by his third turn which forced me to scoop.

Game three is a very slow start for both of us. Our monsters don’t get their effects and the game doesn’t seem to have a clear winner until I drop Majesty’s Fiend game three to control the rest of the game.


SatellarknightDeneb-DUEA-EN-UR-1ERound 6 Satellarknights (Win Die Roll 11 to 4)

Game one winning the die roll was very crucial, allowed me to establish pace by returning his backrows with Phoneix Wing Wind Blast. Eventually we are in a battle every turn of Tour Guide and Altair. I finally draw a backrow to stop his Altair and take control of the game.

Game two I opened two Mind Crush, hitting two Altair with one copy giving me a clear advantage. I used Wing Blast in the end phase to set him back ever further and got the Dante/Cir loop going.


MindCrush-LCYW-EN-UR-1ERound 7 Burning Abyss (Lose Die Roll 8 to 11)

Game one he opens with Tour Guide and I have no Hand Trap to answer. He mills the Cir after detaching Graff. I can’t come back after he opens with 2 copies of Trap Stun as well.

Game two I open with all burning abyss monsters while he drew his side deck cards. I can’t stop him from blowing up my backrows,. My only play in the late game  is calling Mind Crush wrong on purpose to discard a Majesty’s Fiend in hand to make my Black Luster Soldier live. He hits the Black Luster and I scooped.

After losing in the main event, Sam and I went for dinner. We came back, and I fell asleep immediately. We woke up the next day around 10 o’clock and didn’t arrive to the convention until 12 o’clock. We made some trades, and left Texas around 3:30 and arrived in Charleston around 3 A.M. Overall it was a good weekend, and was a lot of fun. I would like to congratulate Billy Brake on his YCS victory and all those who did well at the event. Thanks for reading this week, and remember to always have fun!

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