A Geargia ARG Wisconsin 2nd Place Report

After making top 32 at YCS Philadelphia with Geargia; I decided that because of its amazing XYZ toolbox, consistency, and having a great H.A.T. matchup I would continue to play this deck. While exclusively testing the deck, my friend Brandon Ball and I quickly realized that every deck’s worst matchup is ultimately Geargia. Cards like XYZ Universe can potentially lose you the game, but there are ways to play around them; those cards aren’t really main decked anyways. I had decided that the only weakness of the deck was that I would have a much more difficult game when I did not open with any of the three important cards (Geargiagear, Geargiarmor, and Geargiarsenal), even with essentially 37 cards in my main deck (due to playing three copies of Upstart Goblin). However, I decided to make changes that would help mitigate that flaw and make the deck more consistent.

Here’s the list I played for ARG Wisconsin:

Monsters (17)

  • 3 Geargiarmor
  • 3 Geargiarsenal
  • 3 Geargiaccelerator
  • 3 Geargiano MK-II
  • 1 Geargiano
  • 2 Fire Hand
  • 2 Ice Hand

The first thirteen monsters are pretty self-explanatory in any Geargia deck. The Fire Hands and Ice Hands not only help when you don’t open one of the three cards needed to play this deck, they force your opponent to waste resources removing them, while giving you extra time to draw into the cards you need. Another added benefit to having the hands in the deck is that it creates insane mind games. For example, I could set a monster, and you have no idea what it could be, it could be a Geargiarmor, a hand, or it could be a complete bluff like Geargiano. The bottom line is that an opponent will not take the risk of attacking any face-down monsters because it could lose them the the game allowing me to get enough time to see my next draws and win.

Now for the spells:

Spells (5)

  • 2 Soul Charge
  • 1 Dark Hole
  • 1 Book of Moon
  • 1 Mind Control

While, I usually only play one copy of Soul Charge in my decks, I quickly realized how broken this card is and would have been stupid of me to not include at least two copies, especially, having the Fire and Ice Hands to fueling my grave. Soul Charge creates insane board states making it difficult to ignore, and is a possible out to my opponent’s very own Soul Charge. While I usually don’t like Dark Hole in any deck, I decided to include it here as Geargia has difficulties winning once my opponent has established a big field, and this is an out to that. Book of Moon is a very strong defensive card and is a good call with everyone main decking triple Wiretap. Mind Control is the last spell card in my lineup and is absolutely insane in the mirror match. If I have not opened with a Geargiarmor and my opponent has, I am able to reverse the role of the game giving me the playable open with their Geargiarmor, thus the advantage. Another strong reason to play Mind Control is the option to steal the Fire and Ice Hands from my opponent and make XYZ’s without triggering the hand’s effects. This strategy is very valuable since everyone includes the Fire and Ice Hands in their main or side deck. My friend RJ Scarpelli even decided to main deck the Hands in his Prophecy deck because it’s hard to ignore how powerful they are. My decision to use the Fire and Ice Hands meant that I would be unable to play Upstart Goblin. Both the Hands and the Upstarts attempted to make my opening hands playable and where thus redundant. With Upstart, I could only hope that my next card would be the one of three. Playing the hands guaranteed that I would be able to play right then and there without the luck aspect.

Now for my trap line up:

Traps: (18)

  • 3 Geargiagear
  • 3 Fiendish Chain
  • 3 Wiretap
  • 3 Seven Tools of the Bandit
  • 2 Black Horn of Heaven
  • 1 Solemn Warning
  • 1 Torrential Tribute
  • 1 Bottomless Trap Hole
  • 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device

A lot of the trap cards are pretty self-explanatory except for triple Seven Tools of the Bandit, Fiendish Chain, and Compulsory Evacuation Device. Let’s start with Seven Tools. This card replaced my Mystical Space Typhoons in the main deck. The reason was, it did the same thing as my Mystical Space Typhoon except it did not force me to play in a blind matter. If I wanted to play around a card like Black Horn of Heaven, and my opponent had three face-down cards, I didn’t want to play my Mystical Space and hope that I hit it. Instead, I waited for my opponent to flip it on me and show me where it was and I could choose to negate with Seven Tools eliminating the luck aspect for me, which is something that I despise in this game. Also, I decided to include three copies of Fiendish Chain in my main deck instead of the three Breakthrough Skill that I played at YCS Philadelphia. My reasoning behind it was that I had quickly realized Breakthrough Skill was only really good against the H.A.T. deck, (due to its ability to stop Artifact Moralltach), a matchup that Geargia is already strong against. Fiendish Chain already negated cards like Artifact Moralltach, and it prevented it from attacking over my Geargiarmor. Ultimately, I decided that Fiendish Chain was the better card choice. Compulsory Evacuation Device was the final trap card that seemed to have fallen out of favor. I did, however, decide to include it, because, it’s a great card to draw once my opponent has created a field. In order to prove my point, here’s a better example: Let’s say my opponent has a Mecha Phantom Beast Draccosack on the field, and I draw a Compulsory Evacuation Device. I’m able to clear the Draccosack on my opponent’s next turn versus drawing a card like another Black Horn of Heaven which would do absolutely nothing to the Draccosack. And it was great when my opponent tried to Mind Control my Geargiarmor. I could simply chain Compulsory and prevent that from happening. Now for my sideboard:

Sideboard: (15)

  • 3 Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 3 Debunk
  • 3 DNA Surgery
  • 3 Nobleman of Crossout
  • 2 Needle Ceiling
  • 1 Black Horn of Heaven

The triple Mystical Space Typhoons were mainly for decks such as Madolche, Sylvans, and Spellbooks due to being able to hit cards like Madolche Ticket/Chateau, Miracle Fertilizer/Mount Sylvania and The Grand Spellbook Tower. Debunk was mainly used for Dragon Rulers, Water, Sylvans, Hands etc. Nobleman of Crossout was only sided for the mirror match because hitting that early Geargiarmor was game changing. DNA Surgery was mainly used for Spellbooks since that was the hardest matchup for the deck in my opinion. Needle Ceiling was used for the mirror match as well decks like Water or Sylvans that could put out a massive board due to Soul Charge. And the 3rd copy of Black Horn was used for the mirror match.

Extra Deck: (15)

  • 3 Gear Gigant X
  • 1 Number 101: Silent Honor Ark
  • 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight
  • 1 Daigusto Emeral
  • 1 Number 103: Ragnazero
  • 1 Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk
  • 1 Ghostrick Alucard
  • 1 Wind-Up Zenmaines
  • 1 Soul of Silver Mountain
  • 1 Temtempo the Percussion Djinn
  • 1 Diamond Dire Wolf
  • 1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn
  • 1 Abyss Dweller

Everything in my extra deck is pretty standard as these XYZ’s have their own niche in different matchups/situations.

Tournament Report

(I apologize in advance for the lack of detail as I’m writing this from memory. I hope you guys enjoy it.)

Round 1: vs. Kenny Washington (Water)

I had to play against one of my friends from Chicago which was disappointing to us both.

Game 1: I manage to win the die roll, but it doesn’t really matter too much as I open up double Wiretap and he opens up no trap cards. Undine takes care of my Geargiarmor so it was a quick victory for him.

Game 2: I side in triple Mystical Space Typhoon, triple Debunk, and double Needle Ceiling. I take out my Wiretaps, Seven Tools, and Black Horns. Mystical Space Typhoon came in handy for the end phase spheres and against his Royal Decree. As soon as I cleared up the Decree, I was able to take control of the game with Geargiagear.

Game 3: This is a very complicated game. Kenny has a field of Big Eye with one material, a Ghostrick Alucard with one material, an Abyss Dweller with a material, and another monster that I cannot recall. I’m forced to use a blind Mystical Space Typhoon hitting his Typhoon. I was hoping to hit a Breakthrough Skill. I summon my Geargiano MK-II and I pray that he doesn’t have a response. He doesn’t so I quickly make a Temtempo and detach from his Big Eye. I set my Fiendish Chain and I pass. Next turn I detach from his Alucard. So now my Temtempo is bigger than all of his monsters, and I also have a set Fire Hand. He special summons a Tidal and normal summons an Abysslinde. He attacks with Abyss Dweller into my set hand which was the correct play and detaches. I let my Hand go to the grave. He swings with Linde into my Temtempo and I let that go too. He special summons a level 7 and in main phase 2, he makes a Draccosack. He tributes itself to pop my Temtempo since he didn’t have enough room to make the tokens. I have a Soul Charge in my hand so I decide to use it to bring back my two MK-II and a Fire Hand and I have 800 more LPs than my opponent. I make a Zenmaines, and set my second Fiendish Chain. He can’t get over those monsters in time to make-up for the difference in life points so I win the match.


Round 2: vs. Lightsworn Rulers

Game 1: It’s a quick game as he is able to resolve a Ryko on my Geargiarmor and quickly OTKs me while I draw my dead Wiretaps and Seven Tools.

Game 2: I OTK him right back with Geargiarmor and double Geargiagear on my second turn.

SoulofSilvermountain-REDU-EN-SR-1EGame 3: It gets to a point where he has about seven cards left in his deck, but he still doesn’t have enough LS names in the graveyard. I quickly make a Soul of Silvermountain and attack over his Lyla and I special summon back a level 4 monsters. I XYZ with one of my hands to make a Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk. I banish two more LS names from his Graveyard and he has no way to recover with his hand full of boss monsters that he cannot summon.


Round 3: vs. Mark Miller (Geargia)

Mark ended up making top 16 at this event so congrats to him. It also turns out that he has heard of me which is always nice to hear.

Game 1: I’m basically in total control of the duel as I’m able to resolve both Geargiarmors to gain a lot of advantage. When he tries to do the same, I make a board backed up by Seven Tools and Wiretap so his back rows don’t mean much. I quickly win after that.

1049284Game 2: It gets to a point where he summons Exciton Knight to clear my field and attacks me with it and his Geargiaccelerator drops me to 600 LPs on his next turn. I activate my Dark Hole and he gets back his MK-II. I set my Accelerator and my Geargiagear that I drew for turn. He summons MK-II, makes an Alucard, and pops my Accelerator which I use to get back my MK-II. He attacks for game and I flip my Geargiagear for my last two MK-IIs. He clears one, but he isn’t able to beat me that turn so I beat him on my next turn.


Round 4: vs. Evilswarm

Game 1: I resolve my Geargiarmor backed up by Wiretap and Seven Tools so I win very quickly

Game 2: He topdecks Rescue Rabbit and is able to beat me very quickly.

Game 3: He summons Kerykeion and sets five backrow. I make him waste a bit of back rows on my hands and I save my Wiretap and Seven Tools until he only has two back rows. I make a Gear Gigant and negate both of his trap cards and it gets to a point where he’s forced to make an Exciton and hope that I don’t have a Black Horn. I do have it and the match is over.


Round 5: vs. Rosty Elkun (Geargia)
20110728151637!CyberDragon-DP04-EN-R-1EGame 1: I open double Hands in my opening along with a Geargiagear. However, I lost the die roll and my Geargiagear was negated by a Seven Tools and he had double Gear Gigant X. There wasn’t much that I could do.

Game 2: We both open unplayable, but he has the Cyber Dragon that keeps beating me down. Eventually he just gets his deck going and wins the match. I take my loss and keep my focus.


Round 6: vs. Geargia

Game 1: My opponent doesn’t open any monsters this game, and I’m able to resolve my Geargiarmors to gain enough advantage to grind through their back rows.

NeedleCeiling-PGD-NA-C-1EGame 2: My opponent opens up Geargiarsenal into a Geargiarmor then activates Soul Charge for another Geargiarmor along with 3 back rows. I’m forced to try to Exciton, but I get cut off with Needle Ceiling. There’s not much that I can do so we go on to game 3.

Game 3: It’s basically Game 2 except I’m the one who opened up double Geargiarmor and a Needle Ceiling. The game drags on for a while, but I’m able to get enough advantage to win.


Round 7: vs. H.A.T.

Game 1: I win the die roll and I open up Geargiarmor along with Geargiagear and double Seven Tools. I’m able to OTK him on my next turn.

Game 2: He summons Majesty’s Fiend on me and I make a comeback with Dark Hole, but he has a lot more cards than me so he’s able to beat me.

Game 3: I make a turn one field of double Gear Gigant X along with a Geargiarmor and there’s no way for him to win the game, especially since I have a Debunk for his Hands.


Round 8: vs. Jeff Jones (Sylvans)

We tie this game for guaranteed top, but little do we know we have to play each other again tomorrow.

6-1-1 (7-1)

Top 16: vs. Jeff Jones (Sylvans)

Game 1: I open up a Geargiagear and only an Accelerator and once my Geargiagear gets negated by a Rose Archer I can’t really do much, and I lose quickly to the Sylvans.

1012877Game 2: I beat Jeff fairly quickly this game since I know he’s not playing any trap cards. I a board of triple Gigant as well as another monster to attack for game.

Game 3: I open up double Geargiagear and an MK-II. I’m hoping that he will have a Rose Archer for one of my Geargiagears since it’s essentially dead anyway. He does and I’m able to go off and drop him to 1900 LPs so he could only bring back one monster with his Soul Charge. Jeff Soul Charges back a Hermitree and has a LV 8 Princessprout. He doesn’t XYZ because he reads that I have a Black Horn, which I do have. Therefore I make a Dire Wolf pop his Hermitree and attack for game.


Top 8: vs. Patrick Hoban (Dragons)

Game 1: I OTK him fairly quickly with Geargiarmor and Geargiagear. I also have the Wiretap for his hoenix Wing Wind Blast.

Game 2: He makes a turn 1 Felgrand, and I look at my hand of double Geargiano MK-II and a Geargiano. I scoop up fairly quickly.

GearGigantX-CT10-EN-SR-LEGame 3: I open up Geargiarsenal into a Geargiarmor, and then I set 3 face-downs (Geargiagear, Torrential Tribute, and Wiretap). He activates Dragon Shrine to send Flamvell Guard and Blaster. Then he Special Summons Tempest and searches for another Guard with the Blaster. He summons the Guard and makes a Scrap Dragon. I allow this, and he uses Scrap Dragon to pop itself and my Geargiagear which I chain. Then he activates Burial from a Different Dimension to put back his guys, and activates Soul Charge for 5. I’m forced to activate my Torrential Tribute. He sets his last card and passes. I activate Soul Charge and go off into double Gigant and an Alucard which forces his Royal Decree and I chain Wiretap. I misplayed here because I searched for the wrong monster with Gigant, and I quickly realized it as soon as I searched it. I was supposed to make an Abyss Dweller and an Alucard along with a Gigant. I knew the right play to make, but for some reason I thought that I could still make that play with the Accelerator that I searched out. Next turn Pat tries to make a comeback, but the moment he makes a Draccosack, I flip-up the Compulsory and I win the match.


Top 4: vs. Zack (Geargia)

Game 1: I open up 3 traps and double Soul Charge with no monsters in sight. Eventually I draw into my Geargiarsenal so I attempt to make some plays. I almost make a comeback with a Gear Gigant, a Silent Honors Ark, and a Temtempo, but Zack has the Dark Hole to make all of that irrelevant and I lose.

20130830214531!MindControl-LCYW-EN-UR-1EGame 2: I open up double Geargiagear and a MK-II so once again one of my Geargiagears is dead. However, he activates Seven Tools on one so I make a push with double Gigant and a Geargiarmor and I drop him to 1700. Once again, he has the Dark Hole for my field. He summons a Geargiano, and brings back his Geargiarmor. Then he flips his one back row which is a Geargiagear. I have the Solemn Warning for it, but I choose not to activate since I have a Mind Control in my hand. He makes a Gigant which I allow. Then he searches for an accelerator and special summons that. Once he makes the second Gigant, I activate my Solemn Warning. Next turn I Mind Control his Gigant and I win the game.

Game 3: He opens up a set monster and 4 back rows. I activate Nobleman of Crossout on his Fire Hand. Then I set my MK-II and a couple back rows as well. He Mind Controls my MK-II and I smile knowing that I’m about to win. He passes it back and I flip a Geargiagear. He tries to negate it with a Wiretap and I negate it back with a Seven Tools. He doesn’t have a Black Horn for my XYZ plays so I’m able to take control of the game and win.


Top 2: vs. Edward Lee (Sylvans)

Game 1: He makes a misplay as he attacks for game, and I activate my Exciton. He tries to Felgrand it, but I chain my Fiendish Chain. I win on my next turn.

Game 2: He opens up Lonefire Blossom and Soul Charge which is an auto loss for me.

Game 3: He’s able to successfully resolve a Shroom which excavates a couple Sylvans and wins him the game.

20131011144540!Geargiarmor-REDU-EN-SR-1EGame 4: I’m able to win fairly quickly due to his poor opening.

Game 5: He makes a turn 1 Felgrand. I open up five monsters and a Compulsory. I set my Armor and a Compulse. At the End Phase, he activates Mount Sylvania and is able to mill the Shroom which pops my set Compulse. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do anything after that so I lose on the next turn.

Overall, it was a very fun experience getting my third top in a row. I have 4 major tops overall, and I will continue to try to get more. Taking a loss is a part of the game, and I’ve learned to accept that. If you lose, don’t let that get into your head. Just keep playing, and you will continue to win. I also want to give a big shout out to Brandon Ball for convincing me to stick with Geargia as well as his top 8 finish. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask them and I will try to respond to as many as I can.

-Matt Kolenda

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