#C1/W1 Kuribandit and Soul Charge: Utilizing the Bandit-Charge!

“Allen, you just love to mill, don’t you? MILL, MILL, MILL, MILL, that’s all you do.”

300px-Kuribandit-DRLG-EN-ScR-1E 300px-SoulCharge-DRLG-EN-SR-1EHi, my name is Allen Fung. Before we dive into the Kuribandit + Soul Charge goodness, I would like to introduce a little about myself. I’m from Boston, MA. I’m 25 years old. My competitive resume isn’t of the highest caliber, but I’ve been judging for the last two years, reaching close to twenty premiere events (YCS, WCQ, and WCS) and came back into playing aspect at 2010. This is really nothing to brag about since there are still many things to learn in premiere events. Now, where was this quote from? It was from my friend, Galo Orbea. This was 2012 Chaos Dragon format with the broken Future Fusion and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon at THREE. Every time I had a chance in game 1, I would just throw my entire hand away turn 1 to setup my graveyard for my boss monsters; makes sense since 80% of my deck was monsters.

The main point of this article is going to look at these specific cards from Dragons of Legend, Kuribandit and Soul Charge. What they made up for, the biggest effects they give currently, and the effects in the future sets coming out. We see these two cards in a lot of mainstream decks and we wonder why these cards are so good. And what if we combined them both in all the decks? So let’s get it started.

Filling the Void

PainfulChoice-DLG1-EN-C-UEThese cards made up for the cards that were forbidden or limited. Future Fusion, Painful Choice, Monster Reborn, Premature Burial, etc. etc. This allowed a lot of decks of the past to be competitive once again. There was a short period of time when Infernity Barrier was limited and people thought that Infernities was a deck to be thrown to the sides. To be honest, I was one of them. However, people started to prove that wrong. Even without Soul Charge. However, with Soul Charge, it became a top tier deck! It allowed more Xyz plays, and more Infernity Archfiend searches. This was the Monster Reborn and Call of the Haunted that people wanted! Better than Call of the Haunted or Premature Burial for the reason that it is not an equip card or a continuous spell/trap card! That means Mystical Space Typhoon is useless against it.

Where does Kuribandit come into play? Kuribandit is comparable to Future Fusion, Morphing Jar, and Painful Choice. First, based on basic duelist skills, we look at the attribute, type, and stats of the monster. DARK, Fiend, Level 3, 1000 ATK, 600 DEF. We can tell first off, this is a Tour Guide from the Underworld target. The more important thing is that you get to dig through five cards of your deck! FIVE WHOLE CARDS! That just fills your graveyard with monsters that are needed! Not only that, if any of the five being excavated are a spell or trap, you can add one of them to your hand! So if you happen to be playing Lightsworns and you have one to excavate a Solar Recharge in those five, you have a set up! And if you happen to fill your graveyard with all those Lightsworns, you can Special Summon your Judgment Dragon next turn!

Infernity is just one deck example that got a huge buff with Soul Charge coming out. A lot of other decks got a large boost. Another example is Lightsworns. They are no longer afraid to get rid of monsters in the grave because they can get them back onto the field. Unlike Monster Reborn, they can get more than one! In a Lightsworn deck, with more monster on the field, that means more Lightsworn mill power! Sylvans, allowing to get back the monsters onto the field and using more than one effect to excavate the top cards of your deck! That means more chances for Sylvan effects to trigger! Mermails now can recycle those monsters in the grave and spam more monsters on the field than they already do with the Mermail Abysslinde and Abyss-Sphere! And after they have Extra Deck plays, which is quite important. With the Extra ever growing and more powerful, Soul Charge is almost a must in majority of the decks

Now imagine if these two cards were put into some of these decks out now… I call it…


As you can see, the best deck to play Kuribandit in are monster heavy decks and decks that rely on monsters being in the grave. Recently we have seen Kuribandit and Soul Charge being played in combination which makes sense. Monsters being sent to the grave by Kuribandit and then Soul Charge the monsters back with a potential Soul Charge you may have added by that same Kuribandit. But there has been a weird anomaly. Duelists has been saying, “WHY NOT PUT THAT COMBO IN EVERYTHING?!” As we can see, there has been the Kuribandit, Artifact, and Traptrix deck (or of some kind of variation) WITH the Soul Charge and Kuribandit in there.

ArtifactMoralltach-PRIO-EN-SR-1ENow let’s step back and take a look at the deck originally, HATs as some know it as. It runs three Traptrix Myrmeleo, three Traptrix Dionaea, and three Artifact Moralltach. This is the skeleton monsters for the deck. That’s nine Monsters. Would you play Kuribandit in this deck? Most say no because of the ratios of monsters and spells/traps do not warrant someone to play Kuribandit in this deck. That means, about 21% of the deck are monsters, 79% will be S/T! That means 4 of the 5 cards from Kuribandit will be S/T. That’s not what duelists wants. So what makes it capable of competing? It’s because of the card Soul Charge and the fact that the Traptrix/Artifacts can trigger when they are special summoned through Soul Charge or Call of the Haunted!

Some duelist do not mind getting rid of some spells or traps for filling the graveyard for the Soul Charge or the Call of the Haunted to disrupt the opponent’s plays because when Artifact Moralltach is special summoned on your opponent’s turn, it can destroy one  card on the field. The Traptrix Myrmeleo when special summoned will destroy one of your opponent’s spells or traps. Pretty good in my opinion! With Traptrix Myrmeleo in the graveyard, it allows the other Traptrix card to be live! Traptrix Dionaea now has targets to special summon from the grave! Even the excavated Trap Hole cards can be recycled because if Traptrix Dionaea is special summoned, it can set a Trap Hole card facedown on the field!

The issue is that if you excavate Solemn Warning, Bottomless Trap Hole, or any of the Limited/Semi-Limited cards. Now your opponent has more than enough information to know whether or not your current facedown S/T are live or not. What would happen if you excavated 3 of the Artifact Moralltachs? Then your Artifact Sanctums will be just bluffs facedown. However, the odds are against that. I’ve seen similar things happen firsthand. *cough* first turn Exodia *cough* or *cough* drawing three Reborn Tengus *cough*

Playing With Your Dolls… Knights, Wyrms, and This Abyss

With the excitement of the next set, Duelist Alliance coming out on August 15th weekend, it’s a BIG DEAL. Tellarknights, Shadolls, Yang Zing (Wyrm), and Burning Abyss all can benefit from this two card combo, Kuribandit-Soul Charge! Again, with the end result of Extra Deck cards to help them gain field control which is important than card advantage.

My Dolls

TheDarkCreator-LCYW-EN-C-1EFirst off, Shaddolls. One of the most anticipated archetype to be finally released out in the TCG. People are hungry for new archetypes and especially overpowered archetypes. The reason why this deck is so good is because these Shaddolls trigger when sent to the graveyard by an effect, that means Armageddon Knight and Mathematicians trigger their effects. But even better, Kuribandit will trigger all those that are excavated! Imagine if you hit four Shaddolls and one Soul Charge. That’s just advantage all day! Once that graveyard is filled, you can now use Dark Creator and special summon even more to overpower your opponent.

With the Shaddoll Fusion, it’s kind of ridiculous since a lot of the monsters are going to be special summoned monsters, you can fuse with monster from your deck! But because Shaddoll Fusion is an effect, the Shaddolls being sent to the graveyard will get its effects! You can recycle the Shaddoll Fusion as much as you like over and over again. However, it has to hit the graveyard for it to have its effects triggered, making this deck one of the better decks to have Kuribandit-Soul Charge in it. So not only is Kuribandit broken in this deck, it has multiple cards that will trigger all their effects! This may be another Sylvan deck except that these cards are faster and much more versatile than they are.



Moving on to Tellarknights. Getting your graveyard filled with the warriors isn’t a bad idea either. As we can Kuribandit-Soul Charge them all back and all their effects can trigger as well. My friend, Parker Ngyuen, or better known as TeamShockWaves, has tested out these decks. We have seen their potential and with more playtesting, we might be even be able to find more! With Reinforcement of the Army at 2 as well, this deck can be used for high levels of competition and with huge good consistency.

300px-Number16ShockMaster-CT09-EN-SR-LEIf you have Satellarknight Altair in your hand, you can use its Debris Dragon-like effect to grab a monster excavated by Kuribandit! The effects of all the Tellarknight monsters have “If this card is summoned: …” That means all their effects trigger regardless of how it was summoned! That means, Flip, Normal, Special, Pendulum, etc. That’s AMAZING! Imagine going Summoner Monk, Special Altair, Altair effect summoning Satellarknight Deneb, Deneb effect to add another Altair for next turn! All this is from one Monk and one Spell card! Then you can Xyz Summon into Stellarknight Delteros or many other Xyz Monster! Just know that Number 16: Shock Master is legal in Japan! Might as well throw Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning in there as well!

Guess what, we’re not even done! With Soul Charge, you even have more plays! If you have it in your hand, you can go nuts and Xyz summon even more Rank 4 monsters or just save it for next turn! And all their effects are triggered off once again! It’s like an endless cycle of monster summon spamming! SPAM! YUM! The only issue with this is that people already have side decks from this current format because of Lightsworns, Dragon Rulers, and even Sylvans. So people are already prepped for what is to come.

Worms? No, Wyrms!

GongfuCosmicDragonofBrilliance-DUEA-JP-URThis is a new Monster Type introduced into Yu-Gi-Oh. Wyrms are dragons according to Wikipedia; it’s what European dragons are called. They are part of a new archetype called Yang Zing. For quite the obvious reasons that Konami higher ups do not want to completely destroy the remaining Limited Dragon Rulers because of more Dragon-Type monsters (and neither do I, Thank you, Konami). These aren’t the best archetype in this set for the reason that they have to be destroyed and sent to the graveyard. They don’t have much offensive power except for the one Suanni, Cosmic Dragon of Fire with 1900 ATK.

The whole point to the archetype is that they can Synchro summon monsters on your opponent’s turn, similar to that of Formula Synchron EXCEPT you can use it in the battle phase as well! You can go into Ally of Justice Catastor in the battle phase! That’s pretty sick! Not only that, depending on what monster you used to Synchro summon, the Synchro monster gains effects! Not too bad. So the best thing is if your opponent summons a monster and uses Torrential Tribute, you can Synchro summon with Bixi, Water of the Yang Zing and that Synchro Monster is now unaffected by trap cards so Torrential Tribute has no effect on it! Pretty neat!

Now on to the Kuribandit-Soul Charge in this archetype. Why is it good? Imagine all the monsters in the grave and you Soul Charge Pulao, Bixi, and Bi’an, summon a Tuner and Synchro into a Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree. It’s now unaffected by Spells, Traps, and can’t be destroyed by battle! Of course monster effects can affect it, but this is just one of the cards you can use for a Synchro summon! There are plenty more options out there as well. This deck also has a Pot of Avarice for its own specific archetype. Shuffling three Yang Zing and drawing two. No limitations of how many you can activate so you can literally activate all three, gain back all your floating Wyrms and draw SIX! WITH A BIG LEO ON THE FIELD.

300px-MaskedChameleon-JOTL-EN-UR-1EAgain, this is an archetype that is heavily reliant on Graveyard to trigger most of its effects. We have seen many archetypes similar to this, Mermails, Sylvans, Dark Worlds, etc. I believe that the Bandit-Charge can help this deck out more than you think for the reason that you don’t have to rely on the monsters having to hit the field then to the grave. Which is very beneficial so that you can run through your monster in your graveyard. This also allows Masked Chameleon plays to get back the Suanni to synchro into their Level 8 Synchro, Baxia. Which in itself, isn’t too bad.

“Is it getting hot in this Abyss, it’s like it’s Burning…”

TourGuideFromtheUnderworld-CT09-EN-SR-LEThis is a new archetype made for the TCG, just like how the Noble Knights were earlier in the CBLZ set. I don’t know how I feel about this as there are only four cards released out on this archetype. As the hype for Tour Guide from the Underworld is HUGE right now, I just don’t see searching and searching for cards is a competitive deck. Unless I can special summon spam a lot of monsters and run in for an OTK, there’s not much I can do. TGU still falls under the Maxx “C” and the Effect Veiler issues that it always have had since it came out.

I’ll go with this. It can thin out the deck specifically for the Burning Abyss cards or Level 3 DARK Fiend monsters, but not much more than that. It has its limits, BUT you can grab your Kuribandit! And then… you guessed it! SOUL CHARGE! BANDIT-CHARGE!

“In my conclusion…”

With decks out already that can cut 1/8 of your deck in a matter of one turn, Kuribandit and Soul Charge are really good. Albeit, it’s not selective like Painful Choice, but it can speed things up exponentially. And then you have the adding a spell/trap card to your hand, allowing you to get Soul Charge back into your already filled graveyard! It has downsides of giving too much information to your opponent and not giving you the correct cards for the situation, leaving your field open and vulnerable at times.

A thought for you readers, would someone play the Kuribandit-Soul Charge combo in Gravekeeper’s? Play it in Madolche’s? Play it in Exodia? DarkWorlds? Maybe. But does it make the deck better? Not necessarily. I’m still experimenting with all the possibilities of decks that can mash these two cards together. Kuribandit-Soul Charge can be splashable in every deck, but then we make that deck graveyard dependent. And a lot of side decks in the previous meta has already focused on graveyard effects.

I’m really excited for the DUEA set! All these decks are reliant on the grave, allowing the Kuribandit-Soul Charge combo a new playground to thrive in. And unlike the few previous sets where only one or two archetypes are competitive, we have about 3 in here that can stand on its own without having to rely on the next set to be competitive. Maybe Konami will see that this duo from Dragons of Legend are too powerful and put a limit on them. At least we can enjoy it for about TWO months and ONE YCS before it potentially gets hit on the Forbidden and Limit list.

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