Forbidden List Overview: Attacking for Game? G-G-Gu-Guh-GORZ!?!?

Jonathan Moore back here again, and with the Forbidden and Limited yu-gi-oh list finally out (Gosh, that one barely gives us a week to test for YCS Dallas, which yours truly will be playing in). I think a little bit of the impact of the list has been overlooked while others have been over stated. In this article I’m going to give the market impact (values and how they spiked then dropped, and cards you maybe didn’t think about the impact of), the player impact, and where I see things going because of it.

Here are the changes that happened during the list.

    Forbidden -

Nothing. *The ban hammer has been snoozing as of late*

Limited to one

Glow-up Bulb (Unbanned)
Infernity Archfiend
Raigeki (unbanned)
Soul Charge
Super Polymerization

    Semi-Limited (two per deck)

Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
The Transmigration Prophecy

    Unlimited (three per deck)

Coach Soldier Wolfbark
Magician of Faith
Formula Synchron
Reinforcement of the Army

RaigekiFirst, let’s talk market inflation.
Raigeki rose from a $2 rare and $3-5 holo to a $15 rare and $20 SCR holo instantly. This has now fallen to about a $8 rare and a $14 SCR holo within just two days, as I’m writing this on Saturday.
Glow-Up Bulb was already higher, at a $8 ultra and $12 ultimate, and intially spiked at $30 for the ultra and $35 for the ulti. Widespread rumors of a reprint in Legendary Collection 5D’s World so that the “Excavate” text appears on the card, and the fact that it was from the era, have caused the ultra to drop to $24, and the ultimate has remained at about $35.
Coach Soldier Wolfbark exploded, his MegaPack version going from $4 to $14 and is still around there, and his JOTL version $15 for the unlimited and $20 for the 1st. Ultimate Fire Formation Tenki has also popped up, now ranging $35-$40 from the previous $23.
Soul Charge fell to about $5, which is no big deal.
Formula Sycnhron got a little boost, and the rare is now about $5.5 and the holo is about the same.

Konami has once again proven that if you win worlds, you get hit. As much as the Infernity archtype may try now, they’re d-e-a-d. They can no longer compete at the highest levels among the decks that are there now. They join the ranks of all the other fallen archtypes that just miss that UMPH that get them to the next level. However, one dead archtype DID get support, and that’s Burn, although Ceasefire is unlikely to do much anything with people main decking multiple copies of both Wiretap and Trap Stun. The meta will have to take a far swing from the state it was in for Burn to find relevance.

Let’s talk about the initial two WOW cards from this banlist. Raigeki and Glow-up Bulb.

Raigeki is highly debated about out of the gate. “If we already don’t even play Dark Hole, why would we play Raigeki?”. This argument is null and void. These cards do two completely different things. Dark Hole destroys and field equity you’ve set in monster wise and is usually played when you’re losing. Raigeki forces things into play. Against Satellarknights, it’s going to play against their game of building slow, hard fought advantage. Against Burning Abyss, it’ll force their once per turn use of Graff and Cir, which is crucial and hard enough to press through without a card such as Raigeki. El Shaddolls really don’t mind it. Winda literally doesn’t mind it, and Construct will just get you back fusion. The thing is, it’s a card that will help you get rid of Vanity’s Emptiness by destroying their cards. It also has merits in that it will force situations of aggression such as going for game in places. Either way, it causes both players to be more cautious with their own field presence, and if being held, allows more aggression with less fear of the retaliation because of the ability to fight back. There’s no way it doesnt make at least a side deck slot in ANY deck in this format. It’s too good of a counter card, and a good way to deal with an already up Vanity’s Emptiness, not too mention powerful Chaos Monsters such as Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of the Beginning, Monarchs, and anything else that has already established field presence.

GlowUpBulb-STBL-EN-UR-1EGlow-up Bulb is just beastly. It opens the door to so many decks such as Monarchs and brings back the once dead Plant Synchro, helps El Shaddoll as they obtain their Earth fusion soon, and really contains so much power, synergy, and ability in one card that it might impact the format more so than any card change on the list so far. The problem with Plant Synchro is that this deck is hurt more by Maxx “c” than any deck in the format. With Gorz being a thing especially, there will have to be some serious innovation in order to make this work out. YCS Dallas will not even tell us the full impact of this card, as innovation and cultivating decks to abuse the power is going to take some time, and the new set upcoming (The New Challengers) will give it more power. Triple Formula Synchron goes hand in hand with this card, so expect to see advantage plays going on with monarchs to be a strong counter to Burning Abyss and El Shaddoll.

That being said about Monarchs, we can clearly see from Jeff Jones dominate win at the ARG Circuit that monarchs play a huge role in defeating all three of the current top deck (Burning Abyss, El Shaddoll, and Tellarknights). These cards can fight back against Canity’s Emptiness, garner free advantage by having the end result being a Scarm or El Shaddoll Construct in the graveyard, and make a field presence that’s hard to push back against when coupled with a Trap Stun or Vanity’s Emptiness of your own. This is why my pick for the best card and biggest change of the forbidden list is Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness.

Gorz has always been a strong card. It’s an inconsistent counter at one, but with two floating around in the deck, combine with the hand traps of Effect Veiler and Maxx “c”, it makes it hard for your opponent to try to play around all three. Heck, they might not even be trying to play around any of them. That’s what makes all three of these cards so darn good. Gorz, however, has really good support in the current format. For example, your opponent attacks and has Vanity’s Emptiness up. What’s a really good counter to this situation? Trap Stun with a side of Gorz. Now there’s a 2700 beater on the field with a token at least as big as whatever just attacked, and they have to deal with this now, or have their own Vanity’s Emptiness destroyed to deal with it next turn. This is a likely outcome, but will get advantage back for you later. Raigeki is ironically a strong answer to Gorz. Gorz also gains synergy with the monarchs, able to act as two or one tributes and leave a strong field presence to fight back with.

20130704164004!BrotherhoodoftheFireFistBear-CBLZ-EN-UR-1E (1)The other big change to the list, and the most hyped among people who remember their complete dominance of a format, is Fire Fist. These things were monsters, but can they really keep up in today’s time? I think Tellarknights do what they do but better. The thing is though, Brootherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear is just so beastly, and the deck really does play around Vanity’s Emptiness extremely well, so much so that it’s almost no problem at all. Fire Formation Tenki Coupled with Bear and Wolfbark is a strong toolbox, and it will be curious to see how they do in a format riddled with large fusion monsters with great effects, as well as a deck that gains its own advantage out of destruction.

Super Polymerization going to one hurts El Shaddolls, but for the most part, their power is the same. The rest of the list’s happenings are pretty much meaningless, unfortunately. Transmigration Prophecy can be good against both Dante and Cir, but realistically there are just better side choices against the deck such as Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind is actually very strong, being able to trample over Chaos Sorcerer, Monarchs, and Winda, but I don’t think we will see too much of an immediate impact from our buddy or Blackwings. The deck has a strong core and good special summoning effects, but Fire Fist is a better toolbox than them, and it’s questionable if that deck can even survive in this day and age.

So what do you think? Am I overlooking something myself along with the rest of the community or is there something out in the open that I’ve been missing? Am I overstating the importance of Gorz as YCS Dallas approaches, and its counter-power? Am I over estimating Raigeki and its ability to turn the tide of a game and counter Vanity’s Emptiness? Questions, comments, and trolls all welcome!

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