First or Second? Maintaining Advantage with the New Rules

Hello Duelists! Today I will be discussing a little bit about the new first-turn mechanic and ways around the new rule. The new Yu-Gi-Oh! format has just started with a new forbidden and limited list as well as a new game mechanic. The new rule is that the player that chooses to go first can not draw a card for there opening turn. This means the player who goes first will only have five cards to his opponents six once it’s their turn. This made a lot of other duelist think that going second may be better because they get that one additional draw. Going second might seem like the right choice, but in my opinion I think it is the wrong choice.

Going first is still very important and it allows you to set up your turn and to plan ahead. In certain cases Sylvans usually want to go first so they can Lonefire Blossom + Soul Charge you without you having backrow to respond with. This is a very important play that once it resolves it usually ends up winning the Sylvan player the game.

Decks like Mermail and Hieratics don’t really need to go first, they might even prefer to go second because the way they can get rid of backrow and still make an incredible board fast. In Hieratics, they weren’t really able to go off every first turn because they weren’t able to special summon Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit from their hand. If they choose to go second, they have a chance of special summoning Tefnuit if their opponent chooses to summon or set a monster, plus you will have a +1 card advantage on them because of the new ruling. This new ruling certainly helped out Hieratics and made them a better deck.

It doesn’t matter if Mermails go first or second because they are still able to make a broken first-turn board, even with five cards in hand. But if their opponent chooses to go first and they go second, they will have a plus one advantage and will still be able to make a strong board while getting rid of backrow at the same time with Atlantean Marksman. This new rule didn’t affect Mermail as much as it did with other decks like ones that can’t plus so easily.

CardcarD-SP14-EN-C-1EWith this new ruling change, most decks can just solve that problem by playing cards that can give them a +1 or a potential +1. Cardcar D is one of those cards that can easily give you a plus one. This card can be played in almost every deck. It’s a generic monster that lets you tribute itself during Main Phase 1 to instantly go to your end phase and draw two cards. That is a +1 and will make it as if going first and starting with five cards mean nothing. Cardcar D can also be played in decks that aren’t as trap heavy as an Artifact Traptrix variant. It can be played in Sylvans, Mermails, or even Hieratics to get that plus one to be able to go off the next turn.
20130822160458!TraptrixMyrmeleo-JOTL-EN-R-1EAnother card that can let you gain advantage first turn is Traptrix Myrmeleo. This card became very popular when the Artifact cards first came out. It was run for its use of keeping advantage and searching out useful trap cards like Bottomless Trap Hole or Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. Now this card has seen play in many decks. For example, during ARGCS Philadelphia and North American WCQ, Geargia players opted to either main this card or side it. Siding cards like Deep Dark Trap Hole and Acid Trap Hole definitely made maining or siding Traptrix Myrmeleo worth playing. Now this card is an easy +1 and lets you get a trap card that your opponent has to try to play around or waste cards to get rid of. Traptrix Myrmeleo can be thrown into almost any deck that runs “Trap Hole” cards or can just side it with “Trap Hole” cards.

fire_formation___tenki_by_kai1411-d5lohmuRunning cards like Fire Formation – Tenki and Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear could potentially be a plus one. Using Fire Formation – Tenki to search out Fire Fist Bear can essentially turn into a plus two. With Fire Fist Bear’s unique effect to destroy a monster on board and when it inflict battle damage to your opponent set a Fire Formation spell card from you deck makes it perfect to run in a deck just trying to get rid of monsters and still be able to have a monster that can search for cards. Once Bear destroys a monster and is able to search for another Tenki and Tenki’s effect being used again and being able to search out another Fire Fist Bear or a Coach Soldier Wolfbark. This will let you gain advantage and more monsters that will allow you to play a backrow heavy deck.
yugioh-ice-hand-drlg-en047-fire-hand-drlg-en046-secret-1st-15498-MLM20103285353_052014-FCards like Fire Hand and Ice Hand can also help you to gain advantage on your opponent because of there destruction effects and that they can just replace themselves with each other. The Hands can be thrown into many decks. For example, for most of last format a lot of decks experimented with these cards, from Madolche to Fire Fist to Geargia. Most of the Artifact variants ran the Hands as well. These cards allow you to both sit on a Hand and keep drawing cards until your opponent finds a way to deal with it or you get offensive with it and try to destroy some of your opponent’s cards. Fire Hand and Ice Hand are great hate cards for almost any deck and should be feared in tournament. The Hands can easily become more then just a +1 if your opponent has an attack position monster with 1700 attack or more and multiple monster and backrow. These cards could essentially win you the game.
20140614144832!ArtifactSanctum-PRIO-EN-UR-1ENext, I will talk about two cards that can be ran in more than just H.A.T. or an Artifact variant. Artifact Sanctum and Artifact Moralltach are a great combination together. Artifact Sanctum lets you special summon Artifact Moralltach and if Artifact Moralltach was special summoned on your opponents turn it is allowed to destroy one face up card your opponent controls. This combination of cards can be thrown into a control deck like H.A.T. or even Mermails. Using Artifact Sanctum is essentially a +1 being able to get a monster from the Artifact Sanctum, then being able to pop a card your opponent controls.
Mermails can run the Artifact cards for many reasons. One being that using Artifact Sanctum can help you get a plus one off your opponent and still having a beefy monster to attack with. Second Artifact Moralltach is a level 5 monster and Mermails run cards that can take advantage of Artifact Moralltach being level 5 like using Genex Controller to synchro with it to make cards like Stardust Dragon or even Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons. Some Mermail decks even play Dragon Ice which is also a level 5 and can xyz summon with Artifact Moralltach to make a powerful rank 5 like Tiras, Keeper of Genesis or Number 61: Volcasaurus. Running the Artifact cards in different decks gives you options and helps you to maintain advantage of the board.

There are many different ways to play since this new rule change and playing cards that let you gain advantage or plus off is very important. I feel that this format you have to run a deck that will let you gain more cards and keep control of the board. The cards I wrote about in this article let you do just that. In future tournament will you choose to go first or second? Will you be running any cards that lets you get an easy plus one or lets you gain advantage of the field? Thanks for reading and let me know what you decide in the comment box below!

Aaron Furman

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