The Struggle: Taking Shaddolls to YCS Toronto

Hello Duelists! Galo Orbea here yet again, bringing you my YCS Toronto tournament report. It was an enjoyable weekend all in all and it was great to come back to the North American Yu-Gi-Oh! scene since YCS Las Vegas. Since I had just come back to Boston a week before the event I didn’t get as much testing as I would have liked to. However, I tested a little on Dueling Network against Patric Negreiros (Brazilian player), Joe Bogli, Chase Furman and Dale Bellido. I was mostly testing with Shaddoll variants since it was the only deck I had physical cards to play with at the event.

ArtifactMoralltach-PRIO-EN-SR-1E (1)When I finally got to Boston on Friday after being in Ecuador for the entire summer, I built my variant with Artifact Moralltach/Artifact Sanctum testing Game 1’s with Allen Fung but I just hated drawing Moralltach before Sanctum, so I discarded the idea I went on to test a crazy variant at locals featuring: Mathematician; Felis, Lightsworn Hunter; The Monarchs Stormforth; Majesty’s Fiend; Caius the Shadow Monarch; Eclipse Wyvern and Dark Armed Dragon. I was just testing the waters to see what card preferences I felt most comfortable with. I also ended up picking up a couple Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss to complete my Burning Abyss core just as an option, along with my last Satellarknight Deneb and Stellarnova Alpha from my friend Kevin Wong at Toronto.

I wanted to have the most consistent build and at the same time have a main deck a little prepared to play against Satellarknights since Furman had taken them all the way at ARGCS Atlantic City. For that reason, I decided Armageddon Knight would be the right pick because if you open him with Shaddoll Fusion you have instant access to El Shaddoll Winda via Shaddoll Hedgehog. Unlike Mathematician, he is also Level 4 so he can help make Rank 4 plays, he triggers off Soul Charge but can’t run over Shaddoll Falco.

By Thursday night I was pretty much set on the Main and Extra deck for the build I would be running and here it is:

Monsters: 20

Spells: 8

Traps: 12

Extra Deck: 15

ThunderKingRaiOh-TU08-EN-UtR-UEMy build is very similar to Tej Trivedi’s build from ARGCS Atlantic City with a few changes, again serving the new found popularity of Satellarknights. Those changes include: Thunder King Rai-Oh and double Wiretap. I also had to make room in the Extra Deck by dropping Abyss Dweller since it felt subpar against Burning Abyss for the 3rd copy of El Shaddoll Construct that felt necessary during my short testing. I was also testing Jinzo in the main just because combining it with El Shaddoll Winda would make a pretty nice lock against the other two archetypes.

I had my flight scheduled at around 11 am and my roommate actually made me French toast for breakfast before I left, so the day was already off to a good start. My flight went pretty quick and once I got to Toronto I was headed to Phillip’s (Vincent’s boyfriend) apartment. Once I got there I was able to charge my phone and organize my stuff so I could take the Yu-Gi-Oh stuff to pre-reg. Once Vince and I got there, I registered without a deck list because I wanted to confirm a few rulings and figure out my Side Deck before going to sleep. At the Strathcona Hotel I got to see old friends I hadn’t seen in a while like Joe Bogli, Bo Tang and Tom Mak. Once Phillip met up with us, we went for dinner at Red Lobster since they don’t have that chain in Massachusetts, I dragged them there. The food was great, I recommend the Lobster Bisque and their signature Passion Colada (amazing even without rum). From there, we walked back to Phillip’s apartment under a light rain. It was a long enough walk to think about my options. And here’s what I ended up with:

Side Deck: 15

  • 1x Jinzo
  • 3x Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 1x Super Polymerization
  • 2x Chain Disappearance
  • 2x Pulling the Rug
  • 2x Stygian Dirge
  • 2x Deep Dark Trap Hole
  • 2x Call of the Haunted

Three cards from my Side Deck were added out of trying to reminiscence a better time. Back when I started dueling, I remember the cool play where if your opponent either blind MST’d your Call of the Haunted or activated a Trap you chained Call and got Jinzo. For the most part, I was satisfied with my choices but I would consider taking out Jinzo, 2x Stygian Dirge and 2x Call of the Haunted for some more useful cards that can do things on their own.

On Saturday, we woke up early and got to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in a taxi to not risk getting there late. Allen Fung and Kevin Wong were greeting the people coming in, after bothering them for a bit I turned in my deck list and helped Azad fill out his. I saw some more friends running around and I got to say hello. It took a while to get Round 1 started and they didn’t have any Bounty Duelists called off which I thought was weird.

Here’s a quick summary of how my rounds went:

Day 1

Round 1: vs. Noble Knights

Game 1: He beats me down with an indestructible XYZ that pops a card.

LeotheKeeperoftheSacredTree-LVAL-EN-R-1EGame 2: He managed to make an XYZ which I attacked with Leo that I made with a Construct and a Falco, the next turn he got Honest from a Pot of Duality to get rid of the Leo. The following turn I Castel back his Noble Arms of Destiny and swing with another Construct.

Game 3: We eventually go into time, I was able to stick a Construct to the board and control his normal summons with Compulsory Evacuation Device and later a Book of Moon.


Round 2: vs. Artifact Shaddoll

Game 1: I get outsourced because I rushed into Winda turn 1 and he got more value off his Shaddoll Fusion.

Game 2: I open average and he makes a big board and to break it I need to resolve Evilswarm Exciton Knight but he had Effect Veiler.


Round 3: vs. Infernity

Game 1: I control the entire game with Winda and a Wiretap.

Game 2: He opens well and since I don’t side Maxx “C” I lose after he chains Vanity’s Emptiness on my Shaddoll Fusion.

Game 3: I open Armageddon Knight, set Sinister Shadow Games, pass. He goes Summoner Monk discard, get Dark Grepher, discard, make Exciton, blow up the field, searched Infernity Barrier and protected it with Number 66: Master Key Beetle.


I told Tahmid about my first rounds and he didn’t seem to believe the dream was still alive. Then my friend Georgie said I wasn’t gonna drop a match until the weekend was over, I kind of laughed it off. I considered dropping and playing for the Giant Card after I saw Chris LeBlanc getting his deck list ready, so I grabbed the forms. While I was writing the deck list, the next round was called so I just ended up playing anyway.

Round 4: vs. Prophecy

ShaddollLizard-DUEA-JP-CGame 1: I was just poking with Shaddoll Squamata and he seemed to have a really bad hand but I didn’t have more monsters to apply pressure. Then, he eventually he dropped triple High Priestess of Prophecy plus Spellbook Magician of Prophecy for game.

Game 2: I End Phase MST one of his three sets (I know one of them is an ultimate rare Spellbook of Fate) and hit the flat one. That’s enough to win next turn.

Game 3: He bricks and I poke my way to victory.


Round 5: vs. Gladiator Beasts

Game 1 & 2: He doesn’t really do much and I control his backrows with Shaddoll Dragon.


Round 6: vs. Elemental Heros (nice guy from Korea)

Game 1: I out resource him with Shaddoll Fusion.

Game 2: I don’t have access to Winda and he beats me down with Alius and Hands.

Game 3: I don’t remember much about this game except for the fact I won.


Round 7: vs. Hieratic Ruler

Game 1: He is forced to activate Reckless Greed early so he loses because of it.

Game 2: Same as Game 1 but this time I Breakthrough his Stardust Dragon and blow up his board with Exciton Knight.


Round 8: vs. Frog Monarch

Game 1: I put him down low enough to where I summon Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning for game.

300px-MajestysFiend-PRIO-EN-ScR-1EGame 2: He has a really bad hand and even leaves XYZ monsters out turn 2 but I don’t have Shaddoll Fusion so I can’t capitalize then tributes my monster for Majesty’s Fiend for exact game with the help of Treeborn Frog.

Game 3: We go into time and I eventually have both Pulling the Rug and Chain Disappearance to stop his plays.


I somehow manage to win five rounds in a row and once everyone gets out we go get ramen with Vince, Kevin, Allen and Phillip. For dessert we get some ice cream and then head back to the apartment. There I look through some of the Battle Pack 3 just in case and head to bed early. I go to the CC on my own and need to win the next two to probably top.

Day 2

Round 9: vs. Satellarknights (Matt Bishop)

Game 1: I go first and open Thunder King Rai-Oh, the next turns I start summoning Shaddoll monsters to do the attacking just in case he plays Dimensional Prison, which he eventually activates on a Dragon. Thunder King Rai-Oh sticks to the board all game and I take it.

Game 2: He starts with Deneb and backrows, I open Jinzo, Shaddoll Fusion, Falco and Beast. I activate Fusion but he has Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror so I can’t lock him.

Game 3: It comes down to where I have a Dragon on the board, Squamata and Shaddoll Fusion in hand. He goes Altair summon Deneb get Altair and he takes a while to make Castel shuffle the Dragon and swing with Unukalhai, set a backrow. I draw Breakthrough Skill, summon Squamata, crash into Unukalhai just in case he has Alpha. Main Phase 2 I Fusion and he chains Call on Altair, I make Winda popping Call with Dragon, set Breakthrough and win from there. If he would have made Diamond Dire Wolf instead of Castel, he would have probably won.


Round 10: vs. Shaddolls

VanitysEmptinessSTBL-EN-C-1EGame 1: To be honest I just got outplayed in the mirror and he was just digging for his Vanity’s Emptiness, which he eventually got to stop my plays.

Game 2: I was just able to beat him down after I got value off my Fusion after setting Beast. He ended up scooping because there wasn’t much time and a draw would knock both of us out of the tournament.

Game 3: He opened very badly with Effect Veiler and Maxx “C”, I beat him down until I had two Deep Dark Trap Holes so I made Winda and attacked with everything. He tried to drop BLS but he was met by the Trap Hole and that was it.


It was a long wait until Top 32 and meanwhile I started looking through Battle Pack 3 cards with Christian Georges and Dave Everett just in case we made it to Top 16. They announced the Top 32 and I got 24th place (so I was playing against 9th place), the perseverance paid off and I had just gotten my 8th premier top. I looked at the standing and I was supposed to play Patrick Hoban, I heard he was running Shaddolls with Lightsworns and triple Super Polymerization in his Main Deck.

Top 32: Lightsworn Shaddoll (Patrick Hoban)

Game 1: He went first and set up Falco and Beast after he used Shaddoll Fusion. I opened 2x White Dragon Wyverburster, Effect Veiler, Black Luster Soldier, Shaddoll Beast and Sinister Shadow Games. I got OTK’d the following turn.

MindControl-GLD2-EN-GUR-LEGame 2: I went first and opened 2x MST, Shaddoll Squamata, Shaddoll Dragon and Sinister Shadow Games. I set Squamata and Shadow Games, he used Mind Control, flipped Squamata and killed itself. If I would have tested more with Mind Control I would have realized I could have trigger the effect. I eventually got outsourced and was knocked out by Pat, who eventually won out. Congrats to him on his win!

I was glad with the results I got after not testing too much and think I got the place I deserved. I realize I wouldn’t have been able to top if I was in a larger event but it is all part of the game. It was a good run and turned a 1-2 drop record in to an 8-2 top. The dream never died (until Top 32 that is). I also think it’s quite ironic that the people I was looking over Battle Pack 3 didn’t make it to the draft portion of the event. Overall, I really enjoyed my weekend there and seeing everyone again was awesome. Hopefully I can do better at Peru and you’ll be hearing about it soon. Until next time duelists!

P.S. I would like to thank Vince and Phillip for hosting me, it was a blast. Take care and I’ll see you around!


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