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The new format has just become and there are many deck choices to choose from, as the new forbidden and limited list hasn’t changed much to the format except for making gears a little less consisted by limiting one of my personally favorite cards: Geargiagear. Today in this article I will be talking about competitive deck choices and why they are still competitive even after the Forbidden and Limited list.


The first deck I want to talk about is H.A.T. or a variant of that deck. 6 out of 8 of the top 8 players at NAWCQ were playing a version of the H.A.T. deck. This deck is a combination of many deck put into one. It runs Artifact cards like Artifact Moralltach and Artifact Sanctum. These two are some of the most important cards in the deck and are not as easily replaceable like Artifact Beagalltach. Some of the players choose not to run this card in their build for NAWCQ.

The deck also ran many cards that are easily to plus off like Traptrix Myrmeleo, Fire Hand, and Ice Hand. These cards can be an easy plus one and let you gain control of the board. Some decks even ran Fire Fist cards like Tenki and Fire Fist – Bear. This was a good Meta call because of all of the gear decks that were played at NAWCQ. Some decks even had a combination of all four of these cards combined. A combination of these cards can make a solid deck that can have a good match up to any of the current popular match ups. This deck wasn’t even touched on the new Forbidden and Limited list. So it will be a solid choice for the new format and could possibly be the best deck for the new format.

Second, I want to talk about Lightsworn and it still being a choice for competitive play since nothing on the Forbidden and Limited list hurt the deck. The deck actually gained a card from the new list and it may come in handy. The card they gained is Goyo Guardian, a powerful synchro monster that can possibly take an opponents monster, given the right circumstances.

Lightsworns are still a solid choice but it has a little bit of a luck factor in it since you can easily lose if you mill wrong cards like your spells and boss monsters. This deck can be the victory if you don’t play against it correctly and when it does start to build momentum it can be a pretty hard deck to stop.


Third, would be Sylvan because they didn’t get hit by the Forbidden and Limited list and gain Goyo Guardian as well, but in this deck Goyo may be easier to make and is a great card for the mirror match. It can take Sylvan Hermitree and/or Sylvan Sagequioa. Sylvans are still able to bring out big monster and strong xyzs and synchro monsters. I feel like this deck will see a lot of play and be at the top tables for the new format. Any deck that can make first turn Felgrand the Divine Dragon knight as easy as Sylvans can should be one of ‘THE” deck choices.

Next, I’m going to talk about a very underrated deck that can spam level 4 monsters and rank 4 xyzs very easily. The deck I’m talking about is Koa’ki Meiru. This deck is very consistent and has multiple search cards like Tenki and Diamond Core of Koa’ki Meiru. Since this deck does run Tenki it can run other Fire Fist cards like Tensu and Fire Fist Bear. Tensu allows you to make pushes and in the right scenario you can OTK your opponent with Tensu, double Urnight, and an Iron Core of the Koa’ki Meiru. This combo deals 8200 of damage or 9000 with Gagaga Cowboy. This allows you to use Upstart Goblin once and still able to OTK your opponent.

The neat thing about this deck it that during the end phase you want to keep your face up Koa’ki Meiru Urnight and Koa’ki Meiru Crusader you can just banish a Diamond Core of Koa’ki Meiru to have the monsters survive instead of having to reveal a Beast-Warrior type from your hand.

20140614122709!DiamondCoreofKoakiMeiru-PRIO-EN-C-1E (1)

Another deck I want t talk about is Madolches. This deck has been becoming more and more unpopular since the deck was released right before YCS Philadelphia. Madolches have great combos and are still a threat while making multiple xyzs and still being able to get rid of cards on your opponent’s side of the field. Madolche Anjelly can become an instant plus two and in this game a plus two can be enough to win the game. When people play against Madolches they don’t think its that good of a deck, but from my past experiences its one of those decks that can control the board and put you back turns. With the new rules going first getting a plus two of Madolche Anjelly first turn can make not opening up six cards not a big deal.

Madolche Queen Tiaramisu is one of the best xyzs currently in the game. This card is easy to make in the deck and once made with a combination of Madolche Chateau and/or Madolche Ticket it very hard to lose advantage.


A deck that doesn’t need a hand and can make a powerful board and have control over the field, Infernity. This deck has many two-card combos Summoner Monk and Soul Charge, Dark Grepher and Soul Charge, and sometimes Dark Grepher and an Infernity Archfiend might just do the trick. This decks usual downfall is having too many monsters in hand. Now with the new rule change of only starting with five cards in hand instead of six it might just help with them to combo out more and not drawing too many monsters.

I think Infernity could be one of the best deck choices for the new format and it can be very hard to play against when they have a plus 3 on you or even more.


Mermail has a good match up against most decks and could be a solid choice for the next format. It has backrow removal like Atlantean Marksman and even monster removal with Atlantean Heavy Infantry. The deck also has many search cards that make it very consistent. They have Mermail Abysspike and Mermail Abyssteus. These two cards can search for about 50 percent of the deck. Genex Undine can also become a search card by sending Atlantean Dragoon or even for Tidal. If not for those Genex Undine can either destroy a set or a face up card by sending Infantry or Marksman. The one problem with this deck is that it loses to most floodgate cards like Macro Cosmos, Dimensional Fissure, and Soul Drain. The only outs to this card that the Mermail deck is playing would be Mystical Space Typhoon. Which is a card that is not searchable and the Mermail deck would have to raw draw this card to get rid of one of the three cards that totally shut down their deck. Besides the three cards that can potentially shut down the deck it is a very fast and solid deck that can utilize Soul Charge to make a huge and powerful field.


The deck that never dies and has been a solid deck since it was first released over a year ago, Dragon Rulers. Using Dragon Shrine and Soul Charge combo to make an easy Stardust Dragon or even an Azure Eyes Silver Dragon can end of winning the game for them. This deck has been off and on ever since Soul Charge came out which made this deck very playable again. Being able to make strong synchros and xyzs fast helps them to over come the other decks that aren’t as fast as them. Dragon Rulers did see play at NAWCQ and made it all the way to top 8.

(dragon shrine)

Since the new format has just started and Dragon Rulers didn’t get hit it could be a very logical choice to play in a competitive tournament since it doesn’t really have a bad match up except decks that play massive monster removal. Dragon Rulers are able to play cards that most deck cannot play that could make them a better choice then the other decks in the format. For example Skill Drain and Royal Decree. These two cards can easily shut down certain decks that relay on backrow or monster effects.

All of these decks are competitive and are within the top tiers for this new format. These are going to be most of the deck you will be seeing and playing against until the new set comes out. There are many to choose from and not one is the overall best choice. Do you think that there is one deck that can rule it all during this format? Let me know if there are any decks I missed. Thank you for reading and let me know what you thought on the article in the comments below.

-Aaron Furman

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