Deck Profile: Alyx Lisgathe’s 4th place Artifact Satellars at LA Regionals

Hello fellow duelists. I’m here today to talk to you about Alyxander Lisgathe 4th place Artifact Satellarknight deck. He went 9-1 throughout the day at the Los Angeles regionals hold a whole 1034 players. LA regional’s are some of the biggest regional throughout the country and with this many player there regionals are just as big as most YCS. These should be seen as big level events because of the amount of people that go and play.

Monsters: 14

Spells: 9

Traps: 17

Main Deck: 40

Side Deck: 15

Extra Deck: 15

I wanted to look at different builds of Satellarknights and different engines that people could run and on of them is an Artifact variant. The Artifact cards have seen much play since they were released in Primal Origins last May. Today we see them ran in Satellarknights a deck that has been seen as the new Plus One Fire Fist.

SatellarknightDeneb-DUEA-EN-UR-1ELets take a look at Alyx’s Main deck. He ran the standard three Deneb, Altair, and Unukalhai as well as a one of Satellarknight Vega. This is the usual for most Satellarknight decks because of the consistency that works together between them. The one Vega was a solid choice; you don’t really want to draw it but you want to have the option in your deck later game for either a Stellarknight Deltros or to have board presence. For the other monsters he ran were three Moralltach and one Beagalltach. Since a normal Satellarknight deck is very linear and people usually expect you to do the same thing over and over again with Altair and Deneb running the artifacts makes it more unexpecting. Most players won’t play around the Artifact cards and will carelessly destroy Satellarknights back row with Mystical Space Typhoon or Shaddoll Dragon thinking it going to be a Breakthrough Skill or a Call of the Haunted. When they see the first Artifact card either off of a Pot of Duality or actually playing one it will put fear into the opponent to not play recklessly. This also gives you a better chance to be able to conserve your back row more and be able to build up stamina.

For the spell cards, he decided to run three Artifact Ignition, two Pot of Duality, two Soul Charge, and finally two Reinforcement of the Army. Let’s start with Artifact Ignition. It’s a unique card that is very similar to Mystical Space Typhoon, but let you set an Artifact monster from you deck to your spell and trap card zone. This card is a staple at three while running Artifact Beagalltach. Being able to do combos with Ignition and Sanctum or a set Beagalltach is really great.

20140614144832!ArtifactSanctum-PRIO-EN-UR-1E1) Artifact Sanctum and Artifact Ignition:
Activate Sanctum then use Ignition to pop Sanctum or a spell or trap card your opponent controls and set Artifact Moralltach. Sanctum special summons Beagalltach and use its effect to destroy the Moralltach. Special Moralltach from graveyard to destroy one face up card your opponent controls.

2) Artifact Beagalltach and Artifact Ignition:
Activate Artifact Ignition to target the Beagalltach and send it to grave and set a Moralltach. Then special Beagalltach from grave and use the effect to destroy the newly set Moralltach and special that to the board to be able to destroy a face up card your opponent controls.

These two combos are very similar and very simple to remember. Overall, it is used to change your spell and trap cards into more monsters. In both scenario you are still able to special a Moralltach and be able to use its effect. These combos make it very easy to make a rank 5 as well because of its ability to special summon two level 5s.

300px-SoulCharge-DRLG-EN-SR-1ENext I’ll talk about Soul Charge and Pot of Duality because the reason for running two is a very similar one. The reason for only running two Pot of Duality is your deck is able to Special Summon every turn and once you get the Altair and Deneb combo going you are going to want to be able to do it every turn. Once this starts going you can’t really activate the Duality because you just keep special summoning. So you try to not run some many so it’s not a dead card in your hand. For Soul Charge you don’t want to run too many because drawing multiple at once in the Satellarknight deck makes your hands less consistent. Lastly, two Reinforcement of the Army and the reason you run the highest amount of this card is because it can search for any Satellarknight you want and it makes your opening hands a lot better and more consistent.

For the trap cards he ran the standard three Stellarnova Alpha, three Call of the Haunted, Solemn Warning, and Compulsory Evacuation Device. Alyx decided to run two Breakthrough Skills and two Vanity’s Emptiness. This is different from most other lists that usually max out on these cards. His reasoning was that he didn’t want to draw them and not be able to use them because his opponent’s board was already made and they do nothing to a monster filled board. Breakthrough Skill and Vanity’s Emptiness isn’t good for after the fact. He play one Bottomless Trap Hole a card that has been cut since the release of Duelist Alliance, but now it may be making a come back. Since after Patrick Hoban’s finish with his Chaos Shaddoll deck at YCS Toronto many people have decided to follow him in running Chaos Sorcerers and three Super Polymerization and Bottomless Trap Hole is good against most of the Shaddoll deck and even there boss monsters like Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, Dark Armed Dragon, and Chaos Sorcerer. Alyx also ran one Dimensional Prison because he had one space left and wanted a card that was good for established boards and Dimensional Prison is good against all of the top decks right now.

Finally the last trap card he ran was Artifact Sanctum, one of the most powerful trap cards currently in the game. This card has been seeing play since it was released in Primal Origins last May. Artifact has two unique effects, the first is when this card is activated special summon an Artifact monster from your deck and you cannot conduct your battle phase the turn this card it activated. So being able to special summon Moralltach on your opponent’s turn and using his effect is big. This lets your trap card become a 2100 monster that is also allowed to destroy one face up card your opponent controls. This can help with the hands that you only draw trap cards and no monsters. As well as being an overall good card at any point in the game. The second effect is that if it is destroyed by an opponent’s card effect target one card on the field and destroys it. This means if your opponent starts to just blindly destroy backrow and hit a Sanctum you can destroy a card on the field as well as special an Artifact monster from your deck if the Sanctum was previously set.

300px-AllyofJusticeCycleReader-HA03-EN-SR-1EThe side deck gets a little more interesting. It contains three Ally of Justice Cycle Reader for the Satellarknight mirror or even a rouge Lightsworn or Artifact deck. One Thunder King Rai-oh for the mirror as well as other rouge decks that it may be of use to. Three Mystical Space Typhoon is mostly for more floodgate cards like Stygian Dirge or Royal Decree. Could also be good against heavy backrow decks. Three Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror for, the other two main decks of the format, Burning Abyss and Shaddoll. This card has been seeing play since the very beginning of Dualist Alliance and has been a staple side deck card in Satellarknights. He ran the one Soul Drain for all of the decks that need to use their graveyard for monster effects for example, Shaddoll, Burning Abyss, and Mermails. The side decked two Chain Disappearance is mostly for Burning Abyss and can’t really be sided in against any other deck. Lastly a card that I have been testing with in Satellarknights and could be very optimal is Compulsory Escape Device. This card is very good in this deck for many reason a few is to even recycle your Moralltachs to make Sanctum or Ignition live and to even recycle Altair so your are able to keep searching. The decks you would put this card in against are Shaddoll and Burning Abyss. It is good against these two deck because being able to return a Shaddoll fusion like El Shaddoll Construct or El Shaddoll Winda is huge and in this scenario Compulsory Escape is just as good as Compulsory Evacuation. The same reason goes for Burning Abyss you returning a Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss and having its effect not resolve to mill three or return a Burning Abyss monster from grave to hand is huge as well. This card is definitely a card I can be seen played more often and in the future.

20131108220201!ConstellarPleiades-HA07-EN-ScR-1E (1)For Alyx’s extra deck it was mostly standard rank 4 monsters. Nothing unusual that he ran in his Extra Deck. He decided to run two Constellar Pleiades and one Number 61: Volcasaurus as his only rank 5s. I felt like this was the right choice, he chose the best of the rank 5s and made the best out of it. A pretty cool play you can make with the deck is making Constellar Omega and Constellar Pleiades. You are able to protect the Pleiades with the Omega and don’t have to be too scared of backrows when you have your Pleiades. It allows you to be more aggressive with it.

I feel that Artifact Satellarknights is a very solid deck and could be the next be the next new mainstream version of Satellarknights. Congratulations to Alyxander Lisgathe on his 4th place finish at LA Regional. Thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave questions and comments in the box below and until next time.

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