Taking Artifact/Traptrix to the ARGCS Championship

Hi everyone, today I’m going to talk about my experience at the ARG 20K this past weekend. I started my week off by Skyping with Tahmid and Marcus Carisse about what deck to play and on the most part we agreed on playing an Artifact variant. The deck list I played for the players championship tournament and the 20K were very similar and just a few cards different. The list I played for the 20k was: Monsters: 15

Spells: 8

Trap: 17

Extra Deck: 15

Side Deck: 15

This is also the list I played for the Players Championship Tournament Friday. This was a double elimination event for the top 32 players who over the year accumulated the most amount of ARG Store Credit from their tournaments. When we arrived we had to start filling out our deck lists and get signed in to make sure we were on the list. I was talking to Tahmid since we were running the same list; he made some minor changes from the side deck like putting in Necrovalley and a 3rd Maxx “C”. Once the deck lists were handed in, I found out my round one opponent.

Round 1: Paul Cooper (Herald of Perfection)

Game 1: He summons Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands and my heart just drops. I hate playing against Herald and somehow in almost every tournament I enter I have to play one. So he drops Herald of Perfection then passes. I set 4 backrow and hope they get there. He starts to get aggressive and I can’t handle him negating so many effects so I lose. 199746Game 2: I felt more confident because I knew what he was playing now and I had Banisher of the Radiance in my side deck, which destroys Herald. I have a good start and by my second turn he’s at 500 life points and I have Constellar Pleiades and Gagaga Cowboy with 2 backrow. He scoops up and we begin game 3. Game 3: Wasn’t feeling so good because he went first and dropped Herald. I summon Traptrix Myrmeleo instead of Banisher to try and gain advantage, but this game ends with me drawing Dark Hole and destroying his board of Herald and Carigorgon, Antiluminescent Knight and I just have card advantage at that point and end the game.

Round 2: (Infernitys)

Game 1: I drew Maxx “C” and multiple backrow, so it was kind of hard for him to combo off and when I drew the second Maxx “C” I thought I was over. I messed up because I thought if he Infernity Breaks my Silent Honor Ark when I use effect I would get his monster still when really it would just go to grave. The fact that it doesn’t work that way almost cost me the game, but I pulled it through with a topdecked Traptrix Dionaea. 300px-SoulCharge-DRLG-EN-SR-1EGame 2: He combos off against me on his first turn and ends with a good board and I can’t do much except bait out the Infernity Barrier and wait. The turn after I did that I drew Needle Ceiling, set it and passed. He drew and normal summoned Infernity Necromancer and then I used Needle Ceiling leaving him with one back row to my two and Soul Charge in hand. He scooped a few turns later.

Round 3: (Bujins)

Game 1: He went first and I didn’t draw that well and try to Cardcar D into some good cards like Double Cyclone or Artifact Sanctum, but didn’t draw them and its hard to beat Bujin Yamato and Kaiser with Hare and Turtle in grave. KaiserColosseumDR1-EN-C-UEGame 2: I go first and my hand is worse then it was game one. I end up summoning Myrmeleo and setting the Bottomless Trap Hole and passing. He uses Tenki to get Yamato and had Forbidden Lance for the Bottomless Trap Hole and sets one and activated Kaiser Colosseum. I lose a few turns later. Now with my first loss I’m in the loser bracket and would have to win out to try and win.

Round 4: Paul Cooper again (Herald of Perfection)

Game 1: I go first and have a response for all of his cards. I had Solemn Warning, Fiendish Chain and Artifact Sanctum. It was a quick game ending in three of my turns. Game 2: He goes first and doesn’t start off with Herald. I start beating him down with Myrmeleo and Banisher with a few good backrow. This game also ended very fast.

Round 5: Kevin Silva (H.A.T.)

Game 1: Didn’t go so well for me it is really hard for my deck to play against any deck that played Fire and Ice Hand. I make a wrong call in the end and he played three of each Hand, so I lose to the third Ice Hand. Game 2: This game was pretty grindy but I draw a decent amount of back row and monster removal cards to get rid of his hand and just attack with Silent Honor Ark and Traptrix Myrmeleo. 300px-MemoryofanAdversary-BP02-EN-R-1EGame 3: I open up with one monster, a Traptrix Myrmeleo. But I did draw two Memory of an Adversary and this card literally wins me the game, taking his Myrmeleo and Fire Hand and just beat him down with those cards for game.

Round 6: Patrick Hoban (Sylvans)

Game 1: I go first and open up pretty well: Myrmeleo and multiple backrows. He doesn’t really get to play because if all of my removal cards so he ends up losing game one. Game 2: He goes first and doesn’t do much except set a monster. I summon Banisher and attack into Spore then set a few backrow thought I was good but he Forbidden Chalice my Banisher and goes off and put me back a turn with Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector. Game 3: I open Dimensional Fissure and Banisher with two backrow he can’t do much except tries to get removal cards. He grinds through his deck for a few turns until he scoops. He told me at the end he sided out Mystical Space Typhoon so he didn’t have an out to the Dimensional Fissure. At this point there are only 4 people left in the Player Championship Tournament.

Round 7: Alyx Lisgathe (Spellbooks)

Alyx is one of my favorite duelists and I loved playing against him, it was so much fun. However, this game was finished really quickly, and I unfortunately lose to the player that went on to win the entire ARGCS Championship. After I lost to Alyx I was kind of depressed and was going to go back to the hotel room to get some sleep because I was really tired. But instead I went to go see the movie Lucy with a couple of friends. Then went back to the hotel to go out to eat at a really nice steak house in the city. After we went back to the hotel and to hang out and to sleep. yugioh-ice-hand-drlg-en047-fire-hand-drlg-en046-secret-1st-15498-MLM20103285353_052014-FThe next morning I wake up early because I haven’t handed in my 200 point for the first two round bye and deck lists have to be handed in before round one for anyone who has any byes. on my deck list i only made some minor changes. I added in two Ice Hand and two Fire Hand to the side deck then took out Crazy Box for a second Silent Honor Ark. Once the tournament begins I play some old school GB mirrors with Silverman then we played the DC deck building game with Jeff and Ned. Then once we cleaned up it was almost time for round 3 to start and the start of the tournament for me.

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: Bye

Round 3: (T.G. Madolches)

Game 1: I get a game loss. I only had 37 cards on my deck list and forgot to write down 3 Cardcar D. 300px-Wiretap-DRLG-EN-SR-1EGame 2: I go first and open up with Myrmeleo and a Wiretap, Solemn Warning, and Artifact Sanctum so he couldn’t do much. Every time he tried comboing off he got stopped and Wiretap stopped his Trap Stun. Game 3: He opened up all of his T.G. monsters and couldn’t make any plays between me gaining advantage with the Traptrix Myrmeleo and Cardcar D. This game didn’t last long when I drew Artifact Sanctum then kept dealing more damage with Moralltach.

Round 4: James Guerrero (Mermails)

Game 1: I opened up many live backrow and I gain most of my advantage from when he used Mermail Abyssteus by discarding his Atlantean Marksman and hitting my Fiendish Chain and chaining to their effects. Games 2: I didn’t have many live backrow and he kept using Marksman to destroy them. He destroyed Wiretap, Breakthrough Skill, and Needle Ceiling, crippling a lot of my potential plays. I continued to lose from there when he just kept attacking with Genex Undine and Mermail Abysspike. 300px-GenexController-TSHD-EN-C-UEGame 3: He destroys 3 of my 4 backrow but doesn’t hit the Artifact Moralltach so I don’t have a monster except two Maxx “C” that I don’t get to use because he never special summoned anything. Eventually I had to Dimensional Prison away the Genex Controller, but I lose the turn after to Mermail Abyssteus.

Round 5: Jonny Nagel (Sylvans)

Game 1: He went first and did all of his combos and it was kind of hard for me to have a come back while staring down a Felgrand. I survived a couple of turns but didn’t catch a break and just went to the next game. Game 2: I had a very good hand and started off with normal summoning Banisher of the Radiance and setting Artifact Sanctum, Bottomless Trap Hole, and Solemn Warning. This game was going to be over quick especially with his weak opening compared to my good one. 300px-DeepDarkTrapHole-PHSW-EN-R-1E (1)Game 3: He went first and didn’t do much except play Mount Sylvania and put Sylvan Charity on top. On my turn, I opened up with 2 Deep Dark Trap Holes, Bottomless Trap Hole, Banisher of the Radiance, Artifact Sanctum, and Traptrix Dionaea. I summon Banisher, set 4 and pass. He Forbidden Chaliced my Banisher but then couldn’t do anything against the two Deep Dark Trap Holes and the Bottomless. He scooped once he couldn’t summon anymore monsters.

Round 6:Brandon Wigley (+1 Geargia)

Game 1: He goes first sets Geargiarmor and multiple backrow. I just Cardcar D and Traptrix Myrmeleo for a couple of turns straight but I couldn’t keep up in card advantage and eventually lost. Game 2: I open up with 2 Artifact Ignitions, Artifact Sanctum, Traptrix Myrmeleo and Traptrix Dionaea. This game ends quickly for him because he can’t make a set board, and I deal a great amount of damage to him the next turn. MalevolentCatastrophe-SDCR-EN-C-1E (1)Game 3: He goes first by setting 4 and passing. My hand is so bad: Cardcar D, Needle Ceiling, Artifact Beagalltach, Artifact Moralltach, and a Traptrix Myrmeleo. I for sure thought I’d lose this game and just set the two Artifact monsters summon Cardcar D, and then he plays Sanctum and destroys it with Moralltach. I need a miracle at this point. The next turn I draw Malevolent Catastrophe; this was the card I need to win. I set it and passed. He attacked with Moralltach then I destroy all of his backrow, then special both my Artifact monsters. He is then left with 2 cards to my 5. He Dark Holes then sets one, and once I drew a Dionaea a few turns later it was game over.

Round 7: (H.A.T)

Game 1: I couldn’t get around the Hands at all but when I got around all four of them that I thought he was playing I find out he’s playing one more of each and I lose to that for the second time this weekend. This was a long, grinding game, and by the time we were finished there were 18 minutes left in the round. In addition, he took a long time sideboarding, regardless that we were over half way through the round. GagagaCowboy-CT10-EN-SR-LEGame 2: I open up pretty decent, but he opened up multiple Hands and it became a grind game. When I felt like I had control there were only 3 minutes left, so I made a weaker play with my Soul Charge just be ahead in life and have a good board. This play ended up costing me the game later in time because I couldn’t deal enough damage to him and at one point because he had an Ice Hand in defense and a set Moralltach and he took the rest of the time left in the round to make his play, which made us go into time. I ended losing to Cowboy burning me for life points.

Round 8: (Infernitys)

Game 1: He combos off and does a fairly decent job doing it, since most of the Infernity players don’t know all and the best combos. I tried to come back, but my hand wasn’t good enough to stop a full board with two Infernity Break and an Infernity Barrier. Game 2: My opening wasn’t that good and he plays into Maxx “C” letting me draw three cards and one of them was Needle Ceiling after his turn was done. I went out of my way to destroy all of his backrow with a Soul Charged Myrmeleo and Diamond Dire Wolf then set Needling Ceiling to clinch me the game once it destroyed his whole board next turn. InfernityBreakTSHD-EN-C-1EGame 3: I couldn’t do anything. This was probably the worst game I played all day. My hand was all monsters and he did all of his combos the turn before and had double Infernity Break and Barrier. I scooped up pretty quickly after that. So after round 8 I am now X-3 and feeling kind of depressed since I wanted to drop, but I decided to just play the last round and see where I was ranked just in case I had a chance of topping.

Round 9: (C.A.T)

My opponent was running a very similar deck to mine. His deck was probably a 5 card difference in the main deck. Game 1: We are just grinding it out trying to gain more advantage then the other, but eventually he loses to my maindecked Malevolent Catastrophe, which got rid of all of his backrow and made my Artifact monsters live. (Before we started game two we both agreed not to play Malevolent Catastrophe because of how much advantage it gains the player when it resolves in the mirror.) ArtifactMoralltach-PRIO-EN-SR-1E (1)Game 2: This is another grind game just playing Cardcar Ds and Myrmeleos the whole time. We each kept attacking into Dimensional Prison and Memory of an Adversary. This made the game longer and more interesting. Eventually I drew Soul Charge and brought back Myrmeleo and Fire Hand. I rolled a die to see which backrow I popped and got lucky that it was the trap and not the Artifact Moralltach and then made Silent Honor Ark which eventually won me the game. After the game he told me when I rolled a die I knew the other backrow was an Artifact Moralltach and that I just forgot. I felt really stupid and it almost lost me the game if I didn’t get lucky. I’m now 6-3 and waiting for pairing. I ended up being ranked 45th and had a good chance of topping if I won the next to rounds. After I left the convention center we went to go eat at a restaurant called The Melt. It was famous for its grilled cheese. I wasn’t that hungry, but from what I did eat it was pretty good, and I would suggest going there if you’re ever in Cleveland, OH. Once we were done we went back to the hotel room and slept since most of our room made day two and had to play tomorrow. The next day I wake up at 7:30, took a shower and then woke everyone else up to get ready. We all walked over to the event together. The pairings were posted once we arrived and we went to our seats.

Round 10: (Mermail)

Game 1: This was a game I should not have won and was so surprised that I did. He had full advantage most of the time until he Soul Charged for 4 monsters then got Torrential Tributed. Then I drew Traptrix Dionaea to quickly win the game before he gained anymore advantage. DarkHoleSYE-NA-C-1EGame 2: Since game 1 took so long we only had 10 minutes left and I played as conservative as possible. I didn’t want to get blown out so fast. When time was called I was ahead on life point then I Soul Charged back for two Artifact monsters then overlayed into Number 61: Volcasaurus to destroy his Abysspike then overlayed again into Gaia Charger in defense mode so his Silent Honor Ark couldn’t attack over its 2100 defense. The turn after I lose to him dealing over 6000 points of damage to me because he had Dark Hole and a live Mermail Abyssmegalo in hand. Game 3: We are in time and have 3 turns each but I couldn’t draw any monsters or backrow that could be useful in saving me turns like Artifact Sanctum or Dimensional Prison. So I lose to him beating me down with a Genex Undine and Genex Controller. Now I’m 6-4 and have no chance of topping. I was very disappointed for losing into time again especially since I was in a winning position for a long time in game 2. I decide to just play out the last round because I didn’t have anything better to do, but my opponent didn’t show. Once the top 32 was announced I walked around and collected the cards I was loaning out to people then watched some of the top 32 matches. Once I got bored of watching people duel I sat down and played some GB mirrors against a couple of friends then watched them as the cubed. I opted out of cubing because I didn’t feel like playing at the time. Once they were all done cubing I decide to cube with a whole bunch of friends. The deck I had was terrible it was all over the place. It was big monster beat down until I drew one of my 4 banned cards (Cyber Stein, Brain Control, Raigeki, Imperial Order). I end up losing in the finals to Hansel to his broken Zombie Lightsworn deck. Then later once the whole tournament was over and a winner was decreed I sat down to watch a 3v3 ironman. This took a long time, long enough for me and everyone around me to order wings and eat them while watching the matches. The match got broken up because they were playing for money and it never ended. Once this happened everyone started to leave the convention center room. Once outside we all got tornado warnings on our phones so we went across the street to the Marriot and watched to tornado from there. It wasn’t that big, but it was there and it was the first time I saw one in real life. Once it died down I went up to my room and watched television for a while then fell asleep. Later that night everyone else comes back to the room and decides to cube. I woke up and watched them cube for a little. I fell asleep again then randomly woke up to Brandon and Jerry dueling on my bed with their decks from the cube. That’s how the night ended. The next morning we packed up and took Paul Clarke to the airport in Cleveland then started our drive back how from the first ever ARG 20K. Thank you for reading and let me know what you thought on my experience at the 20K in the comments below.

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