Tribute Stun: Top 4 in South American WCQ

Hello! I’m Galo Orbea and I’m a duelist… For those of you who don’t know me, I am from Ecuador and have been playing competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! since 2007. I moved to Boston in 2011 to study Economics, since then have accumulated a total of seven premier tops including a YCS (Ecuador) win. I thought I would take this opportunity to talk a little bit about a sleeper deck piloted by Luis Cossio that made its appearance at the WCQ I attended this year in South America. I wasn’t able to see the deck in action since I was grinding side events after I lost in Top 32, at a first glance the deck seems to have a nice fresh take on the meta. Its strategy is straightforward, you have the cards that give you access to summon your tribute stun monsters and protection to keep them on the field. Here’s the decklist, so we can see things clearly:

Monsters: 11

1x Angel O7

3x Archlord Kristya

3x Majesty’s Fiend

1x Vanity’s Fiend

3x Vanity’s Ruler

Spells: 22

1x Book of Moon

3x Forbidden Dress

3x Forbidden Lance

2x Mausoleum of the Emperor

2x Mystical Space Typhoon

3x Photon Sanctuary

3x Pot of Duality

2x Terraforming

3x Upstart Goblin

Traps: 7

1x Bottomless Trap Hole

3x Royal Decree

2x Safe Zone

1x The First Monarch

300px-MajestysFiend-PRIO-EN-ScR-1ETo sum up the monsters, they either prevent monster effects or prevent special summons- this is what became the basis of the Tribute Stun deck. Then, come the cards that enable to the monsters to hit the field which are Mausoleum of the Emperor, Photon Sanctuary and The First Monarch. Finally, the cards that make the monsters stick to the field are the Forbidden spells, Safe Zones and Royal Decrees.

At a first glance it doesn’t seem like a consistent deck since you would think you need to draw a monster, an enabler and protection. Probability has a great deal of importance in the this deck:

  • Chances of drawing a monster: 90%
  • Chances of drawing an enabler: 80%
  • Chances of drawing protection (not including Decree):
  • 80% Chances of drawing Pot of Duality: 42%

The strengths in this deck include good match-ups against most of the meta including: Geargia, H.AT., Lightsworn variants, Dragon Ruler variants, Bujin and other rogue decks. The monsters in tribute stun are just walking floodgates with a meta dependent on monster effects and backrows, also with most of the meta using Wiretap and less Mystical Space Typhoons, Royal Decree usually sticks to the field if it resolves (except for the Extra Deck outs). There’s also synergy between the monsters since you can have both types of preventer monsters since their effects are continuous. It also makes your opponent have a lot of dead cards in their main deck with all the Black Horn of Heaven and Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. Also, one thing some people forget is that these monsters will be normal summoned so they can’t steal it with Number 101: Silent Honor ARK if they manage to Breakthrough Skill or Fiendish Chain your monster. 400

The weaknesses of tribute stun are that some of the monsters are small compared to high level Sylvan monsters as well as opposing Majesty’s Fiend, which can hit the field for a few Life Points using your M. of the Emperor (although MST can prevent that kind of thing from happening). Besides that the deck also loses to cards like Breakthrough Skill (for which I might consider changing the Decrees for Wiretaps) and Fiendish Chain. It also suffers losses to itself due to consistency. It also loses to Fire Hand if you only have the Special Summon preventers.

Finally, I would expect tribute stun to have some type of showing at the North American WCQ and hopefully it will be an improved build. Also, you could take advantage on the Extra Deck space and fit in targets for XYZ Universe.

I enjoyed see this new take, it’s good for players who don’t know what to play or are just coming into this meta. Well, good luck to you all in the upcoming NAWCQ. See you guys at YCS Toronto, hopefully there will be more articles to come.

P.S. I felt like this deck deserved to win my WCQ, from what I hear one of his monsters got 101’d which kind of sucks that no one realized he wouldn’t be able to. -Galo Orbea

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